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Hi. Could we expect an update for the last release 3.x of Joomla ? Thanks a lot

Hi mephivio,

PurityFX works perfectly fine with Joomla 3.6.4. Therefore, it does not need to be updated.

Hi, we use the theme since 2014 and it worked great. But for 2 month now we have problems with code injection and malware and the only thing, we have not updated by now is the template. If I take a look at the components, I can see, that there are components like the Gantry framework and others, that probably need an update. Should we go through the components manually and update, is that possible without breaking the template? Is it not important to get a current update of the whole template? We still dont have the update from 6 March 15, that would be the next step to go and we would renew support, but because the update is quite outdated, I doubt that it will fix our problems. Any comments on this, are much appreciated, best regards

Hi there,

There were some critical security fixes in Joomla itself recently. You can read more about those by searching on Google or checking the Joomla forum.

The code injections and malware are totally not related to the template. They are not caused by the template and will not be fixed by updating the template.

Securing your website is a task you need to do on your own. This task is not related to the template. You just need to keep your Joomla up-to-date, you extensions up-to-date and you need to enhance your security by using extensions like Admin Tools.

And to answer your question – yes, you do need to update Joomla, the Gantry framework and any other extension you might be using. The template itself works perfectly fine with the latest Joomla/Gantry versions and nothing will get broken.

Is this template ready for php 7+ ?

Yes, it is.
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