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Hi, I have purchased the theme and really like it, but I’m stuck on one point. I am trying to add slider images and can’t do it.

I have read these comments and followed the instructions, but it’s not working for me. Can you please explain in simple terms how to create slider images rather than a gallery?



thanks for purchasing and the kind comments.

If you need a slider just upload the images via Add Media Button. Click Add Media Button, upload the images (just upload them don’t insert them into the post), close the window, assign the post to Gallery Post Format, Publish. You’ll see this :

If you need a gallery (and not a slider), just create a gallery and insert it to the post. You’ll see this :

perfect, thank you!

Hello audemedia,

Thank you for the good design. And I have two questions are,

1. I only want to show half content of my every post on the front page. And reader could clicking “Read More” to go to another of the content. 2. After my set up for that. Should I set my Theme Customizer> General Settings to “Use the excerpt” or “use the content’?

Thank you very much.


yes this is the setting.

Have in mind that thsi, concatenates everything in one paragraph from the post content. If you need to display paragraphs you msut (except of this seeting) to fill the Exceprt field of each post with the content that you want to display as “half content”.


Thank you for reply but I am sorry I not very understand. Would you Please explain more about that? Thank you so much.

If you need to display the excerpt and not the fuill content of your post, you need to choose “Use the excerpt” from Theme Customizer> General Settings.

This setting, automatically creates a summery (excerpt) of each post and displays it. But it does not display paragraphs, images etc. Just simple text.

If you need an excerpt with paragraphs and images, you must fill the Excerpt field of each post. To display this in your post editor enable excerpt field in screen options. Screen options is in the top right-hand corner the screen, next to the help button (under the logout link).


I got a question about use “use a excerpt” with paragraphs and picture. Also, reader clicking “Read more” to read another half of each post.

My Theme Customerizer > General Setting set in “use the excerpt”. And I use the “Insert more tag” from the bar to make the “Read more” and I chose “Excerpt” field in screen options. Screen options is in the top right-hand corner the screen, next to the help button (under the logout link).

And now in my blog, the “Read more” is showing and working on a proper position but only showing paragraphs not any picture.

Thank you very much.

Hello, I tried what you just said and it didn’t work.

Do I need any other setting to work with that?

Send me via the contact form on my profile page a temporary admin username/pass and of course your blog url to take a look of what you make until now.

When I type a field into the search box that appears on both my home page and another page on my site, I get an error message.

For example: Type “sierra” in the search box to see the message. I have a category excluder plugin which is presumably creating the problem, but I don’t want to remove the plugin because there’s certain posts that I want on my individual page that I don’t want on my homepage. Can you think of a solution?

That’s it!

Give me some time to install it to my environment and test. If i’ll find a solution, i’ll come back with an answer.


I’m getting this error message when I attempt to leave a comment.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/29/6258929/html/wp-content/themes/quarter/comments.php on line 18

Any ideas?



maybe you make a change that returns this error.

If you didn;t make many modifications, redownload the theme and replace the comments.php file.

Can you tell me how to replace an individual file and not the entire thing?

Yes, as i wrote replace only the comments.php file and not the entire theme and lost your customizations.


Is it possible to have a portrait featured image display full width? At the moment it is only doing that for landscape and leaves a gap on the right hand side.



ok i got it :-)

open the file format-image.php you’ll see two parts of codes as this :

the_post_thumbnail( ‘large’ )

change the large to full.

Make the same to file format-standard.php

if you have problem to apply this change please send me a temp admin user/pass to your wp-admin to make this for you. (send it by our profile page contact form

Perfect, thank you very much! Have a good Christmas!


Merry Christmas :-)

Just bought the Theme, installed in on WP3.8. Looks great on the outside. But when writing a post or page. Every formatting options looks really wierd, both on images and text.

For example, the scroll where you choose H1, H2 etc.. now says

advanced.h1 advanced.h2

When clicking the little thumb on a image in a post, to like align it or whatever, it says all over the place (#wpeditimage.editimg).

Something is serously wrong.

Please advice.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the theme.


thanks for purchasing.

I don’t understand properly i’m afraid :-)

The admin area is by WordPress and not the theme…

Hi, I would like to add the Sponsors widget as shown on the sample site. I have seen this posted previously; ‘You can add sponsors via Text Widget. It is more easy for you to take the code from here :'. However this link does not work. Is there a plugin you can recommend for this (or banner adverts) or what code would I put into the Text Widget to get the Sponsors to show. Thanks!

Good day!

You have a great, clean, simple, theme, just want to ask few things before I purchase it.

1. Is there a default “portfolio” page for this? 2. Can you add social icons (social sharing statistics) aligned under the DATE and COMMENTS? (ex. showing 6 likes or 6 tweets) 3. Is is possible to add a slider on the front page to highlight the featured stories

Thanks so much. Hope you can reply asap.

Happy Holidays! So, it’s just plugins? What in particular? Because, i had experiences in the past in using plugins on my wordpress site, and my host found some “glitches” that severely affects performance. (sorry, I’m on a shared host, that’s why, my host is too critical on the resources)

Thanks again. The more I look at your theme, the more I like it. :-)

I can’t recommend something that it is OK about performance and security. But i suppose that any plugin that its creator has it compatible with WordPress 3.8 will be OK.

Happy Holidays! So, it’s just plugins? What in particular? Because, i had experiences in the past in using plugins on my wordpress site, and my host found some “glitches” that severely affects performance. (sorry, I’m on a shared host, that’s why, my host is too critical on the resources)

Thanks again. The more I look at your theme, the more I like it. :-)

How can I utilize the Category Description available via WordPress on this particular theme?

Add this to archive.php file (in the top, just before the h1 tag closed)

<?php if (is_category()) { ?>

<?php echo category_description(); ?>

<?php } ?>

I have followed these instructions below, however my quote does not show in the blue box.

Quote post format needs the custom fields. To activate this, choose SCREEN OPTIONS from up right side of WordPress admin and check Custom Fields option.After set the post title and content if you like, a) create a new custom field using name quote and write the quote. b) create a new custom field using name cite and write the name of person.


the only thing that i can think is that the quote and cite names are case sensitive (not Quote and not Cite)

If this is not the issue, please send me a temp user/pass to your wp-admin to take a look.


Is there any way I can change the size of the font? It’s a little too small for me. Thanks!


it is in style.css

p { font-family: inherit; font-weight: normal; font-size: 16px; line-height: 1.5; margin-bottom: 17px; }

increase the font-size:16px according to your needs.


Is this compatible with Wordpress 3.8?


yes it is.

thanks for interest.

Hi, I’d like to change the background to an image, while keeping the entire middle “content” area white. Is this possible to do?

This is very similar to what a previous commenter asked for (weshoffman), though your response to it isn’t public for me to see.

Thanks for your help!

Hello, i answered via e-mail to this.


Hello, i would like to know how to change the background to an image, while keeping the middle content area white.

I know that this has been asked for earlier, but you answered them trough email so i cant see the solution.

Hello, please send this via the contact form in my profile page and i’ll send you instructions.


Hi, Thank you for your theme, it works really good. I’d like to ad a little shop area in my website using your theme. Do you know, if I can by using WooCommerce plugin or other ? Could you think about that for the future version ?

Thank you, Greg

Hello, not have an estimated time yet. Thanks.

Thank you for your answer but I would like to know if you’ve planned to publish this update ?

Yes i have plans for the update, but unfortunately i can’t give you the time that this will be available.

hey there, is it possible to make the sub menu horizontal? or a mega menu? i have a large list of categories which id like to display in the sub menu


i’m afraid not. You can do this with a plugin maybe.

Thanks for interest.

Hi there- I’ve moved my blog over from and installed this theme. It seems that the first image used in my original posts is being set as the featured image and then it is showing up twice in my posts, once at the very beginning and then again where it is inserted in the post. Can this be changed?


Sure, send me an admin user/pass to your blog to take a look and fix this for you. Send this to support (at)


I purchased this theme and I am not very impressed. I don’t really see what the advantage of purchasing this theme is in comparison to using a free Wordpress theme. There is no real customization as far as color, font size etc.

When I try to add video to the post picking the “video: format doesn’t seem helpful. I thought that if you picked the “video” format a video loader would appear. I had to add the video using the html code. I could do that with any a free theme. I chose this because I though this theme would make adding videos, quotes, galleries, and audio much easier, however, this theme hasn’t been useful at all.

Am I missing something ????

What exactly you want to say? You make a review.

I did not see any specific question to give an answer. Also, i don;t see any issue with the documentation. Send your support request (via my profile page contact form, and not in the comments because this is the way that i support my items) and i’ll be glad to help you.

I don’t have access to make refunds. You need to ask this to Envato support.

Also, as i see in previous comments you make a question about quote post format and i helped you (i gave an answer in minutes). Furthermore, i asked you a user/pass to connect to your blog and help you further to resolve your issue.

So, please don’t tell me about my effort to help.

I didn’t say there was anything wrong with the documentation. I said that I cant open the links. That has nothing to do with your documentation however, I need the info that’s why I asked. I will send a support request.

Hi, I just purchased this theme and i really like it, just have a few questions.

1. how do I increase the container of the actual content so that I can display the images in the post to be bigger? and to increase the overall width of the entire page.

2. How do I hide the author and category from each post?



please send the requests via my profile page contact form ( in the bottom right) to send you an answer.