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Hi there,

before I purchase this website, I want to know if I am able to create my own domain/ web address?


What we sold is a WordPress theme, you’ll need to install WordPress in your web host in order for this theme to work. Yes, you can use your own domain name.

I’m trying to add a field to the rsvp form (just a basic text field). I’ve added it in warrior-rsvp.php, functions.js, and in custom fields under RSVP Information. The field appears but the data doesn’t seem to be being passed with the rest of the fields. Is there somewhere I’ve missed where the field name and type needs to be declared?



I’m sorry but I don’t think you’re doing exactly like the instruction in the theme documentation. I have checked your site and it’s clearly that aside from uploading the images, you also insert the images into the HTML editor.

And regarding “Us” gallery, it only have 1 image uploaded, the rest of the images on “Us” doesn’t seem to be uploaded from “Us” gallery item. You need to upload the images from each corresponding gallery item.

It’s only showing the one image – but there are more there. That’s the problem I’m looking for help in trying to solve.

I’ve read your instructions a few times and I think I’ve identified what the issue is (and you can probably make this clearer.) I’ve been assuming that it’s possible to include images already uploaded to the site in a gallery along with new ones. It appears that you MUST upload new duplicates of any images you want in a gallery in order for it to function properly. Is that correct?

This is not what I’d expect out of WordPress, usually you don’t need to re-upload an image in order for it to appear in more than one gallery, hence the question. I really think your instructions are not as clear as they may seem to you.

Thanks for your help.


I’m sorry if my instruction were not very clear.

Let me give you an example, if you upload images from “Us” gallery then only the uploaded images will be displayed Other images uploaded from other post or other gallery item can’t be used on “Us” gallery item because they are not attached to “Us” gallery item.

I purchased this theme last night and believe I have followed the instructions, but the site navigation is not responsive in the way that it is on your demo site. Can you let me know if I’m doing something wrong or if perhaps there is some issue with the code? I do not have any other plugins installed beyond the ones required by the Theme.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

The problem was because you didn’t define any menu from Appearance -> Menus page. After you setup the menus, don’t forget to assigned the menu location to “Main Menu” (see screenshot

This Theme seems to ignore the date format that I specify in the Wordpress Settings (I’m thinking about the home page widgets). Am I missing something or is it the case that European date formats are not supported without modifying PHP? Thanks!

Is there a way to specify the desired date format in your php code in /includes/widgets ?


You can replace all the codes to display date with this code instead:

<?php the_time( get_option('date_format') ); ?>



I am building this site for a make up artist who focuses on weddings. Is there a way to change the “contact form” to a standard “name, subject, message” format?


Not without some knowledge in PHP and AJAX. I would suggest using Contact Form 7 plugin instead then create a new page to put the contact form.

Are you able to customize this change for me?

I’ve tried Contact Form 7, but I loose the visual background your theme offers. This is a must for the client.

Anyway around that?


I’m sorry but we don’t provide customization service, you can try hiring someone from Elto to make the changes for you.

Whats the easiest way to add two locations on the Google Maps portion? I don’t want to drop pins, but rather two different maps. Thanks!


The map widget can only display 1 map location. If you need to display 2 maps you will need to create a new page then display the map using the shortcode bundled with the theme.

How can i add a Google map like you have at the demo home page OUR WEDDING LOCATION ( its a full with map )

Thank you


You need to use Qaween v1.0.5. Version lower than 1.0.5 doesn’t have map widget.

Hi, great theme. I have two questions. 1. How can I set the google map language? 2. I am having issues with the galleries. I tried to have three galleries on one page (Gallery type). The three gallery covers appear correctly. However: double clicking on one does not give me the right number of images (there are now more images than I’ve put in that specific gallery). What could I have done wrong?



1. What do you mean by language? If you mean the map location and address you can set it up right from the map widget.

2. The gallery detail images will automatically display images uploaded to that specific gallery item. So if you upload 5 images, it will display 5 images in the gallery detail.

One more thing, there’s no need to insert / create gallery from the media uploader popup. If you do, it will display duplicate images.

thnx for you reply. 1) On the right side of the map it now syas Peta Satelit. In Dutch that would be ‘Kaart Satelliet’, so I’d like to change that. 2) I made three galleries under ‘Gallery’; then uploaded images to these galleries (under the same menu). I now tried again on the homepage (before I tried it on a seperate page which also had the homepage template) and it looks different, though I still see too many images when I click on the icon which looks like a piece of paper. In other words; can you tell me how to make a seperate page (not the homepage) with just three galleries in it? Regards.

1. Sorry, this is our bad. We set the language parameter to ID (Indonesian). To fix it simply go yo /qaween/functions/theme-functions/theme-styles.php then replace this code:

wp_enqueue_script('widget_map', '', '', '0.6.2', true);

with this:

wp_enqueue_script('widget_map', '', '', '0.6.2', true);

If that doesn’t work, try using this code instead:

wp_enqueue_script('widget_map', '', '', '0.6.2', true);

2. I’m not sure I understand your intention. As I said earlier the gallery detail page will automatically display images uploaded to that specific gallery item.

Can you tell me the url of the gallery page that have too many images?

I just installed the theme and I am running into an issue where the site does not display properly in IE or Firefox…only Chrome displays the site correctly…

What would cause this and how can I fix it?



Since you already changed the theme to twentyfourteen, a screenshot of the issue would be nice.

Thanks. I think I figured it out. Just had to flush the cache… Lets chalk this up to me being a noob and never talk of this again. :)



Glad you managed to sort it out. Nevertheless, just let me know if you have other question.

Hi again,

Is it possible add links in the “events” module? I’ve tried to add links to the “description” field but they just show up as plain text HTML.


Login to wp-admin as admin then click on Custom Fields > Event Information then under “Description” field click the edit link. You’ll see “Formatting” option when you edit the field, choose “Convert HTML into tags” from the dropdown (see screenshot

My template is not working propaly, at the theme options none of the layer can be open, if i click general for instance… it wont show up any options… !!! can you help me with that? Thanks best regards


Can you send me your admin login details to your site as well as your FTP login details so I can have a quick look at the issue?

Ok. Where I can send you the details?

Sorry, forgot to mentioned it. Please send them using the contact form in


I have a WP website with a free WP theme and is not working as I want. I also buy the domain name under the WP admin. Now I want to upgrade my website with a this theme and I don’t know how to do, keeping my domain name that I already bought.

Please could you help?


You can use this theme as long as you installed WordPress on your web host. However I’m sorry we don’t provide installation service for our themes.

You can try hiring someone from Elto to help you to setup the theme.

Hello. Congratulations for this beautiful theme! I really liked the design, but the gallery isn’t functional, in my opinion. I just read about how we need to proceed to insert images, so my question is: when you insert some images, they doesn’t appear in the editor. So, if I need to insert more images another time I just don’t know what images are in the album?!

Thanks in advance. Regards, Pedro

Thank you for your reply!

I have 2 images inserted on the post, however when i see the gallery there are 3 images, and when I click them, it shows me 6 images.

How can I do to solve this issue?

I just solve the issue. But I have another question. Everytime I want to insert photos to a gallery do I need to upload them?


Glad you managed to sort it out. Yes, you need to upload the images into the gallery item in order for the images to show up.

I would like to have the RSVP widget collect a physical address as a way of getting addresses to send invites to. I know a little coding, but not sure how to go about this. Any help you can give would be appreciated.



It’s doable but will require a lot of changes. Here are several files you will need to edit to make changes to the RSVP widget:

- themes/qaween/includes/widgets/warrior-rsvp.php

- themes/qaween/js/functions.js

- plugins/qaween-plugin/qaween.php

Hi there. Great theme!

How can I remove the Leave a reply box at the bottom of each page?


From the add / edit post page you can simply uncheck “Allow comment” option from the “Discussion” box (see screenshot ->

HI, I love the theme and I love my page so far. Is it possible to add the RSVP plugin to a page that is not the homepage? I don’t see any option or instructions on how to do that. I’d like to have the RSVP as a separate item but can’t figure out how to place it by itself. Thanks!!


It’s not possible, I would suggest you to use Contact Form 7 or Gravity Form plugin to add custom RSVP form to be place on any page you like.

Cheers. Thanks for the quick response!


No problem, glad we could help.

Hi, On the example template menu, there is no padding between the vertical and horizontal separator. By default, there is a padding on mine, can I change that and how? What is the name of this class? Thanks a lot! Jeremy

Hi, sorry for the misunderstanding.

The problem was because you didn’t define any menu from Appearance -> Menus page. After you setup the menus, don’t forget to assigned the menu location to “Main Menu” (see screenshot

Thanks a lot for your quick feedback!

No problem, glad I could help.

If you like the theme, please consider giving it a 5 star rating from ThemeForest Download page.

Hello – wondering if there is a way to change the color of the font in the “Event” details section? The light gray is very hard to read. Am I missing the option somewhere? Attached link from demo:

Love the theme and will be giving it great ratings!


You change the color from Theme Options > Typography > Post Meta option.

Perfect, thank you! And how about the date that shows up on the homepage on top of slideshow images (same as the demo)? It’s currently white, is that changeable and if so, what’s that called?

Appreciate your help.


It’s called “Slideshow Button Text” and “Slideshow Button Border”.

Hi, I just downloaded this theme and is it working great. However, when I type anything, on pages or in the widgets, the ending punctuation goes to the beginning of the sentence. How can I fix this?




Looks like you’ve enabled RTL Support. You can disable it from Theme Options > General Settings > RTL Support.

Hello Great theme!

At moment I’m having some difficulties getting my child theme to work. For the life of me I can’t get the CSS styles to work.

Here’s the set up I have:

@import url(”../qaween/style.css”);

/* =Theme customization starts here -----------—- */


I’ve updated the code which fixed some of the issues, but I’m still experiencing a lot of issues with the child theme not picking up any of the new css updates I’ve done. I’m using firebug and achieving the look I want, but when I copy the css over into my style sheet nothing works. An example would be the ”#countdown .number” styles isn’t picking up any of the css updates, plus many more widgets and titles.



Since most of the CSS styles are generated by the theme options (ReduxFramework) if the styles you added didn’t have any effect you’ll need to add ’!important’ to the CSS attributes.

For example:

body { background: #eeeeee !important; }

Thanks again. I’ll give that a go.