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Hello! Sorry if this question has already been asked – but what font have you used for your logo? Is it a premium one?

the font is called… wait for it… Qlassik – find it for free here:

I changed the site name and email in sendmail.php but email sill doesnt come through. Is there a step I’ve missed?

Odd, that should be enough to work. Maybe there are some server issue to be considered. Please be so kind and continue to receive support on our dedicated after care support forums.

We are not offering support here because it is very hard to follow by others that might encounter the same issue. Thanks for your understanding.

How much customization is possible on this template? Can I change the background image or change images within the slider? Thank you in advance.

ofcourse you can do those things and many more, it’s a HTML template after all…


I am considering buying this item, but had a question about one of the links. On this page – under the “details” section on the items, nothing appears. I was just making sure the “pop up” will occur when you purchase it?


This being a HTML theme, it’s very easy to make those links point where you want. If you need tose links to open the lightbox that opens when you click the image, all you have to do is copy/paste the links from the images to the details button. If you don’t know how to do it, come and drop us a line on the dedicated support forum after you purchase the theme and our guys will love to help you out.

Qlassik Dedicated Support Forum

Hi, i have a question, i’m considering buying this theme, and i see on the themefuse website that the latest update was in january 2013, and here, the last update is from july 2012… I’d like to understand…

the theme on our website is the WordPress version, while this is the HTML one (not a functional website out-of-the-box).

Excuse my mystake ! (nice thme ! )