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I made a support request pleas

Rejoice if you answer the problem quickly

Waiting for your urgent reply


We have answered all tickets.

Hello: since the abandon of worldweather online free api the logo is not centered anymore…seems to be the same for the demo…Any update coming?


There will be a update for this, but for now you can fix it manually, by editing the includes/top.php file

these lines:

<?php } else if($weatherSet=="on") { echo $weather['error']; } ?>


<?php } else if($weatherSet=="on") { echo $weather['error']; } else { ?> <div class="header-weather" /> <?php } ?>

you are the best! thx a lot!

Hola, acabo de comprar la plantilla pero no logro armarla con el drag & drop page builder por lo cual no puedo darle estructura al page builder bloks… No aparece como en otras plantillas donde puedo organizar los bloques ocolumnas y lo que va en cada una. Ayuda urgente, gracias!!

Sorry didn’t quite get it. Can you please assign images here with errors that you get by submitting your ticker in our support forum?

No me deja enviar los tickets en esa página. He enviado dos y no me acepta!! Necesito una pronta solución o un correo alterno dónde escribirles.

Sorry could you please write in English?


Could you please be more detailed what do you exactly mean with it?

Is there a way to hide or remove de section of header logo ?


Please clear the browser cache, we just saw the issue, but after cache clearing the problem disappeared.

I cleared the browser cache but the issue still persists. How can I solve this?

Here it is an image to show what is the problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wgPSYujvevtlHjuhHM91sAj_vV-0pgbB

It looks fine for us https://i.imgur.com/sXgDNKg.png

What phone do you use?

the social media links are impossible to update in the top bar. I have been searching everywhere and right now the only thing I can think of is using css to hide them altogether

so help!!


You can enable/disable the button via the theme management panel https://i.imgur.com/X3MyZLD.png – General settings.

Is this theme dead? Or is it being updated? I hope it is…. It’s beautiful, and I’d like to buy it, but not if it’s being abandoned by the developer ….. >>????


The theme is still supported and will receive updated. But at the moment there aren’t planed any major updates.

Hi there,

The weather api is not free anymore, and need to have something to replace it. Suggest to use something for example, an ad banner, to sit on the space rather than leaving it empty, in order to maintain the logo centre.

Regards, Andrew


The weather api still will work fine, only due the api provider changes, the api isn’t free any more.

We will consider to add a option to add something in the whether api place if it won’t be enabled.

Hello, I am considering to buy Quadrum theme. I need to be very careful because picking a proper theme is crucial for my business so I will need some help from you first. The reason why I need a new theme is that the current one I am using isn’t satisfying google page insight speed test.

I am searching for an alternative theme and it seems that your is close to satisfying google requirements: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fquadrum.orange-themes.net%2Fhtml%2Findex2.html&tab=desktop but only for mobile. Questions are:

1. Are you planning to improve desktop optimization score for this theme? 2. Is there a way to have two sidebars (one left and one right while main content stays in the middle)? 3. Is it possible to show always lastest posts in ALL categories on index page instead of lates in different categories? Thanks


1. Will raise this question up in our upcoming team meeting, but at the moment there aren’t planed any updates, related to this feature.

2.Yes you can, here you can see it in the demo page http://quadrum.orange-themes.net/an-rebum-nusquam-cum-duo-invenire-mundi-13/ http://quadrum.orange-themes.net/an-rebum-nusquam-cum-duo-invenire-mundi-12/ 3. Yes you can show just the latest posts.

Hello, is the theme compatible with new updated wp version? I need to know before I use it on our new site. Thank you


Yes it is compatible with WordPress 4.9.x

Thank you!

Can you please tell me when a new update is arriving? looks like your giving up on this theme? woocommerce 2.6!!!

At the moment there are no major updates planed.

Can you please specify more detailed the issues with Woocommerce 2.6?

Thank you for the quick reply. The latest version of woocommerce is 3.5.1 is Quadrum 1.3.1 compatible with this version? I understand when Wp gets to V5 is will need to be 3.5

At the moment we haven’t tested it, but we haven’t also got any complains related to some issues.

We have tested the theme with WP 5 and it works fine, at the current beta versions.