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clean themes.. Great work mate :)


Clean design, I like it!

Yes i love the layout, simple sexy and so smooth.. the archive is the best ive ever seen actually. I think the icons should have a hover effect. If this had some sort of a portfolio it would/could be a hit seller. I would have bought it directly! good luck and once again fantastic work

thanks for the kind words and remarks! I’ll keep them for the next update.

Sexy design! If I ever need a blog I’ll use this theme :P

thanks! ;-)

As a first buyer of this template I have to say thanks to you! This was just what I was searching for a long time: clean, minimalistic, stylish, responsive and very very fast blogging-template. The setting up vas a piece of a cake and no problems occurred. Excellent work!!


many thanks for purchasing and for the kind words!

Hi, I recently purchased your website template and think it is great:) However I used to have a lot of likes on my blog. I would like to add the wordpress like button on the side of each post; where the date and comments are… Is this possible??? Thanks

Thanks for purchasing.

Of course, it is possible, just copy/paste the code of like button in the right place in the template code.

Great theme… Can I use RoyalSlider (shortcoded slider) on a full width page?


thanks :-)

sure, you can use it.

Tag font is too small

thanks for the remark.

maybe, i’ll increase this in next update, but easily can change via css.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing however I noticed that there is not a full page without a sidebar on this time. Is it possible to hide the sidebar on a page and can you have multiple sidebars?


thanks for interest.

Full width page has been implemented, it will be available in next update. Multiple sidebars not supported by a theme function, but of course you can use this feature via a related plugin.

Hi, thank you for creating such a nice theme! I bought it however having some slight issues with it, I hope you can help me out.

1) I would like my posts to be displayed in full like your demo site, however it displays only a little potion now and has the “read more” format. How can I fix this?

2) My “Theme customizer” under the appearance tab is not working. When i click it, it redirects to my website “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” How can i fix this?

Thank you so much for your help in advance!


The issue is that your WordPress version is 3.3.2 and Theme Customizer supported to WordPress 3.4 and above (

Just upgrade and everything should be fine :-)

Thanks again!

Wow, thank you so much! I shall try it :)

Great theme. If only social media icons would’ve been on right side and somewhat large. I’ve been seeing themes with all these tiny social icons on top and most people don’t even notice them (general public) doesn’t only the designers notice them.

Also, you don’t show any ads on your right hand side. How would those look like and if a buyer of your theme can add ads easily…

Overall, almost what I’ve been looking for….but not quiet there yet :P

thanks for the kind words and the remarks :-)

with a little knowledge of css / html you can easily change the social icons and put them on right side.

Ads on the right side can added easily, using the text widget.

Right…but if I am paying $35-$45, why should I hand code and spend my time when I could be spending my time working on something else where I’d get paid for my work vs adding some features I already paid for….see my point?

I understand your point.

I hope you find the perfect theme that you don’t put your finger to it :-)

it looks great! im considering a purchase. just one quick question: is it possible to sidebar under the main body? it looks a bit crowd now.


do you mean widgetized footer? In this moment no, the only widgetized area is the right sidebar.

Hi I would like to purchase your site but I know very little about coding. If I pay you double would you be kind enough to assist me on setting it up. You can contact me via my email

It would mean the world to me… Thanks an advance

Later Lance


thanks for interest.

You need only setup? If yes, i can help you. Just purchase the template and contact me, via my profile page contact form (at the bottom of right sidebar) to send me FTP / Control Panel credentials and i’ll setup Wordpress and the theme.

If you need design/development changes is another thing and it depends of the changes you need.

Thanks for the prompt response It means a lot to me knowing you can help me… I will contact you asap to get things started…

Later Lance

Thank you too :-)

Hi, just a few questions before purchase:

1. Is it possible to add related posts at the end of the page or each post. 2. Can I add “pin in” button after each subtitle? 3. Is it possible to add social medial icons after each post?


Regards, Natalie

If you are going to use, you don’t need this theme (and any other theme here in ThemeForest.)

This theme is for self-hosted wordpress (, has its own catalogue of themes (free or premium) that you can choose in the sign-up process.

I will use .org instead then. If I purchase this theme are you able to help me with the set-up? Sorry I am just not good at this. Thanks.

Sure thing :-)

after purchasing, contact me via my profile page contact form and including a WordPress admin username/password for me, to make the setup.

Thanks for interest.

Hi Quick question How do I change the colour of the header font?

Thank you Leigh

when you download the template you must find the folders /stylesheets, /lib, /javascripts etc.

The layout.css is inside /stylesheets folder.

If you have issues to find it please send me FTP credentials, and tell me the changes you need to make them for you.

Ok cool – I will give it a go – thank you

thank you too :-)

I miss the pinterest button in social media icons :( Is it possible you can give me a link with the pinterest icon in the same design as others? maybe i can change the code.

please contact me via my profile page contact form to send you the appopriate files to your email with instructions

Very pleased with the theme, though I would appreciate a Pinterest social media link, and perhaps short codes, as well? Look forward to future updates.

Thanks for purchasing and for the kind words.

Pinterest icon has been added, but unfortunately the update of theme in themeforest’s queue for review. Please contact me via my profile page contact form to send you the instructions to activate it, now.

We are thinking about to add shortcodes and a portfolio section in the next update (in the next week) .

Hi, I’d love to get the info for the pinterest icon. Is it possible to add instagram icon as well? Last question :), when updates are made, how will I know about them? Thanks!


thanks for purchasing.

to get pinterest icon, download again the theme and update / add the 3 files that you see in Item Description [] in Change Logs section. After this, you’ll se the Pinterest field in admin > theme customizer to define your link.

For updates notification just downlload and istall the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin []. Also, in this page read the instructions about install this plugin.

For instagram icon, i’ll add it to the next update.


May I know how to remove the black line under every post’s image? there’s nothing under the “text” there but it always automatically has a black line under every image in a post? Please help me with this! thank you so much!

Hi, I didn’t mean the post title, I meant under very Image in the post itself. Here is what is mean. Notice there is a very long black line under the image. Please help, Thank you!

sorry, misunderstood.

add this line to /stylesheets/layout.css

.hentry p a img { text-decoration: none; border: 0 none; }

Your method didnt work.

I changed the code and it removed the line: .hentry p a {border-bottom:0px solid #000;} ^was 1px

Thanks a bunch!