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themedreams AUTHOR 1 month ago Flag Dropdowns work fine with Safari 5.1+ although you are correct about 5.0, I will try to get that updated for the older version.

Still drop downs not working with Safari 5.0.5 in preview. Do you have a time frame for fixing that?

Here’s the issue, this template was built on Zurb’s Foundation Framework, I pushed a Fork to get it included but I am waiting for a fix. If I go ahead and fix it without a proper release it won’t be compatible with future updates. Although you could edit yourself if your JS/CSS savey.

Is this built on Zurb Foundation version 3 or 4?

WOW, this theme Looks AMAZIN!! (didn’t know from your Structure theme you also did fixed/parallax styled backgrounds AND with guassian blur effect, one my fav vibes to create) RIGHT ON TD!$

Thank you! Your feedback is very motivational and extremely appreciated!


I seem to have developed a ‘jumping’ affect on my images with the cycle js running on them. It is very similar to your default layout but the images, just before the cycle tile-down kicks in, seem to glitch a bit and jump. This is with chrome although i think it must be something I have done, any ideas what might cause this. I can post a link if that would help.

Thanks in advance for your advice,


PS It seems to be flashing up the next image, before reverting to first image in order to tile down to the new image which was just flashed up, if that makes sense. Not doing it on my local version but the images seem to expand a bit just before they tile down. I changed this line;

.p10 { padding:10px !important; }

to this

.p10 { padding: 10px 10px 14px 10px !important;}

in case that has anything to do with it :-(

Yes exactly.

Actually, I have started again with the 2nd homepage so it is not an issue now. However thank you for your quick response and if it is ok I will get back if any further issues. I am quite sure it must have been something I did because your demo is smooth and silky :-)

Anything you need let me know, I am setting up a support console for faster responses.

Hey – I searched for quite a while for just the right theme, and I think I found it with yours. Great work. There are two items I wanted to ask about – and they both relate to the iPad:

1. Is there a way to serve higher resolution graphics in the instance of a retina display?

2. So far, using both Safari and Chrome on the iPad, I have not been able to get the fly-out navigation to work. It seems to work fine on my Android phone in Chrome, but no luck when testing on two different retina-resolution iPads.

Is this a known issue? Or am i missing something in the setup? Any help would be greatly appreciated. . . . Many of our users will likely arrive on the site via iPads.



Dropdowns work fine with Safari 5.1+

Pre 5.1 they don’t seem to be working. The template uses Zurb’s Foundation 3 as a framework. They have recently came out with version 4 and I will start using that but there won’t be any fixes resolving pre 5.1. Sorry.


Like James above am having problems with the menu on blackberry phones too.

Any advice would be welcomed.

It’s a nice looking template, but I had to abandon it after it became clear that support is severely lacking. That this responsive template doesn’t work properly on some of the most popular mobile devices is the kind of problem that deserves prompt attention – and my requests for support (here and via private message) have gone unanswered for almost 2 weeks.

I hope the developer is okay – and that this issue gets resolved – but anyone considering this template should know that right now, it’s beauty is only skin deep.

Having trouble installing the Purity Theme on wordpress. Every time I try I get an error saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Any suggestions?

This isn’t a Wordpress Theme, sorry.

Beautiful theme, but I also have issues on iOS devices or anything using Safari except the 5.1 version.

However… the background image of the home page is not re-sizing to iPhones. Anything specific I should do to fix that?

I believe its because of a ‘fixed position’ if you write a media rule for smartphones, change it to position relative. This will fix it.

Which fixed position? I am assuming the background, which is not as big of a deal as the menu issues are.

Any fix for that?

I just installed this theme and I get an error in wordpress saying that the theme must have a stylesheet and that this ones is missing

Do you have this theme available in a white theme rather than a dark theme? I like your Purity that is white, but I would like to use the new HTML5.


Ive used this theme (very cool, by the way !) to make a small portfolio for a friend, and it looks ok on computer and on tablets but is weird on mobile phones… when I resize chrome on my computer down to, say, 500×350 pixels it still works fine, but on a phone even an iphone 5 or a galaxy S2, which have much bigger resolution, the navbar appears like if it was on a 200 pixel wide screen…

you can look at

do you know what is happening ?

Thanks Philippe

Hi – I wanted to purchase this theme and checked it out in all my devices – Android phone – worked well. Then I checked it out on my wife’s iPad and iPhone and the responsive navigation did not work? I saw the 3-line white toggle.png but when I clicked on it nothing happened? I was able to “click” it but the drop-down would not show up? I tried it in Safari and Chrome – both did not work.

Is there a work around this? I hope it is simple coding.

Thank you kindly,


There seems to be an issue with certain versions of Safari & Chrome. This has been addressed within Foundation 5, I will try to push an update for the topbar.

awesome! really good item!!!;

FYI: Live preview links to default hosting provider page

I know will have it fixed thanks

Still hasn’t been fixed to date. Whats going on?