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Hello, How can i remove the “Design par” in the footer. Thanks Damien

Ok :) i find the answers=> modifying “footer.php” file on line 99

I can customize your categories with custom logo, background, colors, slider and sidebar?

You can select color, enable/disable breaking news slider, change sidebar and choose between 3 different layouts.

First of all I want to say you’ve created a beautiful theme. I have some pre-purchase questions.

1. Can Weather Report be completely disabled from site/header?

2. These are also related to the header: Can the logo be left or right aligned? Can it be full page width? If I were to use a full page boxed width logo will it automatically resize on smaller devices?

3. Can the 1 pixel black border around the Mega Menu be customized by color? Also, can the corners be set as square instead of rounded?

4. Can icons such as the user icon, calendar icon, tag icon be disabled/removed so that the author and date is just formatted Author Name, Month Day, Year?

5. If purchased more than likely I’d be using a Blandit blog style on my main page. However I would be using the 160 column on the left and the 300 on the right.

I noticed in reflexive testing that both the content column and the 160 column drop beneath the 300 column in Laptop demo. Shouldn’t this be just the 160 column? In tablet mode, the content column is not at the top. Is this a bug? I would expect my content column to appear above both sidebars on smaller screens. If this isn’t a bug, would I need to use a layout with 160 and 300 columns on the right?

6. These may be resizing bugs, but I noticed with Intellegebat that on Tablet the images don’t resize and are cut off. Then again I noticed this happens on other layouts so it may be designed that way. I also noticed on Persqe Tablet and phone demos the content column does not appear above right or left column and that the content column images and content does not resize. Complecur’s Tablet demo overruns tablet width.

7. Can author name and avatar be disabled from appearing at the bottom of all the posts like indicated on Layout Style 1. this would effectively lower the title, teaser and rating lower on the picture they are overlayed on.

8. I have a very active user comment base where individual posts can have hundreds of comments. I set it to 30 per page, which means I have pagination in my comments. Does Quadrum have pagination links at the bottom of the comment list? My existing theme does not and requires users scroll up to the top of that page’s comments to click the next comment page number.

9. I did not see a Buddypress Groups listing page or Group in the demo. Is there a demo page I can look at?

10. Can social media icons that are grey have their settings changed to show their correct colors when not hovered over? Can the Share This appear at both the top and the bottom of a story page? Can the Share This be configured to also appear with each individual story/node on a main page or category page?

11. Ad placements – I understand I can build a customized main page, but what about individual story pages? Does Quadrum come with options for inserting ads between the bottom of a content and above comments? Or at the bottom of a content post, but above the Share this article social media icons? What about inserting ads between the bottom of a headline and above a featured image or video?

12. Recent Comments Widget/Block – I did not see a themed Recent Comments block that would have the user’s avatar on the left with the comment to its right. does Quadrum come with a themed recent comment block?

13. Buddypress Widget/Block – Are Buddypress’s Blocks/Widgets themed so that their themeing works/renders within both the Buddypress environment as well as when they’d be displayed on a website’s main page? I had a theme where all of the blocks were themed when they were in the Buddypress environment, but when I went to use them on the Wordpress main page they lost their themeing.

14. Can category colors be disabled in the mega menu?

15. Can area/block headers be disabled? For example, If I put the Labortis block currently on the Layout 1 main page at the top of my site could I disable the blueish grey header so the top of the block/widget was just the grey padding that surrounds the four images?

I realize this is a lot of questions so I just want to say i appreciate your replies in advance!

1. Yes, it can be disabled;
2. Currently the logo is only left aligned, you will have to modify the stylesheet to change it’s alignment. It is responsive.
3. This will require some minor stylesheet modifications; 4. This will be only possible by modifying the code of the theme;
5,6. We will investigate this problem, most likely it will be fixed in upcoming updates;
7. Yes, it can be disabled;
8. Yes, it does have a comment pagination feature.
9. Try using this link:
10. The hover options will be modified by changing the stylesheet. As for the categories etc pages – one each one you can change it’s sidebar. Since we do have a Share Button sidebar widget, it is possible.
11. Current;y Quadrum allows you to add adds in following places: Header, Single Post, Sidebars, Between Homepage Blocks. There also is a popup banner which will display on the first visit of the site.
12.,13 The custom buddypress widgets should be working fine, you can see them in the buddypress demo pages.
14. The colors can be disabled;
15. The titles can be removed.
16. Currently you can choose between 2 Page Widths: 1240px and 1000px.

Thank you for your response!

Just to clarify in No. 16 I am referring to content and sidebar column size as it related to page width, not page width itself. What I mean is that instead of the content column reducing in size when using boxed width it is the sidebar that is reduced in size. The 300 wide sidebar reduces to 160 wide instead of the content column reducing in size and leaving a 300 wide column. Because of advertising I need the 300 wide sidebar to remain that size when using boxed layout and have the content column be the one that reduces in size.

Unfortunately currently that will not be available, it will require stylesheet customizations.

Hi guys, I love your theme, just want let you know that couple of pages do not render properly on the desktop:

It should be easy to fix. Thank you.

The column width probably needs to be adjusted.


Left column pushed down,


Right column pushed down.

If you change

.content #sidebar.left { margin-right: 25px; (from 30) }

.content #sidebar { display: block; width: 294px; (from 300) float: right; }

It will fix the problem.

or this: @media only screen and (max-width: 1255px) .content-main.with-sidebar-both, .content-main.with-sidebar { width: 646px; (* ) }

or this: @media only screen and (max-width: 1255px) #top-sub-menu > .wrapper, #main-menu .subset > .wrapper, #main-menu > .wrapper, .header > .wrapper, .content .wrapper { width: 980px; (* ) max-width: 99%; }

Thank you for your feedback, we will most definitely investigate this problem, there should be fix for this in the next update.


1) I’ve an issue (so you do), when i want to share via Facebook or Google+ , it shares the HomePage not the Single Page….

Can you fix it please ?

2) There is an upadate of WPBakery Visual Composer, can you give us ?

3) Why it’s not possible to put Color on “Latest News Style 3” ?


Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Another question – can I mix shorcodes, my own html and your home page builder? Is there anyway to have a test drive, to see your admin area? I would love it. Thank you.

You can use your own html in our homepage builder, there is a specific block for HTML code.
Unfortunately currently admin area demos are not available.

Does the template work with Yoast WordPress SEO?

It should be working fine, if there is a problem with it – let us know, we’ll help you to overcome this problem! :)

How can I insert background image in header. I need this image to float under the Weather report, Logo and Advertisment box (728zx90).

In order to add it under the header panels, you can modify the “css/main-stylesheet.css” (also the .min.css version), find the class ”.header-2-content” and add the background image to it.
Make sure to clear all your caches afterwards.

Please give me some better hints. What class/code line should I remowe and how will the new one looks like?

We cannot tell you the exact line of code you need to put there because it depends on what image you are using. Simply find the ”.header-2-content” class in “css/main-stylesheet.css” file and add background-image property:
Once that’s done do not forget to update your “css/main-stylesheet.min.css” file.

About the Advertisment box (728zx90) on header. – I need information about how to insert ad to this box.

You can set it in “Quadrum Management -> General -> Banners” page.

Ok. Thanks

One more thing. How can I control size of fetured image in single Post? – They have tendes to by oversized. – Regards, Gunnar

I created your account for investigation 3 days a go.

How is life?. – Still investigating? – Some fetured images still blowed out of focus and some portraits is showing just half of the face. Please, If you have lost your login, please contact us. Regards, Gunnar

We apologize for the hold on, unfortunately we are not working during weekends. We replied to your email.

1. Can I remove date/time-stamp from the post thumbs and post header?

2. Is there an option to display the post category on the post?

3. Can the ratings be moved to top post?

4. Is it possible to use any colors (demo just has fixed set)?

5. “No image post” – has a big blank area at top, is this a bug or it is how it is?

1. Yes, the dates can be removed in our settings page;
2. Currently the categories in post single will not be available;
3. It will require a small code modification, but it can be moved;
4. Yes, there will be a color picker for these colors;
5. It seems to be a bug for which we have already launched a fix, we will update the demo page ASAP.

Hi, How can i update this theme to new version ? is it Okay if I just re-upload via FTP only quadrum-theme file without child file ?

hello i want to build a website with 2 languages , English & Arabic ( RTL ) so it becomes 2 websites at the same domain , my question do you think if i used wpml plugin it will help me to make 2 websites in away that support the arabic RTL style ?


The WPML does provide multilingual functionality, it should be working fine.

Can I input 300X600 Advertisements on the left and right side of the homepage and pages?

You should be able to add it via the “Quadrum 300×250 Ad Widget”, if not, the Text Widget should do the job.

Hi, My site is up an running since April. Could you please tell me how to integrate WPML? Thanks :)

Hi sirs, I bought andI installed the theme but I receive this error message: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in D:\Inetpub\webs\entilocali-onlineit\wp-content\themes\quadrum-theme\functions\other.php on line 1608”

and I can’t see the home page. The admin page is instead working.

Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks Federico

It seems that you have not enabled the curl php module. To do that, you must modify your php.ini file and remove the semicolon before this line:

Hi, I’ve issue when i want to share any post via Facebook it’s shares just homepage. How can i fix that ?

We didn’t find any emails by the name mustafaozcan in our inbox, could you send it once more?

I still waiting for solution from you. If you want to create an account for you I can do it, just ask from me.

Could you create an account for us in your wp-admin and send them to us so we can investigate the problem?
You can do that by using contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hello, How is it possible to use Open Sans latin extended in this theme ? We can only choose “open sans” without latin extended support from admin backend. Are you considering adding native support for open sans latin extended in theme admin section? When?

Currently it can be enabled only by modifying the code of the theme, but we will most likely add support for this in upcoming updates.

Hello OT Team,

We are using this theme on our multi-author site. We have already made a sidebar that is specific to each individual authors post which we place as we process the submission through our edit-flow.

Now we would like their sidebar to appear on their author page as well.

I’m thinking we could possibly put something in the functions.php file that would call the sidebar based on the authors name. What do you think?

Also, we would like to replace the default authorbox with this one. but it appears you have changed the code that calls the box into place. Can you help us with this as well?

Thank you!

Sending you details now

I sent you FTP Creds. please let me know if/when you think you will be on so I don’t make any significant changes that might cross paths…Thanks!!!!

Thank you, we received the credentials, we will look into this, reply to you by tomorrow.

Hello! How to delete link ant text “View more” from widget quadrum latest posts.

Try modifying “includes/widgets/widget-legatus-latest-posts.php” file on line 53