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Hi! I have two questions. My website’s adress is:

1. As you can see the cyrrillic text is bigger on the blog posts than the english one. Is there a way I can correct it to be the same size? As far as I understand the settings atm are standard.

2. Is there any way to make two versions of the blog website? Like this blog ( with a different language switch? Or is wordpress not suitable for it at all as a platform?



thanks for purchasing.

1) It is because the google web font that i use in body text (Source Sans Pro) does not support cyrillic characters. So, in your blog the latin characters are in Source Sans Pro and the cyrillic characters are in the default web font.

You must find a google web font that supports cyrillic characters if you like, or to use a traditional font (arial, verdana etc.) that supports latin & cyrillic characters.

Detailed instructions on how to replace the theme fonts included in the theme documentation.

2) No, WordPress supports multilingual sites, but you need a plugin. The better is WPML ( – it is not free) but i suppose that some other plugins can do the work. Unfortunately, i don’t have any experience with other related plugins to recommend something, but here is a list form


Hi, I recently bought your theme, and I totally love it. I just have 2 questions : - Is it possible to put a picture on the widget “archive” on the sidebar ? (Random with different article if possible) ? - Is it possible to put the widget “social links” (facebook, tweeter …) on the sidebar ? Sory for my english, And thanks for your answer. Camille.


thanks for purchasing and for the kind comments.

The code about the Archive widget in is the WordPress core (Wordpress comes with some ready widgets like Archive, Calendar, Recent Posts etc.) and not in the theme, so i’m afraid not you are not able to put a picture on this. I don’t know if exists a plugin about the functionaluty you want but i think it is difficult.

The social links that are built in the theme, works only to the header of the site. But for this, easily you can install a plugin like this that it is exactly what you want.

for more plugins like this, just a simple Google search

Unfortunately, i never used any of them to recommend something.

thanks again :-)

Hi there,

I have been using your theme for a while and I like it. I just have one caveat. Is it possible to center the featured image. If I put an image up that is in portrait it left justifies. It looks weird and off balance. I have tried clicking on the ‘center’ option when I upload the picture but it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance!


Got it :-)

Could you make this little change in style.css ?

Find this :

.featuredimage {margin: 15px 0;}

Replace with this :

.featuredimage {margin: 15px 0; text-align:center}

If you can’t make this change, send me a temp wp-admin user/pass (by email :-)) to make this for you.

Thank you! That worked. You are the BEST!

Thank you too :-)

Hi, I have problem with the responsive on mobile. it only fill out on the half of the screen. Any clue why? The site is

Solved it, had a image that wasn’t on auto width

Hi, I have problem when I’m trying to write a post. When im trying to change line it will just use space insteed. Hmm.. hard to explain but insteed of br it will use nbsp. Any good solution to this?

Best regards Belstad


it is difficult to undestand what exactly is the problem. You mean that you write in the post editor, press the enter to your keyboard to change the line and post editor does not change the line but putting a nbsp?

Any link somewhere online to a post that has ths behavior to take a look?


Hi I just purchased your theme and I must say that i LOVE it ! I just wanted to know how to change the grey “background” of the menu ? I can’t seem to find it silly me :D .

Thanks a lot


download the file /stylesheets/superfish.css, go to line 71, you’ll see a declaration background:#e1e1e1

Just change the color hex code and reupload the file.

Thanks :-)

Thanks a lot !!

thank you too!!


Ive tried to create a child theme. Then I saw one of the previous comments about using the layout.css instead. <- This is inconvenient. Anyway, I tried using the layout.css and it still does not overwrite the style.css, even with !important being used. How do I fix this. Or will the use of child themes be available in upcoming version updates


i don’t remember this answer (about layout.css and child theme) but i suppose that in very eraly days of the theme.

The theme has a style.css for the template the styling (also has /stylesheets/layout.css with the same declarations for the early buyers). If you purchased the theme in its first days, please download the updated version.

So you can create a child theme. For any support with this, please send a message via the contatc form in our profile page.


Hello, I am using this template and it is such a simply and beautiful design. I have a question about how I can fit the preview of my blog for iPhone and iPad? Can I adjust this on somewhere? Thank you very much.


the theme is responsive and works without issues to iphone/ipad.


Hi – Is is possible to make the main blog section wider on the template with the right side bar? I need to be able to post photos that are at least 900 pixels wide.


yes it is possible to do this with a small css change. Of course i can help on this.

Thanks for interest.

Hello, Firstly, thank you for the lovely design of template. I am wondering if I could set a “View More” for every post on the front page of my blog. Peoples can clicking “View More” to see the rest of pictures of every post. Thank you very much.

Thank you. But can I show only half of my each post and reader could read another half after clicking “Read More” ? Thank you very much.

You can do that if you fill the Exceprt field in each post. So, write to the Exceprt field of a post the half of the content and the other half to the Content editor.

I will try and thank you very much.

Sorry, this may be an obvious question, but I’m trying to use a quote format post. I typed the quote and used the quote block, but when I preview the post the quote shows up beneath the blue box. How do I get it to show up in the blue box?


Quote post format needs the custom fields. To activate this, choose SCREEN OPTIONS from up right side of WordPress admin and check Custom Fields option.After set the post title and content if you like, a) create a new custom field using name quote and write the quote. b) create a new custom field using name cite and write the name of person.

See the screenshot for further help Also, the above instructions info are in the documentation.



Could you tell me how to add a new header that stays on the left hand side of the screen regardless of screen size? I have already removed the social links/search bar header following advice in a previous comment.



you asking something that it is pure customization and needs various changes to code and to css. Sorry, i don’t do customization to my themes. You need to hire a designer or developer about this.


Hi again! Thanks for all your help!

I got a question though. When by default I put in pictures one after one there is always a space between them. How do I make it so that they come exactly after another without any spaces?

And another question: I want to clarify, if I use gallery mode, can I put part of the pictures as the gallery and part as a regular post?


about the 2nd, you can create a gellery with the photos that you want to displaying in gallery mode, and just import other pictures in the post. A note about that : When you’ll do this, assign the post to standard post format.

About the 1st, yes it is possible with a small css addition. Plase send me a url of a post that you have images one by one and i send you the css declaration.

If you don’t want to post the url here jsut send it to support[at]

Thanks! Here’s the link: About the 2nd again: did i understand correctly that i need to go to add media, create a new gallery there and insert it into the post and then just add separate pictures, or how?

About the 2nd, yes this is the way. (don’t forget to assign the post to standard post format)

About the 1st, add this somewhere to style.css

.maincontent p a img {display: block; margin:0; padding:0}


Hi, Im totally new to wordpress. I Just Got this theme and love it! But The main reason I got it is because its suppose to look good on mobile as well. Its not. Looks terrible right now. How to I get it to look the way it should on Mobile. This is rather urgent. Thanks!!

Heres my site:

I know that thats what its suppose to look like. But please look at my website on your mobile. Ive already received a ton of messages from viewers asking me whats wrong with my mobile site. Its not just me.

this is your blog and as i said before i don;t know if you make changes to theme, so i show you the theme tha you purchased how it is displayed on mobiles.

Also, as i test your url again i show everything white and not pink.

I am very interested in purchasing your theme, but I have quick inquiry. Would I be able to upload a custom header consisting of my scripted logo?

Also, I see that others have inquired about changing the background colors; however based on your response, I am completely confused. I am not a techy by any means (lol), would you be able to offer guidance on changing the css and whatever else you mentioned that is extremely foreign to me? Lol


you can upload your logo via Theme Customizer. About background changement i can help you on how to change it.

Thanks for interest.

Hi team, thanks for this gorgeous theme. I am having problems with re-sizing images in the slider format. Even when i resize them, they are not as they appear in the theme demo. For now, I have resorted to using a regular image gallery but would like to use the slider in the next couple of days with resized images, help! I will DM my URL


thanks for purchasing

please send your url via the contact form in our profile page

I downloaded and installed this theme, but for some reason my pages have disappeared. If I reinstall my previous theme, those pages are there, and the link to each page is still active. I just don’t know why it’s not displaying as it should on the homepage. for example


i see the specific page that you sent as example ( The first post is Macy Gray Interview – ‘Covered’.

The Home Page display posts, not pages if i understood properly waht you report about home page.

Ah i see, sorry. You talking about the menu. Yes it is not displayed in home page and it is strange. Please send a temporary admin username/pass to investigate this (by our profile page contact form).


I figured this one out. There’s a check box in the page area that says to display the menu. Once checked, it was fine. Many thanks.

Is it possible to change my tagline color to orange, and to also increase the size?

Please let me know how to do this, if possible.

I’m not a coder, so please be detailed with any instructions.


I’m having trouble with this. I numbered the lines in the stylesheet and could not locate the lines you are referring to. is it possible for you to copy and paste a portion of the code so I can find it?

Disregard. Sorry.

Another question:

The “comments” language is duplicated so it says “3 comments” for instance and then says “comments” underneath it. Here’s an example:

Is there a way to rectify this so that it does not appear twice. I like to leave the one that came with the template.

you nedd to customize the disqus plugin that you installed about this. Sorry i can’t help.

That worked!!!! I didn’t realize it was the disqus plugin!! Excellent.

One more question:

How do I change the color of the links?

Right now the links appear black, and it blends in.

Here’s an example

The links at the end of each line, I would like in a different color. Many thanks!

With so many customizations you did and the plugins yuou installed, i confused.

try this:

.maincontent a {color:)

with the color you want.

Where is that code located? Sorry.

You need to add this to style.css