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I search to have my own font on my website.

I followed the followed topic

So as explained, I add in custom.css :


font-family : “Later_on”;

src : url(‘');


and put the font file on the server.

But I can’t find it on the drop down menu in Typography tab… Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot :) Jeremy


It will never appear in the typography font drop down since the list are from Google Fonts repository. You need to manually insert the required CSS file to make the font work on the theme.

Hi, I have a problem with font customization: I need to change the two standard font ( Arimo and Montserrat ) with two custom fonts. Is there by any chances a way to do it without going through all the css, widgets, php and so on and so forth?

It’s seems that the Typography Tab is overwriting my changes the most of the times.

Thank you!


I’m afraid it is not possible without uploading your font files to your site and write down the @font-face code to your CSS file.

It is not a problem to upload the font files and edit the custom.css file to add the @font-face defintion. The problem is related to the next changes that are needed.


Since all of the font styles are generated by Redux Framework using inline styles you’ll need to add ”!important” to any styles affected by Redux Framework generated styles.


It is great theme. I have a few questions.

1. Is it possible to change the fonts of navigation bar, Home, Gallery etc. ?

2. How can I decrease the space between the header-logo and navigation bar?

3. Is it possible to modify the RSVP widget and turn it into a contact form?

4. How can I increase the height of the slider?

Thank you. :)

One more question: How can I use fonts other than the ones given in the drop down menu in Thpography section? Can I add new fonts?


It’s possible, but you need to uit manually. Upload the web font files to the theme directory then write the @font-face CSS codes in /qaween/custom.css to do this.

Hi beautiful theme, might just get this. What font is used in the logo?

Hi, the default font for the logo is Montserrat but you can change it to other font from Google Fonts from the theme options or you can replace it to image logo instead.

hi, does this support Chinese font text?


Never tried Chinese before but I think it will work because the theme provide support for Google Fonts.


mmvo91 Purchased

I’m having trouble getting the theme to load the Google Web Fonts, it default loads Times New Roman


tompradana Author Team


Can you let me know the font, and your site url?

Does the RSVP field titles point to a css style? It’s a small font and I would like to match it to the Poppins font with a font size of 12

I can change the field name color but not the font via VC composer

Hi guys, on my site the Google font does not applies on all paragraphs… Could you please advise what is the problem?


There are different options for main body font and heading font. The once you said not working has a different different typography option, it is called “Homepage Widget Title”.

When I open the Typography tab the default fonts are Monserrat and Arimo. When I select the dropdown to select another font it shows the generic “Standard Fonts” but no others. A spinning gear appears in the dropdown input box as if it is trying to populate but nothing ever appears except the standard fonts names. I suspect that the dropdown should also show Google fonts in addition to the “Standard Fonts.” If I select one of the standard fonts I cannot later find the Monserrat or Arimo fonts in the dropdown menu to re-select them as the preferred font but I can manually re-enter Monserrat and Arimo in the input boxes. Are Google fonts supposed to be in the dropdown menu in addition to the standard fonts and, if so, why are they not showing up for me?

I did create a child file but if I remove that file and use the theme it makes no difference. I removed some code from the functions.php to remove the menu and the year from the countdown but I was having the problem before I made any changes to function.php.

I am using Quaween v1.2 and Wordpress 3.9.1. Please see my comment below. The two issues may be related but I have no idea how to correct the problem if Google fonts is creating a problem. Thanks.

I checked and I had 1.0.7 installed after all. The problem is with the version of redux you have in v1.0.7. I uploaded the latest version of the Redux Core file (can’t remember which version it is) and everything is loading very quickly now. This also fixed the slow loading for the theme options (mentioned below) and fixed the font problem. I’m not sure if there are other files I need to upload for redux. I suggest you put the most recent redux update in the theme file.

How do you add navigation (next/previous arrows) to the homepage slideshow? Also, how do you increase the font size for the wedding location that overlays the slideshow?

When I go into the theme options it loads VERY slow.


We’ll try to update the theme options in the next version. It was caused by Google fonts the theme options.

Hello. Today purchased your theme.

I’m from Russia and our font is Cyrillic. I created a new header-menu with Cyrillic words and PT Sans font. But the fonts(PT Sans, Open Sans etc.) do not work with Cyrillic in qaween theme. Supported only Latin. Is it possible to make a theme support cyrillic?

Thank you!

P.S All Fonts SANS support Cyrillic by default.


So sorry, we accidentally disable the Google Font subsets from the theme options. We’ll enable it in the next release.

In the mean time if you desperately need this, open /qaween/functions/theme-options/options-config.php then replace all of the codes with the codes from

Hope this help and so sorry for the issue.


How do I Reduce the size of the background for the menu on this theme? And, how do I change the font? Love the theme! Just trying to make it work!


Hello purchased this theme and after several hours customizing I noticed the countdown on home page is not working on smartphone devices and on internet explorer. I sent you a ticket can you please help asap? The site is

This is for a client. They need this resolved very quickly please.

Yes I managed to figure it out by reading 30 pages of comments here, but can you help me with this issues please

- The text on the first image on the home page slider is not visibly seen on mobile devices, what should I do? - How can I make the text font on my events page bigger seen here? - What plugin can I use to add a playlist music to the background of the page (and I don’t want soundcloud)?
Thanks for responding very quickly. Regarding number 2: Can you look at this image?

The page in the image is the event page. The one I circled in red at the bottom, showing the dates, times, is there a way to make those bigger? The client feels like people won’t be able to read it because the font is too small

So can we make it bigger?


tompradana Author Team


Go to Appearance > Editor > Edit custom.css file, add the following css code:

.page-template-page-events .current_page_item a {
    font-size: 2em;

.page-template-page-events .meta {
    font-size: 1.2em !important;

Click Save, then clear your browser cache

Thanks so much, it did the trick! However while it took care of the font size under neath the image …now it has increased the page menu font size and it is too big! Please see the image below, I highlighted the issue in red:

Also how do I change the menu font so that it is the same on every page? If you look at the home page, the font for the menu is different but after you start looking at other pages, the font menu is different, how can I have all the font be the same and still keep the size?


tompradana Author Team


  1. If the font size is too big, then you can addjust the value, i don’t know your preferred font size..
  2. I just visited your site, and now the font is working fine, isn’t it?
Are you sure you visited my site? Because it is still the same look:

The “EVENTS” menu tab is bigger than the rest, can’t you see it?

How do I adjust the value? Can you make the font size maybe 16pt in size?

I need this done asap please!

Thank you so much it worked you ROCK! This maybe is my final question also regarding the menu… How can I change the font style of the menu in CSS?

Hello! i have some problems with the theme. Maybe you can help me. 1) Google fonts don’t work. For example i can make Homepage Widget Title only in standard font. 2) Is it possible to watch photos in “Gallery” one by one? Like in widget “Events”. 3) How i can put videos in gallery (if its possible)? Looking forward to get an answer

I would like to change the page title font color.

Also I would like have an option for the guest to upload photos and this to be shown in the gallery.

How do I go about doing this ?


You can change the page title font color from Theme Options > Typography > Post Title.

Also I would like have an option for the guest to upload photos and this to be shown in the gallery.

I’m sorry but this feature isn’t available in the theme.

How do I change the “wedding date” that appears over the main photo. Out of the box it is a white box with a white font that displays the wedding date and location. Would like to change it to black.


I have an embedded Google Form on our RSVP page (as opposed to using Contact Form 7 – because the Google form data goes straight into a spreadsheet):

When I use a stock theme (i.e. “twentyfifteen”) the form displays fine. But with Qaween, the submit button is small and has no text until you mouseover. The field spacing is also a bit odd.

This seems to happen mainly on a Mac in Chrome and Firefox.

Here’s the form in twentyfifteen theme:

Here’s the form in Qaween:

Is there a way to override the theme CSS for this form so that it will display normally?

Thank you so much for your help.


Sorry for late reply, actually this is require a lot offadditional css codes. But this is only for you. Please try to add the css code bellow to Dashboard > Theme Options > Appearance > Custom CSS Codes:

.ss-q-title {
    display: block;
    font-size: .8em;
    font-weight: 700;
    line-height: 120%;
    text-align: left;
    margin-bottom: 10px;

.ss-form-entry input[type="text"] {
    width: 100%;
    padding: 10px 2%;
    vertical-align: top;
    display: inline-block;
    border: 1px solid #ccc;
    background-color: #f3f3f3;

.ss-form-entry ul {
    margin: 0;

.ss-form-question {
    margin-bottom: 15px;

input#ss-submit {
    padding: 15px 20px !important;
    font: 14px "Montserrat" !Important;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    font-weight: bold;
    letter-spacing: 1px;
    cursor: pointer;
    background: #e36060;
    color: #fff;
    border: none;

input#ss-submit:hover {
    background-color: #555555;

I hope this code works, Cheers..

I tried looking through some comments for an answer to this. But I am trying to change the color of the background behind each of the numbers on the Countdown widget. Am I missing where to do this? Or where in the template files can I make this change?

Thank you!

One more question. I am changing some fonts to Heading 1, 2,3,4 and so one. But the font is not changing to what I have set in the Typography settings. Is there a different tag I need to use from h1 h2 h3 or h4?

I have developed a single page site with this theme. It is starting to look great but no matter what I do, it takes 40 seconds for the page to load. I have deactivated all plugins except for the ones required for the theme but that didn’t work. I have spoken with the support people at the host and after looking into it and they said that they “don’t see any errors that would be causing the site to load so slowly.”

See my comment above regarding Google fonts. It could be that a problem with Google fonts is slowing it down but I don’t know. Frankly, even though it is a wonderful theme and I would like to stick with it, 40 seconds to load the page makes it unusable. I need some advise on how to speed this up and any help will be appreciated.