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when you move the comment box, it jacks up the layout. You might want to get that fixed before everyone and their brothers start complaining.

Hope this helps!

Happy Sales!

Hello msaadvertising,

I will keep this in mind, in next update.

Thanks a lot for suggestion.

theres already another landing page called Qloud with the same logo font and cloud and its been up since march. so much for being original.

I know it is there, please refer reply given to…....author of qloud landing page.

Buyer do not use same logo, they have their own logos. Sometimes they continue with template logo font (create their logo using that font). Font I’ve used for logo is popular, I myself used it many times.

If you are a buyer, then why are you worrying about that “cloud”...?


Not sure if I should be proud of the fact that you basically copied the name of my landing page – even the same font. At least you did manage to make it a different cloud.

Originality is priceless.

Good luck with sales.


Hello Jonathan,

Yes, you are right. Originality is priceless. I always liked Qloud landing page. It was a unique concept with rich layout and content spacing.

Regrding copying name, I always wanted to use cloud in logo somewhere, but your qloud page was already there, so I made it to qloudify, to avoid name similarity. And that font is one of my favorite, which I often use.

So cheerup!



I LOVE this landing page. I’m trying to come up with the perfect text for it before buying it. It’s what I have been searching for for the last 3 months. Finally a landing page that seems to fit all my needs. Thanks for the great landing page.

Hello sweetcrabhoney18,

Thanks. Thanks a lot for appreciation. Its good to know that you liked the page.



Jonathon is just made that you built a better mousetrap than he did.

@xstortionist, double check the spelling bub. Your statement doesn’t make any sense.


I have to agree with the comments made above and say that your “Qloudify” logo is very identical to the “Qloud” logo designed by Jonathan. With that being said, I do like your design and wish you the best of luck in sales!

Beautiful page. Can you tell us where we can access the icon set used in this layout? Thanks.

what should the doctype be?



Check W3C validation.



Love the page but I having a little trouble with the form processing PHP . It’s a bit different than I’m used to and I can’t seem to make it load any content after the form submits. This is an issue a when hitting the submit button as nothing changes on the page so you don’t know that it sent. To be clear, the message is sending i just cant get the “message sent” to show up after submitting the form.

Thanks for your help,

Cheers, Eli

Hello Eli,

I need your link to check. No matter, it must be because of php path in html.

Do as..

  • Take out the php from sub-folder and place it in root folder (along with index.html)
  • Change path of php given in form html (form ‘action’) as follows

    It should work.

    Drop me mail through my profile page, I will send you a help file for getting form cleared, after submit.




Check inbox. Help sent.

Hello, why do Greek fonts do not display in



Hi, could you please drop me mail through my profile page (by using account you have purchased the template). Thanks.

Hello Tansh,

Great landing page. Is it possible to add Greek fonts and how?

Thank you in advance.


It will need to add greek glyphs and generate jquery again for the cufont font used. You can generate it here :


Or drop me mail through my profile page, will create it and send. Thanks.

Hi do you have a version with a twitter feed or is it easy to add? Many thanks!


Unfortunately, there is no version with Twitter Feed. You will have to add it yourself.