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Very nice! good luck internq!

Thank you!

I am having trouble getting any of the items to save inside the wordpress admin for this theme. Can you please direct me further.

Hi, cold you please email me at: and let me login into your WP with an admin account to take a look. you can create a new user account under my name if you’d like. Thanks

Problem was fixed with the clean install without Fantastico as you suggested. Thank You for your quick response.

Top-notch, again! Great job!

Hope you have lots of success with this one :)

Does this theme auto thumbnail upload images to the gallery/portfolio and is it possible to add water mark on upload?

Hi, the thumbnails could be auto generated for the Portfolio section but not with Water mark, you’ll have to add the watermark to the initial images yourself, or also you could use your own thumb with watermark

If you can add the auto image resize on upload (thumbnail) I will purchase today. This is the template I want but I just need a few extra options being the autothumb but still to show original wen thumb clicked in lightbox

I’m about to purchase this template. The only thing holding me back is the 2 column structure. How hard is it to make it a 3 column structure?

Or, even better, are you willing to create/selll this template as well as a 3 column template?

Hi, do you mean, content column with 2 sidebars rather than one?? Currently, you could have 3 columns only on the home page which is achieved with widgets. The rest of the pages, blog, etc. have a content column with a sidebar.

Just bought this them GREAT WORK very well thought out and easy to use!

Just a quick questions – on your demo on your front page your font size tor the Tittle for the text widget below the slider is larger than the default in the template how did you accomplish this – just css? Also you have images for the 3 widget areas on the front page below this – how did you accomplish this?

Thanks in advance – if you could let me know ASAP as usual I am under a deadline

Thanks so much for your help and your great theme!

Hi, yes, the title is large because I’m using html with some inline css, probably an H2 tag. I basically used the Widget Area above the content with a text widget, omitted the title and only designed the look I wanted with html and css, I can email you the code if you’d like or you could see it by looking at the source.


Wow, this is impressive. The theme is cleanly done and organize. I love the colors on the resort and flamingos. Kudos to you and your work!


Glad you like it!

Yes sorry I picked that up in the instructions after my email to you, however I couldn’t get the same cufon text styling… so yes if you don’t mind emailing that to me that would be great! As well could you please send me the source for the 3 widget areas below that and all of the footer widgets too?

Again GREAT work it has been a pleasure working with this theme so far and I love seeing a fellow Canadian do a great job :)

Ohh just one other little feedback – it would be great if you could implement a widget ‘module’ for front page like this theme:

Check it out and as well if you implement a toggle shortcode that would be great too!

You have a winning theme here for sure… enjoy your success!

Awesome, thanks!

Regarding the Title try using
<h2 class="large-text" style="font-size:33px; margin:0 0 5px;">Welcome to our new WorldPress Template</h2>

I figured by allowing people to use HTML /CSS freely in a widget would give them more freedom to customize, rather than the theme always enforcing the same look & feel :)

perfect thanks! – when you get the time if you could send me the others too that would be great!

Hi internq7,

i created “page” and “categorie” “Videos” and in the options the category not displayed weird ?



you need to create both a page with a portfolio page template assigned to it and then in the theme’s backend under Portfolio Section assign that page to a category you’d like to use for it. Keep in mind that if a Post Category hasn’t been assigned to any Post then is will be invisible by default.

Let me know if have any further questions. Thanks


it’s what I did but it does not display. we are not restricted ?


If you want me to take a look, email me with your site’s admin account and I’ll check it out. Cheers


Nice theme,have used your 7in1 theme already,will definitely find a use for this one

Thanks, if you liked my “7 in 1 Business Success WP Theme” I think you’ll like this one even more. I added a lot more features in the backend to make configuration a breeze.


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let future purchasers know that this them is ‘almost perfect’ and with internq7 it will only get better and better and will surely be ‘perfect’. His customer service is next to none – he actually built me fixes for project specific needs at 2:00am in the morning. BUY THIS THEME you will not be disappointed by it and it’s creator’s customer service 5 stars all the way!

WoW Nice theme easy to use and very complete!


sorry my bad english!

Do you have this available as html? I do not want the wordpress-theme. Needing this quickly as possible.

Thank you

Hi, no I don’t, sorry.

Any plans for this or is there a html template inside this wordpress theme that we could use to build a wordpressless website? its a wonderful design and do not mind paying the additional cost.

I might submit it as HTML /CSS version in near future, but you need it quickly. I don’t know how comfortable you are with converting from wordpress to HTML /CSS markup, but generally it’s pretty straight forward and usually you just have to cleanup all the unnecessary WP related HTML from the source and CSS .

Yea… it would be great to get it as soon as possible. I am a little familiar with wordpress but you are more familiar with our own website than I am. Surely, you are more familiar with the structure.

How long would it take for you to edit it for html?

Probably a day or so, then I have to write the documentation, etc, so it’s a few days of work, and I don’t have the time this week, perhaps in a couple of weeks I’ll release it, i don’t know if you want to wait that long.

i hope not as this is the best design that would perfectly work with my client. If it is simple to take out the wordpress code from headers and footers (or where ever), then I would purchase this. that is if you could provide assistance if i run into something. I rarely read documentation for html sites. If you are able to upload an html version with extremely simple documentation, that would be great. then when time permits, you could go back and re-edit the documentation in detail? This is a lot to ask but is this possible?

Could you please email me through my profile page and we’ll continue this discussion there.

Thanks. Andon

hi I’ve just purchased this theme for a quick simple site setup but can’t get it to even preview in the wordpress appearance tab without this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR, expecting ’,’ or ’;’ in /home/edited out volume/public/www/wp-content/themes/qualifire/widgets/subpages-widget.php on line 75

Any suggestions? It’s a fresh Wordpress 2.9.2 with no addons activated that works fine with several other themes. Is it an issue with the file?


Yes, I think I know what the problem is. You are running on PHP4 , the problem is resolved by simply upgrading the PHP engine to v. 5 which is the current, most reliable and best performing version of PHP .

On most hosting providers there should be a section called “PHP config” where you could do the upgrade. I strongly encourage you though to firstly contact your Hosting Provider’s tech. support and discuss the upgrade.

I will post a solution in a minute for you…

You can fix your problem by editing …./themes/qualifire/widgets/subpages-widget.php on line 75.

Replace line 75 with this:

<h3><?php esc_html_e('Pages') ?></h3>

Then save it and refresh the browser and it should be fine.

Thanks – that would be it… I checked again and this specific hosting group use v4 for some of their cheap hosting plans… [like I used for this quick site] and i can get it moved up to v5.

But having the v4 fix in the meantime is good – thanks