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Hi, I’ve emailed directly about some issues and have gotten some of them resolved on my own, but I need to know if it’s possible to make a page members only. I’m only seeing the option to make a post visable to members only. This is essential the site I’m building.

Otherwise the other main issue is the right sidebar on my main blog page is displaying full width.

And a little more minor, some visual composer fonts not working (like separator with text won’t display the text). Thanks!

Hi oboewolf,

If you are referring to the small white block in the titles then you can use the following code to hide that:

.pm-course-post-title-box i {
    display: none;

In regards to the button not centering you can apply the following class to the Visual Composer row:


That should center the button beneath the video.

For future correspondence we recommend using our online support forums – our server is blocked from your email domain so we are unable to respond to you via email.


Thank you! I’m not seeing anywhere in your online support forum to start a thread?

How do I edit CSS in your theme? It looks like the front end doesn’t allow changes to the following:

Hover color on bottom menu Hover color on post-slider buttons Color on testimonial slides

And non CSS related, the copyright info on the footer.

Hi oboewolf,

You must be logged into your account in order to create new topics. Once you’re logged in visit this page https://www.pulsarmedia.ca/forums/forum/quantum-business-wordpress-theme/ and you should see a “Create Topic” form.

Your purchase code should grant you access the Quantum forum.

In regards to the CSS, we recommend using a plugin such as Simple Custom CSS to manage any custom CSS code – instead of editing the theme’ stylesheets directly. This way you wont lose any custom CSS code during each theme update.

Hope this helps.