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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

How do I update to the latest version of the theme without undoing all my work in the previous version?

Download the latest version of the theme from your ThemeForest account, login and then click on “Downloads”.

Always backup your site and database before performing an update.

Now, assuming that you haven’t modified any of the theme’s files, you can simply drag and drop in your FTP client the latest unzipped version over the old one to overwrite the files. That way if you have uploaded any images under sliders, etc. they will not be deleted.

Now if you have modified files like CSS or some php files and you haven’t kept track of your changes then you can use some ‘diff’ tools to compare the two versions’ files and folders. That way you’d know exactly what files to update and where line by line. Otherwise you’ll loose your customizations. A couple of compare tools are ‘Beyond Compare’ ( for PC and Changes ( for MAC that even allow you to merge the changes into yours.

NOTE: If you’re updating from a version of the theme older than 1.3.1 and using Piecemaker slider, you will also need to re-upload your slider images after the update and then purge the cache and “hard” refresh the page in your browser. This is necessary because the Piecemaker slider has been changed in how it handles images in version 1.3.1. So, make sure you have your slider images backed up before doing the update.

None of the sliders are showing up on the home page, what am I doing wrong?

In the backend go to Settings->Reading->Front page displays and make sure that Your latest posts radio button is selected. This is the default configuration of WordPress.

Do you have trouble uploading and installing a WordPress theme you purchased from ThemeForest?

The folks at ThemeForest were nice enough to provide a video tutorial resolving an issues some people have been having uploading themes they purchased from ThemeForest, here’s the video tutorial page…

I was wondering what twitter widget is used on the demo page?

For the demo site, I simply used a widget from the official twitter website, it’s very easy to customize the look & feel on the spot on their website. Then just copy and paste the js code into a text widget in my theme. Here’s the link:

I have installed a plugin that has widgets with some unordered lists. I would like to have those list styles styled the same way as the default sidebar wigdets for categories, pages, etc. with the little triangle bullet to the left of each list item. How do I go about doing that?

Please read this

Error message: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR, .....”

SOLUTION 1: The problem is related to running your WordPres on PHP4 engine , the problem is resolved by simply upgrading the PHP engine to v. 5 which is the current, most reliable and best performing version of PHP .

On most hosting providers there should be a section called “PHP config” where you could do the upgrade. I strongly encourage you though to firstly contact your Hosting Provider’s tech. support and discuss the upgrade.

SOLUTION 2: Edit …./themes/qualifire/widgets/subpages-widget.php around line 77.

Replace this:
<h3>< ?php echo get_post($post->post_parent)->post_title; ? ></h3>
with this:
<h3><?php esc_html_e('Pages', 'qualifire') ?></h3>

Then save it and refresh the browser and it should be fine.

How to setup multiple blogs with the one Blog page template

First you need to structure your Blog categories as trees so that it would be easy to choose one or the other. For example create a parent blog category called Blog1 and then have another blog category for your second blog called for example Blog2, etc… Then you’ll have to edit the page-Blog.php file near the top and replace this:
$exclude_portfolio_from_blog = $qualifire_options['exclude_portfolio_from_blog'];
$paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1; //adhere to paging rules
if ( $exclude_portfolio_from_blog == 'yes' ) {
    // get the portfolio categories to be excluded from the Blog section
    $portfolio_categories = $qualifire_options['portfolio_categories'];
    $portfolio_cats_array = explode(',', $portfolio_categories);
    function add_minus_prefix( $var ) {
    return( '-' . $var);
    $portfolio_cats_array_with_minus = array_map( "add_minus_prefix", $portfolio_cats_array );
    $portfolio_cats_with_minus = implode(',', $portfolio_cats_array_with_minus);
    $query_string = "cat=$portfolio_cats_with_minus&paged=$paged";
} else {
    $query_string = "paged=$paged";
global $post; $page_id = $post->ID;  // get the page id outside the loop
$paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1; //adhere to paging rules

if ( $page_id == 1 ) { 
    $query_string = "cat=1&paged=$paged";
} elseif ( $page_id == 2 ) { 
    $query_string = "cat=2&paged=$paged";
} elseif ( $page_id == 3 ) { 
    $query_string = "cat=3&paged=$paged";
} elseif ( $page_id == 4 ) { 
    $query_string = "cat=4&paged=$paged";
} else {
    $query_string = "paged=$paged";
The page and category id’s 1, 2, 3, 4,... etc, are just an example, but you’ll have to match those yourself, you’ll have to find out what the category id is for a specific blog category and then assign it for the page id that you want that blog shown for.

What plugin is used to display the Contact widget with the Social Icons in the bottom area third column in your demo?

It is not a plugin, it is a Text widget with the following html. If you have permalinks set to anything other than the default, then use the full url path to the social icons image urls:

Support: <a href=""></a> <ul class="list-2"> <li><a href="#">General Information</a></li> <li><a href="#">Frequently Asked Questions</a></li> <li><a href="#">Member Support Forum</a></li> </ul> <div class="social-icons"> <ul> <li class="social_icon"><a href="" title="E-mail"><img src="wp-content/themes/qualifire/styles/common-images/email-icon.png" alt="email" border="0" /></a></li> <li class="social_icon"><a href="" title="Twitter" target="_blank"><img src="wp-content/themes/qualifire/styles/common-images/twitter-icon.png" alt="twitter" border="0" /></a></li> <li class="social_icon"><a href="" title="RSS" target="_blank"><img src="wp-content/themes/qualifire/styles/common-images/rss-icon.png" alt="rss" border="0" /></a></li> <li class="social_icon"><a href="" title="Digg" target="_blank"><img src="wp-content/themes/qualifire/styles/common-images/digg-icon.png" alt="digg" border="0" /></a></li> <li class="social_icon"><a href="" title="Delicious" target="_blank"><img src="wp-content/themes/qualifire/styles/common-images/delicious-icon.png" alt="delicious" border="0" /></a></li> <li class="social_icon"><a href="" title="Facebook" target="_blank"><img src="wp-content/themes/qualifire/styles/common-images/facebook-icon.png" alt="facebook" border="0" /></a></li> </ul> </div>

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