Discussion on Pursuit - A Flexible App & Cloud Software Theme

Discussion on Pursuit - A Flexible App & Cloud Software Theme

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Hello, is this compatible with the new Wordpress updated version 6.0 ?

Hi, yes it is compatible :)

27om Purchased

Does anyone know why the Text Logo would suddenly appear below the graphic logo in the header of the site? I have used Pursuit for years, as far as I knew the text logo only appears when you dont have a graphic. V1 used to have a way to choose text logo, I dont see it in V2. I want to get rid of the Text Logo (large type name of site) and just have the graphic by itself.

27om Purchased

Figured it out – It was specific to the pages Page Layout.

Ok good to hear it’s resolved.

Does it fully support RTL now? Without any issues in padding or design? Thanks.

Hi, we now include support for an optional free plugin that allows you to create a header and footer in Elementor, which makes it much simpler to setup an RTL website.

If you run into any styling issues, we are here to help: https://themovation.ticksy.com

mbhrad Purchased

Hi I have a general question for everyone’s benefit: You have said in the newest theme version you changed the whole framework . Can we update the theme without it breaking our website?Is this something you can speak to as we are running a child theme setup of version 1.1. Please advise thanks.

Hi, the update you are referring to was actually back in 2018. We have an article with an explanation here: https://themovation.ticksy.com/article/13441/

In order to view the article, you just need to login to our support site through Envato. Even if you don’t have active support you can view it.

If you can’t view it, or if you have any other questions please send us a message here: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

Hello – I have 2 issues 1. I cannot create a new page unless I choose “Plain” in Permalink settings. If I have it set to Post name which I prefer, it shows a JSON error when I try to create a new page.

2. When I create a new page the logo in the header is not using my site identify logo. It is using the Text Logo. But I have set the theme options to use the logo, which it does on the home page. http://beta.tawkers.com/?page_id=261 – This is an example of new page using the Text logo.

Hi, please send us a message and provide as much detail as you can: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

Hello – If I update from 1.25 to Pursuit 2 so I can start using Elementor, will my site break? Do I have to erase and clean install 2? I installed Elementor plugin with 1.25 but it broke things.

Also what is easiest way to update from 1.25 to 2

Hi, please see here: https://themovation.ticksy.com/article/13441/

You may just need to sign into Ticksy to view the article. You can sign in even if you don’t have active support.

If you can’t view the article at all, please send us a message and we can provide a PDF version: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

Hi, can i check what version of jquery, bootstrap and jplayer is the latest theme using?

Hi, we don’t modify the jQuery version that is included with WordPress, so it is the latest with our themes. That would be the same for jplayer if that is included in WP. We don’t specifically include that library.

With regard to Bootstrap, the original framework for the theme was built around Bootstrap 3.x. We later rebuilt the theme around the Elementor builder which is not based on any version of Bootstrap. There are still currently some elements of Bootstrap in use though so the framework is included and can be utilized. It will likely become optional in a future update, but it will continue to be available.

Hello Does this theme support RTL?

The theme and the page builder are both fully localized and translatable. When it comes to RTL, the page builder does support RTL, but the theme header/footer don’t automatically support RTL, so we have a free plugin we recommend to create a custom header/footer. If you purchase and want direction on that, please open a ticket: https://themovation.ticksy.com

any updates for latest version? the last update is 14 nov 20?

how do we change the cursor to pointer when we hover the menu?

Hi, yes the latest theme version has been tested and is fully compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. But also we do have a new update coming soon :)

Regarding your second question, I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you explain a bit more? If you prefer you can send us an email here: https://themeforest.net/user/themovation#contact

I have bought a theme, but in download zip demo_content folder is empty – it is missing demo import files how it was presented in video: https://docs.themovation.com/pursuit/#democontent . Where I can get demo import content?

Hi, that documentation is from the old version of the theme – the new docs are linked from the download package: https://themovation.helpscoutdocs.com/

We now include a much more streamlined import. All you need to do is install and activate the theme, and you will be taken to the fully automated theme setup.

If there’s any issue, please open a ticket and we’re happy to assist: https://themovation.ticksy.com

Hi. We have a problem with older Pursuit theme 1.2.6 and latest wordpress updates which brings jQuery 3.5.1. Pages, build with metaboxes shows errors when editing – Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘childNodes’ of undefined, from file /pursuit/assets/js/admin_tools.js?ver=1. This error dosn’t allow to sort metaboxes on the page. When switch to old jQuery version everything is works fine. Maybe you can suggest some solution how to fix this. Thanks.

Thanks. Are you able to create a ticket so that we can open up the conversation with a tech?


I’ll ask them to test that version and the latest version of WP.

I can’t create ticket, it say that support item has expired(.But thanks for help.

Did you resolve the issue? I’m happy to help

Good Morning! Can someone tell me if the pursuit theme is compatible with toolset’s custom post type?

Thank you. This theme works with most WordPress plugins. Although we haven’t tested with that specific plugin, it should work. :) It appears that you have already purchased so you could try installing the plugin to test.

We have a client running Version 1.2.5 on their website. We just tested an update on a clone server and lost all of the page content (I’m guessing due to the shift to Elementor). Is there any way of transferring the content to the updated version of Pursuit?

There is not an automated way, sorry. However, since the new system includes all of the page templates, it’s very easy to build out the new pages. Very easy and very quick.

That’s good to know. Thank you for getting back to me.

Thank you.

Hi, the file View Online Documentation.html is empty.

Hi! Thanks. Our online documentation is here:


Both V1 and V2 of this theme are causing my rss feed to through an error “The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file. We encountered the following problem: Error on line 3: The processing instruction target matching “xX[lL]” is not allowed.” I don’t see this error when I revert to a wordpress default theme. Do you know what might be causing this?

^ NM, I tested again with V2 and it’s fixed. Just an issue for V1

Hello! Thank you. Sorry to see that you ran into an issue with one of our themes. We are happy to help.

​Can you please create a ticket for us here: ​ ​https://themovation.ticksy.com/

HI I am building the site https://222nm.org/home/ and my menu is not displaying can you help

Hello! Thank you. Sorry to see that you ran into an issue with one of our themes. We are happy to help.

​Can you please create a ticket for us here: ​ ​https://themovation.ticksy.com/

Hi.I’ve been trying to subscribe to your website but my debit card keeps getting declined!

Hello! Thanks for getting in touch. Are you trying to purchase the pursuit theme through ThemeForest but having issues? Sorry about that. We are the authors that sell on the ThemeForest marketplace so you will need to reach out to them.

Please create a ticket here:


If you continue to have issues, please let us know.

Looking to buy this theme, I was curious if it supports WordPress 5.4?

Hi! Thanks. Works great with the very latest WordPress versions :)

Great, thanks! Pulling it down now :-)

Hi, the dropdown menu not work on mobile, why?

Hello! Thank you. Yes, the dropdown should be working well on mobile. This could be caused by a plugin conflict. Please reach out to us via:


Hi there,

We are currently using Pursuit theme Version 1. Could you please update the links found on the page below for update info regarding Wordpress 5.3 changes? The links appear to be expired.



HI! This one should work well:


Are you signed into Envato/ThemeFoerst?

Ah whoops! I wasn’t logged into through Envavto and didn’t notice it redirected me. Thanks, this works!

Awesome :)


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