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Hey quick question. I’m working with google adwords and I need to insert the “remarketing tag” into my pages. I got a plugin that let’s me do that, but for some reason the homepage items are not registering as pages to the plugin so I can’t insert the tag. What’s the work around? The homepage is the most important page for me to insert this so I hope there’s a fix.


Hi there, there probably is a workaround for this, jump onto and we’ll see what we can do :)

Hi meanthemes, is it possible to create a lot of different portfolio pages? I need a theme with different portfolio pages with a specific description text before the itmes…

Thx, Marco

Hi Marco, no Pushy doesn’t do that but Literary and Designy do :)

Really good theme. Is there an easy way to remove featured images from individual blog posts? I still want to keep the featured image though, just not on the single pages as my featured images usually have low resolution. Thanks

Easiest way to do it is with CSS. if you head over to then we can help you out. Thanks for purchasing :)

Is it possible to show blog posts AND portfolio items to the homepage? I want to show new portfolio items on my homepage as well

Hi there thanks for purchasing. No sorry it’s either blog or portfolio as it states on the features list. It could be done though but it’s a customisation above and beyond the free bug fixing support we provide.

Hello ! I have some questions before buying this theme and would really appreciate if you could answer them :)

1. Is it possible to add a picture instead of the text section where it is written “Hey, we’re Pushy [...]we are that good.” ?

2. I’m pretty sure this can be done by editing the CSS, but I was wondering if it would require a lot of work to make the logo way bigger (around 700 px) centre it and display the “Home”, “Features” “Blog” under it ?

3. I’m thinking about adding in the future some adsense related plugins and I would like to know if an advertising block can be displayed like a post blog ?

Thks ! :)

Hi, there is just standard psgination, there is no Ajax load more functionality in pushy.

Thks for the reply :) Would it be difficult to use an infinite scroll instead ? (with a plugin or just by editing the code)

Hi again, it wouldn’t be impossible to add it, but that is something you’d need to add yourself. We haven’t tested any infinite scroll plugins with the code.

Hi! About to download Pushy and first while looking thru your live demo, I cannot find a search function on the homepage or the blog page. I would like visitors/readers to be able to easily find a visible search box or option near the top of these pages. Am I missing it? Or is it missing? Love the Pushy theme, btw!

Hello again, not sure about that so I’d like to share where I would like to go. I’d like the search box to be on the homepage and the homepage to show the most recent blog posts but I will have many posts so just want to show the latest 8 maybe on the homepage. So there will be many, many posts that don’t show on the homepage and so feel like I need to let visitors search thru all of the posts from the homepage. Sorry if I’m a bit wordy.

I like this Pushy layout for the homepage: – Would it be possible to put a search in the “Hey We’re Pushy and… ” section or where the orange Buy This Theme button is in the upper right? Just thinkin’ aloud for possibilities, hoping one will turn up simple!

Hi, I just registered for the online support and submitted a private ticket for your feedback, and a public ticket for anyone’s ideas for possible solutions.

No need to reply here. Looking forward to ideas on adding a homepage search!

Hi you can add a search box to the footer widget area on the homepage, to add it elsewhere would require customisation. Please contact support if you require further assistance.

I would like to buy this theme, but is there an option for adding more columns in response to a large screen? I’m looking for a masonry theme which will use the whole width of a large display :) Thanks,


Hi Susan, no there isn’t. What you see is what you get. It is possible to do but you would need to have an intermediate to expert knowledge of CSS and JQuery to achieve good results.

Just a e of questions from me.

Can the word “client” or any other of the portfolio links be changed to suit?

Hi Jayce, all the shortcodes are in the provided documentation. You can find it in the theme documentation folder with your download. We don’t have pricing tables in any of our themes as there are so many plugins that cater for that now.

Got them and thanks again for a quick response!!!

no problem at all Jayce, if you need anything else please head over to MeanThemes Support

Thanks again for purchasing :)

To all people thinking about buying this theme…

I have today purchased this theme not just because it looks awesome, but also and more importantly (for me), the speedy replies when a question is asked of them.


Thanks for purchasing Jayce, if you need anything just head over to support and we will be happy to help :)

I’m trying to spawn a new browser window when the social media links are clicked. I tried adding target=”_blank” to the footer code, but to no avail. Thanks.

Hi thanks for purchasing, please log a ticket at and we’ll see what we can do


Is it possible to have a secondary blog page which only shows one particular category?


Hi Graeme, the easiest way would just to be to link to the category directly e.g.

If you still need a hand, please log a support ticket at

Hey MeanThemes, I just bought my second Pushy! But I cannot recall… Is MailChimp integrated with or native to Pushy? Or would you consider adding it?

(I would like to do something different for me: a simple landing page and collect email subscribers to an existing MailChimp account.)

Hi there no mailchimp isn’t included. You would need to add this in yourself

Shucks! Is there a free or paid plug-in you could recommend that would compliment Pushy’s beautiful design?

There is a free mailchimp plugin on wordpress plugin repository. I suspect it would need some extra CSS to match the theme though.


I just a question before to purchase your theme :

With your theme, is it possible to create or to have a member’s area in order to have a intranet on my website ?

Thank you for your answer and sorry for my english … !

Hey there, you would need to use a specific plugin to provide this functionality, it doesn’t come with that functionality built in.

Ok, thanks for your rapid answer. Do you know if there are free plugin for this?

No problem, your best bet would be to look through the plugin repository and find a plugin that matches your requirement and trial it on a test site.

changelog link isn’t working on that lastest update..

It must be your ISP as it is working fine from here and via browserstack, here is a screengrab anyway:

cool, thanks for the screenshot

no problem at all :)

Hello there, nice theme! I am having a small issue with the homepage on mobiles though: whenever I set any homepage item with an image on the left or on the right, on mobile the images are not centered with on bigger screens (if I upload a 250px image, on a 300px screen the image is not centered and not fullwidth). Would it be possible to fix the issue? Thank you!

Hi there please raise a support request at and we will look into it for you