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bingo! I got it to work. I had to turn on the “output filter protection” in the troubleshooting section of the slider setup. Just in case someone else has the same issue.

Brilliant that’s good news :)

How do I access the documentation?

Hi thanks for purchasing. You’ll find a PDF in the download from ThemeForest in the ‘Theme Documentation’ folder. You can also access it via the Theme Options panel in the orange box beneath all of the tabs :)

Okay couple of questions.

1. How do I show all of my blog posts – on my site and your demo you only have latest 10 posts?

2. To the right of the tile in my portfolio page I have a button saying < Prev why is this? How can I get rid of it?

3. Why can I not create a blog page such as /journal ? Does it have to be /category/journal ? If I make /journal into a blog page it shows nothing.

Also do you do customisations / visual mods?

Thanks Jake

Hey matizmo, thanks for purchasing :)

Do you mind submitting these via please and we can keep track of it all for you?

Short questions before buying: Do you think the for translation will work?

Regards, Stefan

Hi Stefan, we haven’t tried the wpml plugin but we are planning on checking all of our themes with it in the new year. If you do decide to purchase and it does work please let us know. Also, we do provide a translatable .po/.mo file with the theme.

Hi ! Nice theme, I am starting a blog, so, before buying a theme, I would like to know if I can choose any theme and use it just for blogging (make a restriction) , or if it is recommended to by a theme dedicaded to blog.. Thanks a lot !

Hi, thanks :) I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but Pushy can be used as a blog only if that’s what you are asking. You can switch to the blog layout for the homepage, right from the theme options, 1 tick box :)

We also have some themes specifically designed as blogs which you can see on our portfolio.

I want to exclude a page link from the main (top) navigation. How do I do this with this theme?

Hi there thanks for purchasing we have an FAQ explaining how to use menus in WordPress…

Just bought Pushy, am a total html/WP newbie, and am LOVING it! It’s a huge improvement to my formerly blah freelance website. Keep up the great work. :)

Yay! Awesome news, glad you like it and thanks for purchasing :)

Hi again! Argh, ran into my first problem. I’m trying to add a new page (“Recent Work”, which will be my static portfolio page) on WP and, after it’s supposedly published, does not show up in the main menu bar on my homepage. Help! What am I missing?

Hi there you’ll need to add it to the menu I’d imagine, check out this helpful link…

Any other problems just submit a support ticket via and we’ll get you on the right tracks.

Thank you! I had just found that WP support page when you wrote back.

Never mind! Figured it out. :)

:) no problem

Great theme, having a good time using it. With a couple of updates the last week I’ve a question though; is there anywhere I can see the list of changes from one version to the next? I need to know if anything that changes in the theme will affect the other bits and pieces I’ve got going on.

Righto, will send you a support request – first time I’ve ever worked with a theme where that information isn’t easily available though.

Am also using a child theme. Just like to be thorough and professional.

Cool, no worries, it does make sense and its one of the reason we use github, so we can track changes and differences efficiently. We may confuse some people with a full list of changes, as many people just want the “highlights” so maybe we’ll do an advanced changelog for the professionals :)

Anyway, we’ve got your support request so will send you the differences shortly.

Thanks again for purchasing :)

For anyone reading the comment feed, we have a changelog for all of our themes, here is Pushy’s:

You can find the link on the bottom of all of our themes under the “Update History” heading. If you need a higher level of detail, please contact us on support

Cheers and happy theme purchasing :)

Hi, is this theme Woo Commerce compatible? Thank you

Hi Natkalu, we haven’t tested with WooCommerce.

Why is there a default navigation widget in the right side bar on pages when using “default template” on a page? Especially when there isn’t a widget in widgets box? PHP hack to get rid of it?

I want to use widgets but I don’t want the nav widget in the sidebar..

Thanks for purchasing, just tick “Hide Page menu” from Theme options to remove it :)

If you need anything else, please fire over a support ticket to

thanks for the quick reply! Awesome theme!

One other quick question, I have the homepage set up to display portfolio items. In the theme settings I set it to display 8 items, then show navigation, but I’m not seeing any “next” buttons for navigation…

Where do I set that up at?

Hey there, we’ve got your support request so will respond through the support system. Thanks :)

First: great theme :-)

In your live demo there is a homepage item with text on the left and a vimeo video on the right. I tried something similar with a youtube video, but

a) it scales the video really big, even though I used the default size for embedding

b) it appears underneath the text instead of to the right (I did check ‘Text Left, image right’)

Thanks for your help

Hi there thanks for purchasing :) That’s just done with the column shortcodes, you can find them in the documentation.

If you need help, just pop over a support request

Wow, this has got to be the fastest support answer ever! Thanks :-)

No worries :) Any more problems, just log a ticket and we’ll look into it for you.

Hello! I purchase a theme and use it, its really nice. But I have a problem with video preview on the blog page. Its really big. But in your theme demo video have a mini preview on the blog page and become big on the video page. How I can do this too? (video from

Hi there, please submit a support ticket to and we’ll look into it for you. Thanks for purchasing :)

Thank you for fast support and care about your clients! Its amazing! My problem has been solved in ~1 hour (so fast) and theme authors was very helpful!

No problem, happy to help :)


I am thinking on buy Pushy theme but i need you to answer the following questions, please: - Can I have social links on top of homepage? - On blog post view can I have social sharing buttons below the title? - On the home page, the legnht of the text on blog posts, how is it determined? - Don´t the theme have a widgetized side bar? Thanks in advanced for your answers, Ivo

Hi there. By default… Social links at top – no, blog post social sharing below title, no. The length is determined in the functions.php but the more tag is also supported. Yes the theme has a widgetised side bar. You could easily modify the theme yourself to have social links at the top and social share below title if you know a bit of PHP and HTML :)

Hi, Would it be possible to put the blog in the home page instead of the portfolio? Would we be able to change or erase the area with the text on the top of the home page? Thanks for your help

Hey there you can have blog items or portfolio items on the homepage or you can just have the blog layout template instead all through the theme options. The super sized text at the top is one of the homepage items, if you don’t add it, it won’t appear. Hopefully that answers all your questions, thanks for looking :)

We bought the template and we are starting to use it!! But I am having a problem customizing the colors of the type. I want the color of the content to be one color, and the color of the options in the main navigation to be a diferent color, but I can’t find the way to do that. Thank you!!

Hi there please submit a support ticket and we’ll help you out

This is one of the best themes I have purchased. Easy to work with, very robust and importantly, the support Meanthemes provide is truly excellent.

Highly recommend this theme and the author.

Five stars definitely!

Thanks mushy, that’s very kind :)

Is there a traditional blog layout included? And is it compatible with a sidebar? Thanks.

Hi cupcakes, no there isn’t on this one, just masonry

Hi! Great theme. Very interested to purchase but wanted to know if image captions are used in post the short code will not appear in the post’s excerpt? I didn’t see captions used in the demo. Especially love the responsive navigation. Thanks!

You can change those in the provided .po/.mo files, we have an FAQ already to help you with that.

Great! Thanks again!

No problem at all :)