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mvilaq Purchased

Goodnight. I have installed the template followed by all the steps, but it does not load the test content correctly. especially “the images” and the “Master Slide”.

Please your support. www.beramar.net

Thank you very much!

Hi, looking at your site it seems good to me. The import includes placeholder images instead of the photos from the demo – this is for two reasons: https://themovation.ticksy.com/article/6343/

Can you tell me what is missing with regard to Master Slider?

Where is the difference between Stratus Theme for $59 and Pursuit Theme $49? http://demo.themovation.com/stratus/home-cloud/

Stratus us a big upgrade, it uses a drag and drop builder and comes with many amazing templates. Everything is drag and drop. The newest version of Stratus was just released a week a go. Check it out there: http://demo.themovation.com/stratus/intro/


Pursuit is fully drag and drop now. We just released a new version in Feb 2018 :)

Hi! Your theme is otimized for SEO? I need a plugin (like yast) for seo? The page have metatag?

Thanks! Luca

Hello! Thank you for your interest. Yes, you can use Yoast SEO with our theme :) Titles and meta descriptions should be added automatically but if you want more control, please use Yoast. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

In the meta box builder/color picker, are we able to put our own hex color codes? or can I use the color code to change the default swatches in the picker? It will only let me drag the crosshair to my color and I can’t get a match for what I need.

Hi, yes that is just because of a more recent WordPress update which has caused the hexcode field to disappear. If you send us a message we can provide some code for that: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

I’m trying to add meta-boxes that would go full-width. Is there a way to do that (ie. so if I’m using a full-width theme, there would be no side padding and I could line a video up directly below the slider image.

The way the theme is designed, the sections all have a bootstrap container for the content. It’s possible to override it though. If you send us a message we can provide some code for that. Include whether you want that for all sections or just some sections: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

Also I noticed that your support has expired. Please consider renewing it at the top of this page, or from your downloads page: https://themeforest.net/downloads

Hi! I’m having problems with Google Webmasters, the panel shows the following errors: “Missing: author, Missing: updated and Missing: entry-title”. Can you help me solve this?

Hi, sure thing. If you can please send a message through our profile then we can look into that for you:


Hi there, where could I buy the stock photo on this demo? The one with the girl using the laptop?: http://demo.themovation.com/pursuitclassic/home-cloud/

Thank you :)

Hi, here’s the link to purchase: https://www.stocksy.com/49297

Hi those your team has internal wallet and members area dashboard?

Hello, you can activate WooCommerce and I believe WooCommerce has a download area for past purchases. :) I believe it’s called a downloadable product in WooCommerce. This theme fully supports WooCommerce.

best regards, Ryan

Hello Team, Can we integrate ethereum smart contract to your http://demo.themovation.com/pursuit/home-ico/ this theme?

Hello, is that WordPress plugin? Our theme works with most WordPress plugins. If you run into any issues, please let us know. We have amazing support.

best regards, Ryan

Yes, its wordpress plugin. One more pre-sale question; 1. Dose your theme has feature to create users unique id’s for sell and buy crypto currencies?

If it’s a WordPress plugin that you should e good to go. I think the unique user ID would probably come from the plugin. WordPress core can make unique user accounts and we also support WooCommerce which can make unique order IDs. Above and beyond that is going to be in the plugin territory.

best regards, Ryan


humanstar Purchased

Hi seller, I want to hear where I can get more information about this template can do? http://demo.themovation.com/pursuit/home-ico-2/

I am looking for a template to do a crowdfunding for my business idea.

Our Helpscout documentation is basically all relevant for Pursuit. The Elementor videos are mostly. At this time there isn’t a series specific to Pursuit.

Thanks for the note about WooCommerce, that was just an oversight, it’s now updated to reflect that. The marketplace refund policy is outlined here: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

Are you referring to something specific when you say “fit into the ICO platform” ?


humanstar Purchased

All fine know. Thank you for all the answers! I looking forward to buy now!

Great. No problem!


je suis a la recherche de quelque chose pour crée un porte-monnaie crypto associer a une plate forme pour publier les ico et echange de crypto esceque je peux acheter votre scrypt pour faire cele merci

Bonjour, le theme est principalement conçu pour être utilisé pour créer un site de marketing pour une entreprise liée à la cryptomonnaie. Il n’inclut pas directement la fonctionnalité pour créer un portefeuille ou lancer un ICO.


I am looking for something to create a crypto wallet associated with a platform to publish ico and crypto exchange esque I can buy your scrypt to make cele thank you

Hi, the theme is mainly designed to be used to create a marketing site for a cryptocurrency related business. It does not directly include functionality to create a wallet or launch an ICO.

Hello, I pause smooth scroll, but it still loads content as I scroll. Do you know how to instantly load the whole page?

Thanks in advance, here is my website:


Hi, please is there provision to manage investors profile and show progress on your platform?