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Are u guys keeping the philosopy of “pinterest” style in this theme?

Sorry. I mean different style from “grid/Pinterest” , like having horizontal view for blogs home page and portfolio

At the moment, we haven’t got any plans for different layout options.

ok, thx. I bookmarked this theme to see the new features and maybe another plans for different layout options in the next update :D

Bought! :)

Yay, thank you!


Love the theme, wonderful work. I’m setting up a site which will have quite big galleries per project (say 20-30 portrait images each). I know the current slideshow only supports up to 5 images at present.

Can you recommend a compatible plug in I can use instead? I’d like everything else (client details etc.) on the project pages to remain the same.

Thanks for your time!

The theme is compatible with WooThemes flexslider which could handle 20 or 30 images I believe.

For the homepage item can we make it for features page as well?

Hi altious, the homepage items can only be used on the homepage template I’m afraid.

Excellent Theme!

Why thank you :)

The theme works cool so far. However I notice that my site’s header doesn’t stick on the top like the demo site. Please kindly help.

Thanks!! Interesting that the download version in ThemeForest is not the latest version…

BTW … What is the layout used in the demo site? Is it a homepage layout or blog layout?? By far I can only use the blog layout to show the latest posts in 3 columns, however I can’t add homepage items above and below the post entries. Please kindly guide me through.

Hi Vicker, I’ve just checked the download file and it is the latest, 1.1.0 – which we released last night. For the homepage setup, this is all detailed in the documentation which you can find in the “Help Documentation” folder in your download. If you need any more assistance please fill out the form on and we’ll get straight back to you :) thanks again for purchasing :)

Ah ha… may be I am slightly earlier than your upload. Anyway it works well now. I will continue the support discussion using the support form. Thanks.

Hey! Great Theme! Is it possible to have Elements of the Homepage Builder PLUS Blogposts shown on the Homepage? Have to know it, before I buy it!


It´s exactly what I meant! As long as this isn’t possible, I can´t buy the Theme and use it!.. :-(


In which case you are going to love the new version :) we’re doing final testing this evening and if all is ok will release the new version in the next 24 hours :)

Hi sfischbach, new version of Pushy now released with the ability to choose between blog items or portfolio items on the homepage, enjoy :)

Hi, Nice theme – is there a way to have the portfolio/blog section on the home page appear lower down or just above the footer?

Thanks. No, not as standard but it is a modification we could make after you purchase the theme, it would be a chargeable customisation though I’m afraid.

Hi meanthemes, your after-sales service is great. Thank you very much for all your attention and all the painstaking details that you have adjusted. This theme is great for my website (, about a book company. Great job! :)

thank your raulalonso, very kind of you :)

I was unable to find details on how to create a dropdown/submenu for pushy….like the auto dropdown you have in the live preview example page (category: Features). Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there, thanks for purchasing. Menus are built via the standard WordPress menu system. There are more details here:

If you need any further support please fill out form and we’ll get back to you.

Many thanks. I was starting to think pushy had a problem with the advanced menu of WP. This time around, no issues. Still LOVING Pushy!

Excellent, thank you :)

Just bought this, so stoked! I love the colored feature areas on home screen, SO much better than stupid sliders (that’s what scrolling is for). Anyways, I’m moving all my content from to a newly designed Pushy theme. Any advice on how to switch over? My plan is to get the theme ready on a test site then try transfer…

Thanks and looking forward to using your theme!

Thanks for purchasing tywilliams4 :)

Really looking forward to see what you do with Pushy, please let us know when you’re all switched over.

Our advice would be to set up a test site and then switch over, definitely the best method.

You should be able to download your current WordPress database through phpMyAdmin or similar and uploaded content and put that on the test website. That should give you a good starting point. We don’t support any transferring etc. as part of the theme support, only bugs and general theme related questions. If do need further help please fill out our support form at

Thanks again and good luck!

Hi guys

I love this theme, and am seriously considering purchasing it to use as a website for myself, and for my blog.

How easy would it be to transfer my blogspot blog onto it?

And how do I go about getting my own url for this theme?

Thank you!

Hi there. Yes you can migrate blogspot to self hosted WordPress. There is a very good article on it here:

You may need a developer or someone technically minded to help you though

Aaaand bought! Love this theme – but had a hard time choosing between this one and Mustachy – need to find an excuse and domain to pick that one up too.

Thanks Akvavit :) If only we could offer multi-buy discounts… sadly we can’t but thanks for purchasing Pushy – and fingers crossed you find an excuse to buy Moustachey :)

Bought! Great theme! But I have a problem with installing plugins (header wrong error all the time). and when clicking a portfolio category it leads me to a wrong side, listing just blog posts… would be awesome if you could help me here out!


Hi there, thanks for purchasing :) I’m going to need some more information I’m afraid. Can you submit a support request with all the details and also a temporary login to your website and we can take a look for you

Also, sorry I should have mentioned, please make sure you update to the latest version 1.1.5 – We released this evening so its not on ThemeForest yet (in their approval queue), but should appear in your WordPress website within WordPress > Updates within the next 24 hours, probably much quicker than that.

Sexy Theme,

one question before buy:

can i add sidebar on portfolio page and on blog page ?


Thanks :)

No sorry, no sidebar on portfolio page and blog page I’m afraid.

Hi Pushy,

I’ve been working on my site for a bit and just checked it to see how it looks on a mobile and it’s pretty ugly. Is there something I’m missing? my site is

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing :)

I’ve just loaded it up on my iPhone and it looks ok. Can you submit a support request to with full details of the issues you are experiencing including the device in question you are browsing on and we’ll look into it for you.

sorry, my site

I just bought the Revolution Slider plugin and the sliders are not showing up. Is this something your theme does not support or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help.

Hi tywilliams4, we tested revolution slider over on our sandbox… the fish are revolution slider.

Please can you submit a support request to with the details of what isn’t working and a link and we’ll look into it for you?

Awesome thanks! Good to know that it should work fine. I’m going to play around with it and see if I can figure it out and if I continue to have problems I will let you know via the support link. Thanks for the help!