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Very nice work buddy! Good luck :D

awesome work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Amazing theme Girl Good Job !

much appreciated :)

Great Template!! Is there any chance to have an fullscreen slideshow not static picture to begin? Thanks!

I should have added that option, I will update it tonight with that feature.

Nice Design, welcome to ThemeForest :)

thank you

nice work, gud luck with sales :)

thank you

Welcome to the forest. GLWS :)

Nice design, but the sub menus (dropdown) do not work on Safari/Mac Os X.6.8.

thanks for the heads up

found same problem with your beautiful design as stanfx did. The dropdown menus don’t work with Safari 5.0.5, 5.07 running on MacPro with OSX 10.6.8

Bookmarked this, when it works with Mac Safari under 10.6.8 will purchase want to use it for one of our new restaurant clients.

Dropdowns work fine with Safari 5.1+ although you are correct about 5.0, I will try to get that updated for the older version.

I tried to contact you privately, but havent heard from you. I purchased your theme, but the download zip file was missing the syle.css file and would not install into wordpress. Can you please post a new download file? Thanks

ha! disregard my previous comment, I thought this was a WP site when I bought it. Thanks

This is awesome are you planning on making a WP version? Thanks

I was going to wait to see if people like it, but now I will most likely convert it to WP. Thanks.

I am unable to resize the slideshow? anyway you can help me..?

BX Slider when i choose the the slideshow increases in length

I can help, can you send me an URL of what you are talking about so I can see the issue?

How do I add my own pictureS in Home page and gallery? Sorry for asking this basic question but I’ve looked all over and have problems locating it.. I was wishing for a ‘getting started guide’ somehow…

Put your images inside the images/ folder and link to them within the html. As for the large background images you need to edit design.css and look for section.hero and replace the background image with your own. Let me know if this helps.

Thanks! It did help. I didn’t try to insert gallery images yet though, as I have a lot more to work on the site at the moment, before I get to that stage. Will let you know again if I have any problems. Thanks for the quick support! Is this the fastest way to contact you for any problems I face regarding this theme? If not, what is the fastest way I can reach you? Thanks.

This is the fastest for now until I get the support forums up. Let me know if I can help in any other way :)

Is there a way to change the .iconz-stack so it can use the fontawesome glyphs instead? Thanks.

Nevermind the last comment; I found it.

WoW. Really fresh ideas! Love it!