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Hi love your template! I purchased it and have several questions here: )

1. Is it possible to make the cover only appear once? Now when you scroll up, the cover will come back again, which is very annoying… (Oh I think I have the same question as michaelw998 above! )

2. How can I change the source code for the counter in the homepage so that it counts rather slow? I have big numbers (24000000), want to make it feel like counting forever.

Please contact me by Thank you so much!

Hello KOCreative!

We have sent you an email.

Hi! I have used MUSE theme before and they have been very intuitive. I am struggling with this one. I love the opening and clean look. Is it possible for me to pay you to structure the first page for me? Please email me off line to discuss. thank you.

Hello Zennale! Thank you for your purchasing! At this moment we are fully immersed in wordpress themes development and is not possible for us to attend personal projects. However, you can explain us what you need and we will try to give you some advice. Kind regards! Brane Design

Hello, thank you for the template. It is very nice :)

After completing the design for desktop, I realised the mobile version wasn’t working correctly. Even the one you sent have font size errors etc. Could you suggest how can I go about uploading the same to mobile now ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Avanik! thank you for your purchasing. Is there a link so we can see the website? If there isn’t, could you send us your edited file so we can check it out? Regards

Hello. I am also having trouble with the effect not working on the mobile versions. Is it possible for you to post how to fix this? Thank you.

I have had the same problem Avanik had. Is it possible to give us advice on this?

Hello dragonrock,

Support is for customers who has purchased the item and are on support time. Please log in on the account from wich you have purchased Pyro Template and wirte us again.

Thank you

Hello, I have a pre purchase question. Does the opening effect work on the iphone and ipad? Thank you

Hello Pagodagirl, No, opening effect doesn’t work on tablet and mobile. Regards!

How do your customers handle the devices? How do you suggest to them how to open the site without the effect?

Hello, They open the site whithout the effect, as you can see on mobile and tablet demo.


You got something to refresh the web to updating current muse :) Best regards