QUANTUM - Responsive Business WordPress Theme

QUANTUM - Responsive Business WordPress Theme


QUANTUM is a premium WordPress theme designed specifically for the business/corporate sector. All businesses will benefit from the many features that comes included with the QUANTUM theme such as the ability to post workshops and galleries, sell courses online with Woocommerce and utilize the powerful backend system for customers.

Main Features

  • Fully Localized (.pot catalogue file included)
  • Staff Custom Post Type (create staff profiles and display them with the staff template)
  • Gallery Custom Post Type (create gallery items and display them with gallery template)
  • Workshops Custom Post Type (create workshops for members and display them with the workshops template)
  • Careers Custom Post Type (create career entries and display them with the careers template)
  • Manage member roles for new registrations
  • Keep certain file types private for members only with included security scripts
  • Workshops widget
  • Careers widget
  • Twitter widget
  • Facebook widget
  • MailChimp widget
  • Video widget
  • Member files widget
  • Member archive widget
  • Options to change any colors of the website and certain layouts in the theme customizer area
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Form Included
  • Redux Framework with Google Fonts library
  • Visual Composer plug-in included ($34 Savings)

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Updates :

QUANTUM v2.0.4 (May 19, 2016)

- Visual Composer updated to version 5.1.1
- Theme now uses default Woocommerce templates - we felt the need to eliminate the dreadful "Outdated Woocommerce template files" notice once and for all.
- Support for the new Woocommerce gallery system has been added for version 3.0
- Updated translation catalogue

QUANTUM v2.0.3 (Feb. 7, 2016)

- New Theme Updates section added under Settings -> Theme Updates
- Theme can now be updated directly from the WordPress dashboard upon account verification (Micro Themes account and a valid license key/purchase code required)
- get_currentuserinfo replaced with wp_get_current_user
- Footer mobile navigation fixed
- Minor CSS issues fixed
- Updated translation catalogue

QUANTUM v2.0.2 (Dec. 8, 2016)

- Quantum shortcodes have now been mapped into Visual Composer
- 1-click demo importer support added
- TGM plug-in activation support added
- Minor bugs addressed
- Updated translation file
- Updated WordPress demo files
- Updated documentation
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v2.0.1 (Nov. 9, 2016)

- Customizer output bug fixed
- Contact forms now validate a full email address

QUANTUM v2.0.0 (Sep 26, 2016)

- Visual composer plug-in updated to latest version
- Theme update notification added to WordPress dashboard
- Customizer CSS caching integrated for faster page loads
- language parameter support added to members navigation
- New option added to Woocommerce product post type to disable sharing icons

QUANTUM v1.9.9 (Sep 1, 2016)

- Redux framework updated to latest version
- Woocommerce template files updated
- Customizer javascript bug fixed for WordPress 4.6
- New Google Options tab added under the customizer area which includes an API key field to activate Google services

QUANTUM v1.9.8 (June 27, 2016)

- Visual Composer plug-in updated to version 4.12
- Woocommerce template files updated for version 2.6.1
- Woocommerce cart design updated for new ajax functionality
- Redux framework updated to version

QUANTUM v1.9.7 (May 31, 2016)

- New customizer option added (under Post Options) to disable the comments icon for news posts and post slider posts 
- New font options added (under Quantum Options -> Global Fonts) for the Post Slider title and message 
- Updated translation catalogue 
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.9.6 (Apr. 11, 2016)

- Visual Composer plug-in update to version 4.11.1
- Recaptcha module removed from all forms for security purposes
- New security question added to registration form
- New "Display Sub-Header" option added under Appearance -> Customize Quantum -> Header Options (enables/disables the sub-header globally)
- New "Copyright notice" field added under Quantum Options -> Footer Options (supports HTML tags)
- Minor bugs fixed
- RTL support added
- Updated translation file
- Updated child theme
- PSD files now included

QUANTUM v1.9.5 (Mar. 13, 2016)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.11
- New theme customizer section added (Custom Post Type Options)
- New option added under Customize Quantum -> Custom Post Type Options to control the display order of staff posts
- Updated Twitter fetch plugin
- Updated Woocommerce template files
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.9.4 (Jan. 28, 2016)

- Presentation area text on home page fixed (html code removed)
- Panel Text field under Quick Login Options has been moved to Quantum Options area (under Header Options)
- Minor css issues fixed
- Updated customizer settings file
- Updated translation file
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.9.3 (Jan. 26, 2016)

- Comments system bug fixed
- Speed enhancments added (minified js scripts, SASS compiler support, conditional checks for js files)
- Footer Call to Actions fixed (social and newsletter columns no longer accept HTML characters for sanitization reasons)
- Copyright Notice fixed (no longer accepts HTML characters for sanitization reasons and the copyright date now displays the current year)
- Updated Woocommerce template files
- Updated translation file
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.9.2 (Jan. 13, 2016)

- Redux framework updated to version v3.5.8.15
- Visual composer plugin update to version 4.9.2
- New parameter added to milestone and piechart shortcodes to enable/disable the percent symbol
- Load more feature removed from gallery and staff templates
- New Global Header Image option added for pages and posts under the theme customizer area
- All forms are now 100% translatable
- Security enhancements added to code
- Updated translation file
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.9.1 (Dec. 16, 2015)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.9
- Updated Woocommerce template files
- Security code captcha image replaced with Google Re-captcha on contact and registration forms
- New "Google Options" tab added to the theme customizer for re-captcha API keys
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.9 (Oct. 29, 2015)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.8
- wpml-config.xml file support added for Redux translations
- Translation bug fixed - translation files should now load correctly
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.8.9 (Oct. 6, 2015)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.7.4
- New icon_color parameter added to pricingTable shortcode
- Avatar image area now remains hidden on quoteBox shortcode if no value is supplied
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.8.8 (Sep 16, 2015)

- Sidebar support added to Registration Template
- New Registration Template widget created for Registration Template page
- Email notification now gets sent to administrator when a new registration occurs
- Localization issue fixed
- Updated .po file
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.8.7 (Sep 2, 2015)

- Visual Composer pages added for Homepage, About Us and Services pages
- Templatera template file added to setup_files folder (requires Templatera plugin)
- WordPress demo content files updated and reorganized
- New featureBox shortcode added specifically for Visual Composer

QUANTUM v1.8.6 (August 26, 2015)

- Redux framework updated to version 3.5.7
- Theme customizer conflict with Redux resolved
- PHP security issues addressed
- Twitter Widget is now powered by Twitter Posts Fetcher (Twitter Widget ID is now required to fetch Tweets)
- Widget constructor updated for WordPress 4.3
- Form response messages can now be translated
- Updated .po file

QUANTUM v1.8.5 (August 10, 2015)

- Woocommerce template files updated for version 2.4.0
- Woocommerce form fields are now selectable
- New Post Options added under theme customizer to toggle news post sections (author bio, social icons, related posts)
- Updated child theme

QUANTUM v1.8.4 (Jun 25, 2015)

- PrettyPhoto updated to version 3.1.6 (prettyPhoto XSS fix)
- Redux framework updated to version
- Main navigation now supports 2 level deep drop menus on both desktop and mobile
- Members Area plugin updated to version 1.3 (new options for members area added)
- Custom slug name can now be added for member pages and members menu
- New Staff Template added (allows you to display all staff profiles on a single page)
- Custom Post Type slug names can now be controlled under Quantum Options -> Custom Post Type Slugs
- Member Options has been removed from Quantum Options menu in favor of the Members Area plug-in
- Missing translations added
- Updated .po file
- Updated child theme
- Visual Composer 4.5.3 now bundled

QUANTUM v1.8.3 (April 24, 2015)

- Redux framework updated to version 3.5.4
- Woocommerce template files updated for version 2.3.8

QUANTUM v1.8.2 (April 20, 2015)

- Theme customizer export/import plugin now bundled
- New theme customizer settings file now bundled
- Minor bug fixed on Drop Menu Indicator
- Minor css issues on woocommerce checkout form

QUANTUM v1.8.1 (April 18, 2015)

- Javascript error fixed for safari browser

QUANTUM v1.8 (April 17, 2015)

- Custom redirect URL can now be added to logout buttons under Quantum Options
- Disable parallax on post slider option added under theme customizer
- WPML language selector added
- Accordion system fixed for mobile devices
- Google maps shortcode now renders correctly in Accordion and tab systems
- Mulitple tab and accordion systems can now be added on a single page
- New postItems shortcode added powered by owl carousel (can be used to display news posts similar to the post slider)
- Drop menu indicator has been switched to a FontAwesome value
- New Drop menu icon has been added allowing you to change the icon on the main menu drop down menu
- New transparency slider added for the Sub menu background color
- New fat footer padding slider added allowing you to control the amount of vertical padding on the fat footer
- New radio option to toggle the sub menu area on or off
- Member profile account fields have been added to the WordPress admin
- Missing translations to members area has been added
- Updated .po / .mo files
- Child theme now bundled
- Updated Woocommerce template files for version 2.3.7
- Late escaping security added to dynamic code
- Updated Redux framework
- Updated documentation

QUANTUM v1.7 (Jan. 5, 2015)

- Default values added to all theme customizer options (minus image fields). Initial setup of theme is now much easier with WordPress 4.1
- New Post Carousel radio option to control the order of posts (Ascending or Descending)
- CSS issues fixed on Woocommerce pages
- New radio options added under Footer Options to control toggling each individual column in the Social footer
- New option added under Global Options to control compatibility mode for IE 9
- Redux framework updated to version


Updates in 1.6:

- New quick login panel added
- New front-end registration form template added
- New Gallery post type added
- Minor issues and bugs fixed
- Updated documentation
- Updated Redux framework


Updates in 1.5

- Woocomerce template files updated for version 2.2
- Shortcode support added to text widgets
- Default call to actions added for footer area
- Minor issues and bugs fixed
- Updated Redux framework


Updates in 1.4

- Minor issues and bugs addressed


Updates in 1.3

- Text alignment on unordered lists has been fixed
- Primary color has been applied to the mobile menu activator
- Colors now get applied correctly to search button under theme customizer


Updates in 1.2

- Updated redux framework to version
- Sub-header can now be disabled on pages
- Favicon field added to Redux Options
- New Post slider options added under theme customizer (autoplay, rewind speed, slide speed and disable posts only)
- New Header Option added to change the base URL on the company logo
- Updated options file
- Updated documentation


Updates in 1.1

- Updated redux framework to version
- Social sharing buttons are now URL encoded
- Post titles on home page carousel are now limited to 4 words to prevent extra long titles from breaking the layout
- Compatibility view in Internet explorer has been disabled
-. Updated member-roles.zip file. File has been renamed to members-area.zip and a new Members Area settings page has been added allowing an administrator to set the default registration role type for new members.
- Updated documentation - in particular the Security files section (please read this section again) and the Theme Customizer (Header Options)
- New Header Option added under Theme customizer to disable or enable transparency on the sub menu navigation.
- New Header Option under Theme customizer to change the rollover color of the main navigation
- New Header Option added under Theme customizer to change the drop menu indicator image