Discussion on PurityFX - Corporate Joomla Template

Discussion on PurityFX - Corporate Joomla Template

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Is this template ready for php 7+ ?

Yes, it is.
If you need more assistance, please contact us via the Contact Form on our Profile Page.

Hi, we use the theme since 2014 and it worked great. But for 2 month now we have problems with code injection and malware and the only thing, we have not updated by now is the template. If I take a look at the components, I can see, that there are components like the Gantry framework and others, that probably need an update. Should we go through the components manually and update, is that possible without breaking the template? Is it not important to get a current update of the whole template? We still dont have the update from 6 March 15, that would be the next step to go and we would renew support, but because the update is quite outdated, I doubt that it will fix our problems. Any comments on this, are much appreciated, best regards

Hi there,

There were some critical security fixes in Joomla itself recently. You can read more about those by searching on Google or checking the Joomla forum.

The code injections and malware are totally not related to the template. They are not caused by the template and will not be fixed by updating the template.

Securing your website is a task you need to do on your own. This task is not related to the template. You just need to keep your Joomla up-to-date, you extensions up-to-date and you need to enhance your security by using extensions like Admin Tools.

And to answer your question – yes, you do need to update Joomla, the Gantry framework and any other extension you might be using. The template itself works perfectly fine with the latest Joomla/Gantry versions and nothing will get broken.

Hi. Could we expect an update for the last release 3.x of Joomla ? Thanks a lot

Hi mephivio,

PurityFX works perfectly fine with Joomla 3.6.4. Therefore, it does not need to be updated.

HI, just a question before purchass your template… is it compatible with Joomla 3.5 ?

Hey matheo54,

Yes, it is compatible with Joomla 3.5 (3.5.1).

Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi, joomfx. The theme looks nice in the demo version, but I just install it and nothing is in place. It seems that the template is not reading style. I need help with this.

Hi Thiago

I just answered to you discussion in our Support Forum :)

How do I change the menu from upper case to a mix of lower and uppercase

Hi Vstrose,

I answered your Discussion in the Support Forum.

How do I change the menu from upper case to a mix of lower and uppercase

Hi Vstrose,

I answered your Discussion in the Support Forum.

can you tell me how to insert a vimeo code on your theme? I tied to put embed code from video but it doesn’ display thanks

Hi Mvacelet,

Thank you for using PurityFX :)

Please open a new Discussion in our Support Forum (it is the one and only place for Support) and explain everything in details – where do you want to insert the code, what is the exact code, are you trying to insert it in a Custom HTML Module or in an article, etc. Just explain everything in details and attach a screenshot:


I’m waiting for you in the Forum :)


Is it possible to have the header element ‘fixed/persistent’ so it remains visible even when we scroll down a long page? I assume the animation effects on homepage slider can be changed in ‘admin’


Hi rakesh_p,

Thank you for your interest in PurityFX :)
There is no “Fixed Menu” option by default but I can write a detailed action plan for you how to do that (step-by-step instructions). Once you purchase PurityFX, just open a new Discussion in our Support Forum (where is the one and only place for Support) and I will do it for you :)


Yes, you can change the animation effects of the Revolution Slider easily from the Backend :)

Let me know if you need anything else.

Only to share my very good experience with this template. I found Purityfx a very light and nice template. It’s based on gantry and uses a lot of usefull and very nice modules in it (Gavick pro, Unite Revolution Slider, K2 and others), off course, if you use quickstart. I didn’t use the quickstart so I basically installed only the template. I were already usign gantry. Well, I made it working in 30 seconds, and in less than 2 hours and a bit of support, I have change anything I need. I want to share another important thing, unless for me. Supportability. I found the support very fast and very amenable, and, all the module used are very common and very used, so you’ll have support for the modules too in the future without any problem.

Thank you very much for the kind words axtolf :)
Your feedback is really much appreciated and it means a lot for me!
Thank you once again and have a great evening :)


Yesterday I purchased the purityFX theme, but I’m unable to install the template on my homepage.. I’m running joomla 3.3.1, doesn’t the theme work with the 3.3.1 version of joomla ? When I try to directyl upload and install the template, i get this loading circle for about up to 20 minutes but doesn’t complete…i also tried uploading the template to my ftp, but wenn I then choose the template and click install, i get “Fatal error: Call to a member function attributes() on a non-object in /homepages/38/d504063805/htdocs/app533359949/libraries/cms/installer/adapter/template.php on line 81” If the template is also suited for joomla 3.3.1, do you have any other idea what may cause my problems ?

Thanks in advance for any advice,


Hi Sascha,

Thank you for purchasing PurityFX :)
Please have in mind that the one and only place for Support is our Support Forum:


Just open a new Discussion there and I will help you to install the Template :)

Just to let you know, in case you have missed this, you need to UNZIP the file you have downloaded from Themeforest. Then you can have a look at the “Installation” chapter in the Documentation (open the Documentation folder and double-click on “index.php”).

See you in our Support Forum ;)

Hello, please I need complete PSD template. In Documentation I faind just PSD og login box, and few small things.

Now I see that somebody also ask abou this. Ok, I understand. Please if need some change on template you can do it for me for extra?

Hi pava2307,

Thank you for purchasing our PurityFX :)
Yes, there is no Layered PSD for the whole design. I hope you have read my comment above for the other customer (skopf) who asked about it.

If you need to make any design changes, please open a new Discussion in our Support Forum, where is the one and only place for Support, and I will assist you as soon as possible. Thanks :)


The Template ist advertised with layered psd files. But in the psd folder there are 6 psd files just with arrows/icons, each with a size of around 50kb. Where can I download the main psd files?


Hi skopf,

Thank you for purchasing PurityFX :)
There is no layered PSD for the whole design. PurityFX is designed in browser as most of the modern sites are. We design our templates “in browser” since it is a much faster and better technic with the new technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Responsiveness, etc.). Here, have a look at the Article and the Forum Discussion below. They might be interesting for you.



Anyway, I’m really sorry if the information on the Item Page has mislead you. All authors check this option (PSD Included) if there are any PSD files in the Download Package. We include only the PSD files that we used in the development. I’m also surprised that “Layered PSD” option is checked (instead of just “PSD”). I will fix that. Meanwhile, I understand that this might have been a misleading information so please feel free to contact Envato Support and ask for a refund :)

If you have any problems or questions in the future please open a new Discussion in our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support. Thank you :)


Hello, I would like to ask does it support Joomla 3.3.x ?

Thank you

Hi asdpew,

Thank you for your interest in PurityFX :)
Yes, it works perfectly fine with Joomla 3.3. The template comes with Joomla 3.2.2 Quickstart Package and once you install it you can simply upgrade your Joomla to 3.3 by clicking a button in the Admin Panel :)
Let me know if you need anything else.

I would like to purchase this template but can you tell me first if there is any limit to the number of nested menu levels?

Thank you.

Hi there,

I’m not exactly sure what you need to know and in order not to give you wrong information, please install the default Gantry Framework (RocketLauncher) and do the tests you need:


PurityFX is built on the Gantry Framework. I think there is no limit but please test it on your own with the default Gantry :)

Got a problem installing it. I have this template for a while now, but I need to redo some work, but when I try to install it (not using quickstart this time) I get the default gantry theme… any idea why?

Yep, this Discussion explains everything :)
Man, this is not how Gantry works. I mean this is not something specific for the Gantry Framework. This is how all Joomla Templates work:

1. If you want to have the same site as the Demo you need to install the Quickstart.

2. If you install just the Template, you will also need to install each and every extension that comes with the Template and configure it the same way it is configured in the Quickstart.

All Joomla Templates work like that.

OK, thanks for the quick support!

You are welcome :)
Please use the Support Forum whenever you have a problem or question.

Have a great evening!

Bought PurityFX, started to install the quick v.3, when reaching to installing demodata the processbar keeps running and nothing further happens, it has been going on for one hour now. What to do???? Urgent, pls… Lee

Hi Lee,

Thank you for purchasing PurityFX :)
This is a server related issue. I just explained everything in details in the Discussion you opened in our Support Forum :)

Thanks so very much for a lightning fast response :-)

You are welcome Lee ;)


I am wondering is it easy in this template to alter styles of post, for example, make a boxed table with styled, button-like title, change colors etc.

I mean is the HTML x CSS in non-compressed form included?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in PurityFX :)
I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean. The template comes with unlimited color options which you can select in the Template Manager.
Apart from the above, you can simply download and install the default Gantry Template and have a look for yourself (PurityFX is built on Gantry):


You can also have a look at the following Article so you can have some basic information about modifying/customizing the template:


Also, if you have any problems or questions you can always open a new Discussion in our Support Forum:


hello I am very interested in your template. is there the demo data files in your package ?

thank you so much :)

Justine ;)

Hi Justine,

Thank you for your interest in PurityFX :)
Yes, the template comes with a Quickstart Package (clone of the demo). So just make sure you install the Quickstart as described in the Documentation.
Let me know if you need anything else :)

It looks great actually, is the slider easily adjustable in height? Thanks.

Great :) Once you purchase the template make sure you register at our Support Forum where is the one and only place for Support :)


Thanks I will.

Great :)


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