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Is it possible to insert a RSVP shortcode on pages other then the homepage? and also not in the siderbar widget? When i use the rsvp in sidebar on blog page , the rsvp background pic is also there, and the widget is all out of proportion..



The RSVP widget can only be use in the homepage, that’s why we named it “Home: RSVP Widget”. By default the RSVP widget can’t be use in other pages. You might want to use Contact Form 7 or Gravity Form plugin to create a custom RSVP form which you can place on any page you want.

Hi, where to I remove the powered by wordpress at the bottom, I cant seem to fine it


You can edit the /qaween/footer.php file.

Hi there,

Almost all my widgets (gallery, blog, about the couple etc) backgrounds are transparent – but I want them to be white as the original.

Where do I change that?


1. Thanks. But can you give me the codes to all the widgets fx events so I can change them if i wnat later on? :)

2. The space seems wrong above and below all widgets – it seems they need an extra 80px more. Can you give me that code too? :)

See example here:

Oh i found this out myself. Never mind. :)

Glad you managed to solved it.

How can I set the order of the events?


The events are ordered by published date descending, so you need to changed the event published date to order the events.

Hello, I purchased this theme a couple of weeks ago, I love it! I am having problems with the “homepage” not coming up on mobile. It is just a blank page with my title for the page I created. How can I get it to look like a normal, responsive homepage? my site is

Can you let me know your site url?


I’ve tested your site on Android & iOS tablets and on both devices the site can display correctly. But there’s some delay in displaying the slideshow image for a few seconds due to the slideshow images aren’t fully loaded yet. Once the images are loaded, the slideshow images will appear.

Hi, I love this theme

How can I remove the title page altogether?

Also is there a way to change “the happy couple” picture on the homepage to square frame instead of circle?

i'm a beginner appreciate step by step directions.


Add this code to Theme Options > Appearance > Custom CSS code:

.couples .thumbnail { border-radius: 0 }


I have a problem with the countdown, whenever I go to the homepage the default version of the countdown flashed on the screen first. How can I prevent the countdown from loading first. Here is the site

Appreciate your help!


I’m not sure I understand your question. What do you mean by “How can I prevent the countdown from loading first” ?

Hi, I have a problem regarding the RSVP text (“full name” and “email”) the sens of writing is the wrong way ! We have to write right to left instead of left to right. I can’t fix it. Also I read all comments about translation of the date, but I still have issues on this :

> First : 9th October, 2014, Eilat on the slideshow and also in the countdown “seconds” “minute” “hours” ... to change to french.

> I also can’t find a way to move those blocks and display “years” first, “months” second …

I am sorry to ask again, but I saw you are really dynamic to give solutions. The theme is really great by the way.

Thanks a lot mate.


Seems like you’ve enabled the RTL (Right to Left) support, you should disable it from Theme Options > General Settings > RTL Support.

Regarding the language, have you set your site to use French language in wp-config.php and place the language file inside /wp-content/languages?

I cannot get subpages to work on my site using your theme. If I use the out of the box theme, the subpages of “What, where, when” work fine, however when I apply this theme, I cannot get to the subpages anymore. Can you please help?

I figured this one out. I needed to revisit my Menu.


Glad you managed to sort it out.

I’m trying to use the very popular “List Category Posts” plugin ( so that I can setup pages on my site that only display posts from a specific category or short list of categories. This plugin works great with the default WP Theme, however, when I use Qaween, it doesn’t work – well, to be more specific, it doesn’t work with the “Blog (Grid Layout)” template (which I need to support this project). I should note that the plugin DOES work with the “Full List” layout. I have looked at the “page-blog-style.php” code in comparison to “page-full-width.php” and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with the Blog Layout. Can you help?

Thanks. I’m afraid I’m still getting even weirder behavior now :( Now I see a list of links to the two posts in the category of interest (the links are to the right posts, but they have no Blog Grid UX), and then all my other posts (most of which do not belong on this page underneath (and WITH the correct Blog Grid UX). I don’t think your solution is viable. I need to somehow insinuate the filtering by the category specified in the shortcode into the code the generates the Blog Grid.

Bottom line: I need the Blog Grid UX, but only with the posts from the category I specify in the shortcode (ex. [catlist name=”news”] ). Your solution displays a list of links with the posts from the “news” category without the Blog Grid UX, and worse, then displays all posts on the site (regardless of category) WITH blog grid UX :( So… On the top = right posts, wrong UX ….. on the bottom = wrong posts, right UX.


There’s nothing wrong with the plugin nor the theme. What you are asking is displaying posts from certain category using the shortcode and display the posts using the blog grid interface. That is not possible.

Why? Because you need to modify the plugin code to make it has the same layout as blog grid template. I’m really sorry but this is way beyond our support policy.

I’m trying to change the number of RSVPs in the RSVP widget from 1-10 to just 1-2 by client request. Thought i had it figured out, adjusted the number in Custom Fields, but that seems to only be affecting Add New RSVP in the dashboard rather than the actual copy in the RSVP widget on the site


You need to open /qaween/includes/widgets/warrior-rsvp.php file then find this code:

<?php for( $i = 1; $i <=10; $i++ ) { ?>

then replace it with this one:

<?php for( $i = 1; $i <=2; $i++ ) { ?>

Perfecto! thanks

Great theme – if you’re looking for wedding music please check out my collection of Classical Music for Weddings:


For some reason my blog posts in this theme are not obeying the “full width” layout specification. Any idea as to why this may be?



Where did you set the full width layout? We don’t have that feature or option for blog posts. Full width can only be use for page only, not blog posts.

Is it possible to add and “I”m not attending” button to the RSVP section?


I’m sorry but it’s possible without lots of changes.

Hey, how do I add an image as a background for the RSVP home widget and the countdown widget?


You can add it from Theme Options > Colors.

Hi istalled the theme, and it is all ok, just one problem: i can’t change the theme option setting, and up the page there is this error: Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /web/htdocs/ on line 213 Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /web/htdocs/ on line 213 Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in….

yes (TwentyFourteen) don’t show the error, i’ve reupload the qaween zip file located in Qaween (Unzip First)/ theme files, but it show me the problem

hi now i’ve update to wordpress and it’s all ok!!! thank you

Glad you managed to sort it out.

When you add the “text” widget, to the homepage, how can you change the color of the text. I have changed just about everything! Thanks in advance.


The Text widget should follow the default body text color but seems like we forgot to include the option to change the body color in the theme options. We’ll add the option in the next version.


Thanks for the great theme! :)

This has been asked before but I was unsuccessful at actually changing it. I would like all the dates configured in the theme to be as in the wordpress date format (Settings – General – Date Format). Can you please help me accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


There are a lot of files, you can do a manual search using Sublime Text 2 or Dreamweaver to search through all the theme files.

Thanks. To be more specific, the homepage slide show and countdown timer. Can you please tell me where to change it for these two?


Open /qaween/functions/theme-functions/theme-functions.php then find this code:

return date('F jS, Y', strtotime( $qaween_option['wedding_date'] ) );

then replace it with:

return date_i18n( get_option(‘date_format’) , strtotime( $qaween_option['wedding_date'] ) );

G’day, my template is not working properly, at the theme options none of the layer can be open, if I click general for instance… it wont show up any options… !!! can you help me with that? I already disabled any plugins not required but still no luck. Thanks best regards


Have you tried re-installing the theme via FTP or cPanel? My guess is some of the data got corrupted when you install the theme. We’ve tested the theme options in WordPress 3.9 and everything is working just fine.

hi, does this support Chinese font text?


Never tried Chinese before but I think it will work because the theme provide support for Google Fonts.

Oh my gosh…just so you know it took me FOREVER to find where to even add a comment on this page to ask you a question. I’ve emailed you but don’t know where I found that, nor how to check for a reply either.

But…I love this theme…you have done a great job making it simple to understand for a novice like me. I gave you a 5 star rating last night while trying to contact you:) I’m struggling with a few things right now that I need help with ASAP!!!! Pretty please! My site is

1. I need a button that says previous post / next post to show up at the end of my blogs so old people like my mom can navigate through them better. -IN my blogs I am telling the story of my fiancé and I and I have not found a basic way for someone to start reading from the beginning. Any ideas? (I did add a page that hyperlinked to the very first post I wrote and I added a sidebar with archives – just was wondering for a better idea) Maybe a link on the sidebar that says “start at the beginning of our story here” linked to the very first post? Hence the need for each post to have an option to go to ‘next post’ / ‘previous post’

2. How do I sort my media library? Some of the pictures I want to use are the very first ones I uploaded upon downloading this theme. Each time it takes me forever to find them. I would like to organize my photos (for my own sake – not the readers sake) into engagements, wedding, dating, screen shots (I want to separate the lower res files from my full res files)

3. Is there a way to make my blog posts centered on the page? I hate that they are all aligned to the left. I would rather them be full screen while reading.

4. I want to add a page that will highlight my wedding party (or in my case, I’m calling them the characters of our story – but you get the idea) with a picture of them and a blurb about them. { Similar to the bridesmaids portion of } Any idea how to do this other than just making a post with a list of them…(that’s so boring!)

5.Can I make a default size for images added to posts?

6. One of my featured images on a blog post (carpal tunnel) won’t show up rotated the right way? How do I fix this?

7. my homepage picture has zoomed in and I don’t like that. I want it to be as big as possible and zoomed out. It seems it’s scaled to a smaller rectangle than I could have. ON my homepage that is visible when someone goes to my site, I just want it like your theme example: logo, menu, and huge picture to fill the screen.

Please help me asap.. people are starting to get the invitations and go to the blog and it’s not ready yet!!!! Please respond asap! Thank you so much!!


1. By default WordPress comes with a pagination feature. So if the total blog posts is larger than the “post to be displayed per page” setting, it will divide the posts into several pages with pagination.

2. Not really sure how to sort theme, maybe you can search if there’s a plugin to do that.

3. I’m sorry that’s not possible by default.

4. You can use the column shortcode to create columns and insert the image and blurb inside each column.

5. Sorry, not sure I understand your question.

6. You can rotate the image from the Media page on the wp-admin section.

7. It will require a lot of changes to do that, so it’s beyond our support policy.