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Really awesome.

Quick question regarding Layer Slider. Might be a silly one.

Is it possible to use this as a regular slider? As in, the latest 3 or 5 or 7 or however many posts are displayed and clickable in the slider (via their featured image)?

It is important to me to have a slider displaying my latest posts on the homepage.

You can also create post sliders using the Visual Composer which comes with our theme.

what are you using for the menus?

It’s a self-written, could say, alternative to Mega Menu.

Very Nice!!!

Here are my questions:

1. I am currently using your Legatus – Responsive News/Magazine Theme. If I purchase this new theme, will it destroy all my hard work?

2. Both themes use Orange Page Builder so I assume that after upgrade, the site will be able to keep the pages that were made. Is that correct?

3. You mentioned that the theme has it’s own Banner System. Where in demo site can I see these features?

4. The Legatus navigation has the ability to color code each tab (not just the top of each such as Homepage, Photo Gallery, Shortcodes, etc as seen on the demo site). Can I still change the colors of each navigation tab with this theme?

5. I see a forum section on demo site however it is not mentioned under features for Item Details. Does the forum seen on the demo part of the theme or is it just for show?

6 How easy is it to change the actual tag cloud colors? Not just the heading but the actual background behind each text

7. Finally no mention of SEO under Item Details…Can you confirm that this theme was built with SEO best practices and that the coding was built with semantical valid HTML code?

8. If you select header style with 728×90 banner, what happens to the search field? Can search then be added to the top section to the far right?

Despite my many questions from first glance I love the theme…looking forward to your responses.


1. It will not lose any of your posts, pages etc. If that’s what you are worried about.

2. The pages will stay, but the custom settings like Homepage Builder will require configuration since this is a completely different theme, we make sure that they do not conflict with each other.

3. Currently we offer banners in: the header of the site, in single post view, in a popup at page load, as well as unlimited amount of banners in sidebars in sizes 160×250 or 300×250.

4. Yes, as you can see, both menu and homepage blocks have custom colors:

5. It is mentioned as a compatibility for bbPress plugin. 6. It will take you to modify about 2-3 lines in main-stylesheet.

7. Yes, it is built with SEO best practices.

8. It can, but it will require css stylesheet modifications.

Thanks for your quick replys. I have 1 more question: I tried opening the theme in IE8 which some people stil uses (not sure why). A white page was all I got….can you add the single line code to make it just a little compatible in IE8?

It’s because Envato does not require support for IE8. Only 3% of people uses IE8 according to w3 statistics. This browser has gotten old and is not compatible with latest standards. It requires much more work to make it compatible than it’s worth it.

Wow awesome theme!GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

We don’t set the prices, ThemeForest staff does. Our guess is that it is because of all the mayor plugin support like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, bbPress. There are also plugins like LayerSlider and Visual composer bundled in our theme.

Also – one other question. This does not seem not working at all on mobile (at least on my setup – Chrome Browser, Galaxy S4). The page “loads” – but basically freezes trying to load each new post/image/slider as you scroll down. Impossible to click through to read an article.

Can’t be a server issue since the desktop version is very fast

Thank you for your feedback. We tested this on iPhone and Windows phone, everything seemed to be working fine. We’ll test it on android, if we do come up with this problem, there will be a fix for it launched ASAP.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Visual stunning theme and nice layout.

Two questions:

1- Does this theme have a widget that filters lastest/ popular posts by tags?

2- Does this theme display Custom Post Types or does it need custom modification to display CPT in the Page Builder and widgets?

Currently it does not support such features, but we will launch an update for this next week.

Hi Just bought and installed, seeing blank screen on the home page and inner content.


Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.


Wonderful work. I have been digging themeforest for a while as I need a new theme for my sports news site. I was wondering whether the slider can be made smaller and a section with latest titles can be added to the right of it.

I was also wondering about the pagespeed scores. Will this theme be too heavy? And can I move sharing buttons above content?

You can modify the dimensions of the slider, but currently you will not be able to float another section on the right side on the moment.
As for the speed, you might want to use a caching plugin to increase performance, but in overall, it should be working fine.
Moving the sharing buttons above the content will require a small code modification. If needed, we can help you with that :)

@cantortainment I had the same issue when trying to view on Iphone

Thank you for your feedback, we’ll investigate this problem, there should be an update launched first thing on Monday.

why have you not made the theme responsive? It appears weird on mobile devices.

Thank you for your feedback, we’ll investigate this problem, most likely there will be an update for this first thing on Monday. Could I ask, which version of android, browser are you using?

I am using 4.2.1. Looking forward to te update before I zero in on purchasing

The update is now available. Although there will be another update available by tomorrow which will enhance the responsive view.


very nice theme, unfortunately with very many bugs: ( 1 In the Main Menu appears to me to color code, why? 2 Why are the excerpts so different? (Last articles, popular news, latest news style 2) 3 Why is the slider so complicated, why can not you view the last news of a Category I? 4 How can I give a slide a title?

See also screenshot

Greetings from germany

Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate these issues, launch updates for it first thing on Monday.


1) Seems that you have added the color codes in the description field. But you need to set the page color by editing the page, you will see there a color code box where you can set the color. The same with category colors, you will need to edit the category to set the color.

After you have set the color you will need to go to appearance – > menus ans edit a menu item, just check this checkbox – > “Show The Color Line In Main Menu Parent Item (Only Pages/Categories) “

2) Do you have custom excerpts for the posts? It could be a reason why you see different excerpt lengths for different posts.

3,4) Our theme includes 2 slider plugins.

1. is Layerslider plugin, that doesn’t support category posts.

2. is visual composer plugin, where you can add a latest news in a slider, like here : just use the visual composer page builder yo add the slider in the post/page content, and below that use orange themes page builder to set up the other blocks.

Both plugins are the most popular plugins in codecanyon and they really aren’t complicated, but if you have any problems, please contact us and we will help you to set it up.

4) If you use layerslider, then there are several ways to do that, you will need to create a new layer for the slider and then you can upload a image as title, or you can select the Text tab and add a title there.

If you use visual composer plugin, and you have added the post slider, then the title will show up automatically.


I just saw that on Item Preview page stands “Zabrag, Croatia” under weather report. It is “Zagreb” and not “Zabrag”, city I live in, so something went wrong there.

I know Croatia is a small and unimportant country but maybe you can fix that :).

And theme is really great, I like it.

Thank you for your feedback, actually we are using API for the weather widget, but we’ll forward this issue to their support, so they can fix it. :)

HI there

Im really keen on this theme. I was wondering what is required to have the author bio appear at the top of the “all posts by author page”

Like this:
We have this feature already available, but it seems that currently it only available by clicking on the authors avatar. We’ll launch an update for this first thing on Monday. Thank you for your feedback! :)

What’s the google page speed?

it is 37%, but it’s just because of all the uncompressed javascript and CSS files. We do not compress them so that our customers can easily customize our products. You can use 3rd party plugins to enable compression for these files.


Will be awesome if you will add review system and microdata support

Thank you for your feedback. We are planning on releasing an update on Monday. We will consider adding these features as well.