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Like the footer area, looks nice ;)

Good luck with sales meanthemes! ;)

I think the template is great, but homepage could be better

great design, reminds me of the first version of

Nice style, congrats :)

Thanks everyone. Rizzy81 that’s actually one of the good things about the homepage you can make it look however you want. You can just have one item, or 100 items, just the portfolio or hide the portfolio. The homepage items support columns, shortcodes, videos, tiled images, full size background images there are lots of possibilities :)

Nice theme

1. Where we can see the possibilities of home page? Any video or scrrenshos of admin panel?

2. Does this have differente blog post type? Video, Gallery, Audio and Quote? Dont see it in ur demo :/

3. One thing I a missing from protfolio are the portfolios detail, similar to this and this

4. Does this support gallery portfolio?

5. And portrait portfolio?


Hi virplay

Further to the comment below. We have now implemented all blog post formats, portfolio details and a 5 image gallery per portfolio item. We’re waiting for ThemeForest to approve the updates, but the update is available once purchased through the standard theme update mechanism in the meantime. We’ll be working on a screencast later today and also will show a few screenshots of how the theme could look when styled with the colour and font options and different homepage layouts. Thanks :)

Thanks virplay. In answer to your questions…

1. I am planning on doing a number of layouts using the theme options and screengrabbing them to showcase some of the possibilities.

2. Not currently no, but it is something we are already working on including in the next update.

3. Excellent suggestion, we will add this as an option.

4. There are no plans for a gallery portfolio as such. You can add portfolio images in the main window as you would a standard image. Were you thinking of having a prev/next on the large image for say 4 or 5 images?

5. We’ve kept the portfolio to a cropped width/height to maintain page structure if you are flicking through each portfolio item. If there is demand for portfolio portrait we will look at adding at a later stage.

We’re aiming for 1,2 and 3 to be updated by the end of tomorrow for the next version.

Great work! GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Great! I will buy soon :)

EDIT : Already bought!

Thanks Tji I hope you enjoy using it :)

Thx for the answer.

I will wait then for next update :D

Will bookmark this theme :D

Hi there, all updated on ThemeForest now, I’ve updated the main theme details page with all of the main features, including a screencast to the homepage items and theme options.

Thanks for all of your suggestions by the way :)

wow great changes!

Cheers – thank you for suggesting them :)

Hi meanthemes. The theme doesn’t load the custom Google Fonts. What can happen?

Hi raulalonso, sorry to hear you are having issues, if you fill out the support form on with a link to your website and describe the exact issue we’ll look straight into it for you.

Thanks, I have sent an email via support, don’t worry we’ll get it all sorted for you :)

Retina support for the logo upload would be awesome! The logo looks blurry ion the iphone..

Thanks Tji, definitely a good idea :) We’re looking into the best way to implement a 2x logo. I’ll ping you an email once we’ve decided what to do.

Thanks for purchasing as well, much appreciated :)

Hi meanthemes, your theme’s very cool. Do you think you may include a pricing table or shortcode for price tables in a future update. For me, that would be so helpful and a timesaver vs. quoting everything. Maybe others would like a pricing table also? Not sure.

Well… that’s a free plugin and it just uses shortcodes so will work no problem on Pushy, here have a look at our test website with Pushy installed (scroll to the bottom)

Hey, that’s great. I wasn’t sure if that plugin would work with your theme well. I’m going to buy Pushy today. Keep up the good work!

Cool, no problem and thank you :)

Hi! Love this theme based on what you can do for your homepage alone (individual content boxes with background that spans full width).

Question: the blog layout you have in the demo, is that the only kind of layout?

Hi tigermuse, thank you :) Yes, the blog has that layout only. What kind of thing were you thinking, we’ll look at your suggestion and see if its something we can consider for a future update (no promises but we’ll definitely think about it).

Well, probably just some more flexibility in terms of layout options. You have the traditional sidebar left/right for not just single blog posts but for the index itself. And once you have that list of blog posts, deciding whether to have the post image positioned left, right, or top centered.

You know, the usual kind of stuff. At least to have the option to change it would be phenomenal.

Thanks tigermuse, that may be something we do on our next theme as you’re talking more than a few hours work there. We’ll have a think about it though and see if it is something we could provide for Pushy in the future.

This theme is great! Fantastic support as well, I made a couple of suggestions, GitHub social link and address on contact page, and they were implemented the same day. :-)

thanks yellowfeather, we like to listen to feature requests and aim to implement them as soon as we can. We’ve added a lot since launch based on feedback so far :)

I am taking a look at this theme day by day and watching the cool changes :DD

Thanks virplay :) we’ve just uploaded the latest version of Pushy to the approval queue. Retina logo support, option to centre align mobile view headed and change the mobile menu colour have been added. Hopefully that will get approved in the next 24-48 hours.


Will you keep the “pinterest” design or maybe add another style?

5 stars! that´s cool from envato. I bought some themes and mostly their support is auwful

We’re very pleased to have 5 stars already :) we do genuinely love supporting our customers and fielding questions