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How do you change on the “home” page where the text links to…. ex about etc. I’m not meaning the menu but the writing that’s under the slider.

Thanks Bo

Hello there,

Could you please be more specific?


Could you provide an example for using prettyPhoto to lightbox video? I was trying to use the examples on their site, but they use: rel=”prettyPhoto[]”, and the Purity template uses rel=”gallery[gallery1]”.


Hello there,

Thank you for purchasing my template. :)

It should look like this:
<a href="http://vimeo.com/6686768&amp;width=750&amp;height=360" title="Direct lightbox Video" rel="gallery[gallery5]" />

Where you can replace ‘gallery5’ with any other name.


Hi! I’m very happy with the template although I use this one in wordpress and not the wordpress version. Is this going to be a problem?

I have a question about the portfolio three columns 1. Is there a place were I can type in how many pictures I want to show? My portfolio only shows 10 pictures although I have added more than ten. I have changed all blog post etc. to show more than 10.

www.mollymutt.no under “produkter”

Hello there,

I’m a bit confused of what you mean in your first question. :s

To fix the 10 posts limit on your portfolio, just update your theme files with the latest one from your ThemeForest ‘Downloads’ tab.


the link for the live preview is not working…

Hello, I just purchased the theme and it looks great on Chrome but does not display properly on IE. Is this a common issue or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

How can I darken the text of my blogs and other text that is set in light grey?

Hi, bought your good looking theme, but it doesn´t work properly. When i try to activate the theme my browser (Chrome on Mac) says “To many redirects”. Any suggestions? Best Regards TJ

Is there a template for the search results page? If you go to this link:


the results page is all messed up. Let me know if there is a specific template I am to choose for this.


Hey buddy.. love the template!

Quick Q… I’m using it on a friends site. When I import the posts from her blog, the preview panels on the front page break because many of her posts just have YouTube video embeds without any text before it, etc..

Is there any way to sanitize the content a little so that it doesn’t render any code-based content.. just text.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Hi just purchased the slider doesn’t show ! I’m pretty new to WP need help

Hi, I love the template, I’m trying to using it in my site www.guidomenato.com but I have some problem.

The first is in the contact page: in this page I insert the text of my contact and they appear 2 times in front end..can you help me?

The second in the portfolio the cover image can’t appear… when I click on the gallery of a work the image are visible but not the image cover…can you help me?

The third, is it possible to create 2 portfolio gallery? (I have 1 portfolio gallery when I publish my work, and 1 photo gallery when i publish my photos)

The fourth how can I set the footer as in the theme screenshoot with recent tweets/flickr/contact info?

And the last is it possible to add linked in and flickr to the social links, how?

Thank you sooo much! G.

Dear Tauris,

I’ve just purchased this theme. I had the usual problem about installation, so I followed the instructions in documentation, replaced the “class.admin.php” and reuploaded the theme, anyway it appears a string of error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /home/mhd-01/www.foschfest.it/htdocs/official/wp-content/themes/purity/admin/classes/class.admin.php on line 187

There’s a way to solve this issue? Please note it’s a quite urgent question…

Thanks for your support,


HI Flip All goes quite well with my install and configuration The only part that I am having trouble with is the slider I have watched your tutorial and amended the slider areas of the purity admin but can’t get it to work

Do the images need to be the exact size of your samples?

I even tried using direct from a url – http://rta.zxy.me/purity/img/pictures/6w.jpg and still the slider doesn’t work


Is there a way to choose more than one project type for a portfolio item? I can’t seem to find a way to do this, and it’s very important for a project I am working on with this template.

Otherwise, the template is great!

hi tauris, first of all, thanks a lot for the purity theme… excellent pure layout! i’m having a problem with the contact form though. when i click SEND it just says ‘An unexpected error occured. Please try again later.’ i have already customized the contact.php and added my email. any idea? thx…

Hey, Purity -

I have a couple more questions:

1) On the main page of our blog, the paragraphs don’t have a space between them within an article (see the APR 07 post as an example). http://bit.ly/IC7cbj But when you click the posting, then they paragraphs are separated http://bit.ly/HQS5t6. I did try adding “p” tags in the html editor, but they were removed. We would like the paragraphs separated on both pages. What am I missing?

2) On the main page of our blog (the Mar 26 entry) http://bit.ly/IC7cbj we used the shortcode entry shortcut button for a vimeo video. We had to change the size for it to fit the column width on the main blog page. But when you click the post, we would want the video to be bigger. Is there a way to have it auto-defualt to 100% of the column width on both pages?



Hello Jon,

1. You are correct. I’m just used that on the main blog page there is just a short summary of the post containing just one paragraph. But you may easily fix it by opening the style.css file and editing this line:

.post-entry p { margin-bottom:0px; }


.post-entry p:last-child { margin-bottom:0px; }

2. Since it’s an iframe, you might try adding this line to your style.css file:

.post-entry iframe { width:100%; }

Best Regards,


Great template and really easy to use. I have one small issue with prettyPhoto not displaying an image correctly for some users. It is a tall/narrow image and while it looks just fine when I open it, several other users get error messages or it just freezes the browser. Is there any limit in terms of image size or dimensions maybe?

Here is the link: http://www.ivanasavic.com/portfolio.html – it’s the first project (Design Responsibility), the second image in the gallery.

Thanks a lot!

Hello there,

Thank you!

And it indeed may be caused by the image size. You may try solving it by adding the ‘allow_resize:false’ attribute to the PrettyPhoto callout script. Just open the /purity/js/custom.js file and modify this line:

jQuery(".gallery a[rel^='gallery']").prettyPhoto({animation_speed:'normal',theme:'pp_default',deeplinking:false,slideshow:3000});


jQuery(".gallery a[rel^='gallery']").prettyPhoto({animation_speed:'normal',theme:'pp_default',deeplinking:false,slideshow:3000,allow_resize:false});

Best Regards,

Hi I have loaded the purity theme through my wordpress dashboard, and since the upload was completed, my dashboard has gone blank, completely disappeared. Please help… Thanks Shannon

Hello Shannon,

This issue is very rare and happens on few hosting providers. It is absolutely possible to workaround it without a need to contact the provider by following a bit more manual guide of installing the theme I’ve posted here: http://bit.ly/HqgwfI

Best Regards, Filip

Hi Filip Thanks for the reply.. i am battling to understand your response. is it possible to lay it out as a step by step process and where you access the various step from..ie the dashboard or from filezilla. i am a real movie at this. Much appreciated. Shannon

Hello there,

Each ‘upload’ part concerns the FTP access to your website so you will need it.

You may also send me your WP and FTP login information through my Profile Page and I’ll just install the theme for you.

Best Regards,

Hi Filip

Everything going great with the template, really impressed!

I just have a small query which I can’t seem to get to the bottom of. I have added a number of posts in the portfolio and am using the widget to display three of them in the footer.

Everything was displaying fine until recently when all of the images stopped showing on both the footer and the individual posts?

I have not made any changes to the site (to my knowledge!) that could had caused this, do you have any ideas?

The site is http://test.pvfields.com

Many thanks for your help.


Hello Dan,

Thank you!

And it’s the TimThumb script issue. Here is your error page: http://bit.ly/IsqotN Please just follow the guide located on theme’s FAQ : http://bit.ly/w78o3J

Best Regards,

Many thanks for the very quick reply Filip, really appreciate it.

I’ll try that now.


You are welcome Dan.

Best Regards,