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It is great theme. I have a few questions.

1. Is it possible to change the fonts of navigation bar, Home, Gallery etc. ?

2. How can I decrease the space between the header-logo and navigation bar?

3. Is it possible to modify the RSVP widget and turn it into a contact form?

4. How can I increase the height of the slider?

Thank you. :)

Thank you for your prompt response. :)

One more question: How can I use fonts other than the ones given in the drop down menu in Thpography section? Can I add new fonts?


It’s possible, but you need to uit manually. Upload the web font files to the theme directory then write the @font-face CSS codes in /qaween/custom.css to do this.


How can I remove the Leave a reply box at the bottom of each page?

never mind, I was able to get it. Great Theme

Glad you managed to find it. Let me know if you have other question.

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Fantastic design. I am on the verge to press the “buy” button :). Several things put me off for the moment and I wonder if you intend to include them in one of your updates:

1. It seems that there is no drag and drop builder. It is tough without it for a newbie like me. Do you intend to introduce such functionality? This would be my second site with WordPress.

2. Please add Revolution or Layered Slider – they are easy to work with.

3. I cannot find any video tutorials and I will be lost without them. I suppose you have written docs but I am a kind of newbie and I would prefer visual guides.

4. On my Ipad 3 IO7 the images look blurred – you don’t seem to support retina display?

5. On my Iphone 5s, sometimes the screen stucks in the middle and I have to close the browser. The divider with the heart it is not in the middle – the heart is on the left and look like broken. Can I make it in the middle? The name “Satrovsky” has fallen below the image. In general it look a bit messy on mobiles.

Once again – great design and I look forward to your answers.



I’ll try to answer your question.

1. The homepage is controlled by widgets that you can drag and drop.

2. We already have plan for this but we’re still trying to familiarize our self with those plugins.

3. No video tutorial yet, we may add some if the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

4. The theme doesn’t support retina display but we’ll consider it.

5. Thanks for reporting the bug, didn’t notice the heart icons were misaligned in the smaller screens. We’ll try to fix it in the next version.

Thanks for the kind words and I hope my answers could convince you to buy the theme.

Hello. Today purchased your theme.

I’m from Russia and our font is Cyrillic. I created a new header-menu with Cyrillic words and PT Sans font. But the fonts(PT Sans, Open Sans etc.) do not work with Cyrillic in qaween theme. Supported only Latin. Is it possible to make a theme support cyrillic?

Thank you!

P.S All Fonts SANS support Cyrillic by default.


So sorry, we accidentally disable the Google Font subsets from the theme options. We’ll enable it in the next release.

In the mean time if you desperately need this, open /qaween/functions/theme-options/options-config.php then replace all of the codes with the codes from

Hope this help and so sorry for the issue.

Thanks for the answer. When you are planning to upgrade release?


Real soon, in a few minutes from now we’re going to submit a new version to ThemeForest to fix this issue. It may take several hours before the reviewers approve it.

Hello, I am having an issue. The home page does not show the slideshow, the happy couple section, the countdown it is not working, and the rsvp does not show up.

These are the screenshots of the homepage and the widget section. If you need some other screenshot let me know. I need to fix it as soon as possible

You can use the Full Width page template.


Glad I could help!

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Hi beautiful theme, might just get this. What font is used in the logo?

Hi, the default font for the logo is Montserrat but you can change it to other font from Google Fonts from the theme options or you can replace it to image logo instead.

Hi, I like your theme a lot but I was wondering if I can have website password protected so that guests have to enter a username and password to enter/view full website. Many couples are very private and do not want their wedding details available publicly. Is there a way to achieve this with this theme?


Seems like you’ve enabled RTL support. Go to Theme Options > General Settings then disable the RTL Support option.

Thanks. My mistake. That solved it.

Glad that solved it!

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Hi there,

Thanks for the great theme!! How can insert backgrounds on my homepage? Like you did in your demo? url= Thanks alot! Kind regards, Marjolein

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

You can add the backgrounds from Theme Options > Colors menu in the wp-admin section.

Hello, home page slide show its looking good … countdown and rsvp are working but i need to add a background picture to them how can i do that ?

thank you


You can add th backgrounds from Theme Options > Colors.

thanks !

So in love with this theme! Thank you! I created a gallery and a gallery landing page. They appear fine on the home page but when I click on the link to take me to that particular gallery – I get a 404 error. I deleted it and did it again and still the same thing.

If I go to edit the gallery and click view from the admin – I also get a 404 error. Can you please help?

Here is the site:

Hi, glad you like the theme!

Can you try flushing the permalink? Go to WordPress Dashboard then click on Settings > Permalinks, on the Permalinks page choose “Post name” then hit the “Save changes” button.

Let me know if it works.

Thank you for the quick response! That did it. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I appreciate the help!

Glad it solved the issue! Let me know if you have other question.

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Good evening,

I purchase the theme a couple of weeks ago and have a question around image sizes.

Could you please let me know what the best image spec is for the RSVP background, countdown and Page title?



The recommended image size is 1400×800 pixel. You can go a bit lower than that if you want.

Hello, I would like to know how you can remove the fade in effect as you scroll on the homepage?


Open /qaween/style.css then remove these codes:

.animate {
    opacity: 0;

I am having trouble with getting a gallery to appear on the main page. When I create a gallery, then add the “Warrior Gallery Item” widget to the homepage, the only thing that shows up is the selected featured image.

Can you please explain, step-by-step, exactly how to replicate the main page gallery you have on the demo site?


In the demo site we have more than 6 gallery items. In each gallery item there’s more than 2 images uploaded. So, if you want more than one gallery item displayed in the homepage you’ll need to create more gallery items.

Basically, gallery item is like a photo album where each album can have more than 1 photo. The featured image act as the “cover image” for the album.

That worked. Thanks!

Glad you managed to sorted it out. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have other question.

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The text on the RSVP widget for the main page is very hard to read, and there’s no way to change the headline text.

How can I add a background color to the text to make it stand out more?


Can you tell me your theme version? If your version is lower than v1.0.3 you should re-download the theme files from ThemeForest then re-install the theme. Versions below doesn’t have the option to change the paragraph text color in RSVP section.

Version 1.0.4

Can you tell me your site url?

Hi Guys,

I had this theme working perfectly. The other day I cannot log into wordpress admin and just have a white screen. /wp-login.php just brings up a cookies error.

I got my host tech support to eventually fix the issue, which took me back to the default theme, and I was able to access the WP Admin. However as soon as I installed your theme, again I am unable to log into the WP Admin panel.

Driving me crazy. I have all my guests trying to RSVP on a site that is only half working now :(


Your site is up and running again. What I did was re-upload and install the theme files all over again. The issue was probably because one of the theme files got corrupted during the upload process.

Thank you very much! Really appreciate your time on this!!!

Kind regards,



No problem, glad we could help.

If you like the theme, please consider giving it a 5 star rating from ThemeForest Download page.

Hi! Great theme! I am having a couple of problems. I have followed all of the directions and read the documentation about 8 times and your comments here. 1. I am having problems with my slideshow on the homepage. I have created 3 new slideshows with the featured image and have set the homepage:warrior slideshow widget into my homepage, I have added a new page and set it as the homepage landing page but it does not show. I set the slideshow count to 3 and still nothing. 2. I am a photographer and will be using this as my main page, can I get rid of the “about the groom” about me section and rename to “about the photographer” or “about me” 3. My menu doesn’t drop down and it seems to have no room in between them on the homepage. It is perfect on every other page, just the homepage is the problem.

Also, is there a way to integrate instagram feed on this theme?


Everything seems fine, can you send me your admin login details so we could have a quick look? You can send the details using the contact form on

It’s not possible to add instagram feed by default, we’ll take it under consideration to add instagram feed widget for future version.

Hi Alex,

I found the issue, it was because you use 2 twitter widget in the homepage widget area (one is our default Couple Tweets widgets and another one is 3rd party widget). The problem is, you didn’t specify the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in the widgets. You need to specify both of them plus your Twitter username in order for the widget to work.

Have down loaded and am sat with the installion instruction in front of me. Which now tell me i need to go to http;/ This just takes me to another site, which is asking me to buy attional things. I am not seeing the blob which is suppose to have heading Appearance. Theme Options. Plugins. Users. Tools

can you help me…...........Mark


Have install WordPress on your site?

Hi there, loving this theme,

Can you direct me in my CSS to remove responsive settings? I’m not liking the way this looks on a mobile device. – (ps obviously not using as a wedding website but love the layout and design for my blog)

Thank you


The theme demo page use responsive layout, so if you remove responsive.css it’s impossible to make it work like in the demo site.

The whole theme was designed to be fluid and responsive, so without tweaking a lot of codes it won’t be possible to make the the site looks exactly the same in desktop and mobile devices,

thank you for all your assistance. So i have put this back to your original settings yet what i can understand is why my slider image is so awful on a mobile device if as you say the theme is designed to be fluid. Please can you share your suggestions please on how I get this to work for me? – Currently on a mobile device you see a small section of the slider only! Thank you


That’s because you add a new element (the social media icons) in the header. The way the theme was designed is to make the logo and logo display above the slideshow and the slideshow image will fill the rest of the screen (without scrolling).

You need to modify how codes below is written to adjust to the modification you’ve made. You can find the codes in /qaween/js/functions.js

var slideshowHeight = $(window).height() - $('#header').outerHeight();
if( $('body.home').length > 0 ) {
    $('#slideshow, .backstretch').height(slideshowHeight);

Is it possible to put font awesome social media icons on the far right of my navigation menu bar? – Can you show me where in the css or child theme to direct the code?

I can get it to appear below the nav menu but not on the far right Thank you!


It would require a lot of changes to do such thing, you’ll need to edit the CSS styles for the menu bar and also the social media icons and you’ll also need to move the the code display the social media icons to be inside the bar.

I’m sorry I can’t help you much because this is far beyond our support policy.

thanks for letting me know :)

No problem :)

Hi! Love this theme but I can’t get the parallax images to work on the iPad. Can I get some help fixing this problem?


Thanks for pointing it out to us, we’ll try to provide a fix soon.