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Hi, I love this theme and want to buy it, but have a couple questions first: 1- Can the website title be put to the left or right instead of centered ? Is this easy to accomplish, meaning I, a new WP user can do this? 2- Are there multiple layouts to use ?

I can’t find much describing what this theme can/cannot do. Is there information I missed? Thank you- Lori


unfortunately this is not a swiss-army theme. Has a few options in Theme Customizer and if you want to customize it you need to dive into the code. The logo can be align to left or to the right via a small -change in css.

Thanks for interest.

Hi, I love this theme and want to buy it, but have a couple questions first: 1- Can the website title be put to the left or right instead of centered ? Is this easy to accomplish, meaning I, a new WP user can do this? 2- Are there multiple layouts to use ?

I can’t find much describing what this theme can/cannot do. Is there information I missed? Thank you- Lori

Loving this theme aside from how it looks on a mobile device. Hopefully I’m missing something but on my iphone, the whole website is only displayed on one half of the screen except for a couple images.

Is there a way to get it to look the exact same on my phone as it does online?



thanks for purchasing.

The same happening when you see the demo site from your iphone? (remove the ThemeForest iframe when you view it)

Unfortunately, i can’t reproduce this.

Please send the url of your site to me via e-mail (support @ audemedia com) to investigate it.


I saw and bought this theme (excellent work by the way, didn’t hesitate a moment and went straight for this one since it’s exactly what I was picturing for my needs) a couple of days ago. I am now starting with the whole tinkering and would be very happy if you could help me out with the following:

1. How do I remove the search box on top and center the social linking icons (facebook, instagram and co.) instead of having these in the upper left corner of the page?

2. Is is possible to insert a profile picture in a text widget (“About author- widget on top of list) in the right sidebar and have a short author description below?

Many thanks in advance!

Highly appreciate your speedy reply and I will go dig into that code now. Excellent service, keep it up!

Hello again,

I implemented your remarks and the removal of the search form worked perfectly. Thanks for that! However, the social icons are still in the upper left corner of the page and not centered. Did I forget something?

Many thanks for your help!


may i have the url of your blog? If you don’t want to post it here send it via e-mail to hello [at] I’ll come back with an answer :-)

Love the theme! Thinking of transitioning from my old theme to this one. Is it possible to play with the font of the blog’s name at the very top (or use a custom logo instead)? I don’t want to lose my graphic brand/look.


1) your videos are self-hosted or from youtube, vimeo etc? Keep in mind that the template is responsive and the embedded video fit the 100% of the area.

2) You mean the categories widget? Yes it is a default WordPress widget and supported.

3) No, this is not possible with this theme.

Thanks again.

I embed my own videos so this is good news :) Would all my old images be bumped up to 100% if they’re too small, and bumped down to 100% if some are too big?

If the images are too big they bumped down to 100%, if they are too small they stay as small as they are. :-)


I am having a little trouble with the “quote-functionality”. After selecting “Quote” in the Format options for New Post, I am wondering where to input the quote so that it is displayed inside the box and not below it.

Many thanks again and feel free not to respond within just a couple of hours this time, I am more than satisfied with your support so far!


Alright, I am really starting to feel bad for asking so much, but again, I have a question:

I didn’t notice it at first, but removing the search box on the top of the page and centering the social icons above the header made a change to the overall background colour.

From a plain white it went to a beige kind of colour.

How can I go back to white?

(If necessary, you will find the link to my page in your mailbox)

As always, many many thanks for yoru support!

Kidn regards


just answered via e-mail :-)

if you have issues to implement this, just send me (via e-mail) a temp admin user/pass to make this for you.

Worked like a charm! Thank you once again!!!

Hi, i’ve bought your template, it’s very nice. I have a question, how can i reduce the spaces between the widget in the sidebar, they’re very large thx


thanks for purchasing and for the kind words :-)

in style.css, find the .row.sidebar {margin-bottom:40px; padding:0} and reduce the 40px to a value according to your needs.

Thnaks again!

I want to buy this template but before i do, i want to ask some questions. Is it possible to make some small layout changes, like: make the sidebar a little bit bigger and make the days on the left side a bit smaller? I know that you need to do this in HTML but i want to know if it’s possible. Thank you for your time ;)


thanks for interest.

Yes these changes are possible, and you can to do this via css/html.

Thank you! I’ve bought the template now but i’ve some questions.

I want to show just the first picture and some text on the main page. Not the full post by every article! But if I want this, i can only choose for a little bit of text, not just 1 picture and a little bit of text. It’s all the pictures or just 5 lines of text. Do I need to setup a read more link for every post? Like 1.649 articles? And as you can see the read more button is there in the single post “My Life In Pictures #40” but all the pictures are there too?! So what to do?


thanks for purchasing.

You have two options :

1) From wp-admin > theme customizer > General Settings > use the excerpt. Here, you can define the read more and the excerpt length. But this option, cancatenates everything in one paragraph and of course ignoring the images.

2) You can use the excerpt field of each post. If you can’t see this field, choose Screen Options from the top right side and check Excerpt. In this fied you can input an image and more paragraphs.

This is WordPress functionalitu not a functionality of the theme.

Thanks again.

Hello Audemedia,

I purchased a theme template ‘Quarter’ and I like it very much but I have some questions in my heads.

1. In my pervious email from Envato, they said I have to find a hosting services to working with my template, is it only way I do? For hosting services, any requirement/conditions/details of hosting services that I have to concern? Like 500M disk space… .......etc?

2. After I rent my hosting services, must I have a programmer/ designer for my blog on WordPress?

3. After I rent my hosting services, how I can using my theme template? Any steps I have to follow?

I am so confused and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

Best, Sue


thanks for purchasing and the kind words.

1) All WordPress themes here in ThemeForest are self-hosted WordPress themes. So you need a web hosting service with these requirements

A typical shared hosting account, covering these requirements. About disk space it depends to the content that you need to publish to your blog and not to the theme (that is 3Mb). Today all hosting accounts are upgradeable, so you can start with a small hosting plan and upgrade it later.

2) after you rent your hosting service you need a WordPress installation (download from here I’m pretty sure that the hosting provider you’ll find can you help about this.

3) after wordpess installation, you install the theme and voi la! You are ready to start publishing posts.

Thanks again, if you need any further help don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Hi! Thank you for the theme, it is absolutely divine. I got a question though. My website adress is: And the only link icon on the left top that is displayed is my link to Behance. I also provided links to multiple other websites that don’t display however. What do I do to fix this?


thanks for purchasing and the kind comments!

When i opening i see the following icons : facebook, twitter, pinterest, behance, youtube, instagram.

I suppose that has something to do with your browser cache. Just clear it or try to see your site via another browser.

Thanks again.

Greetings, I have just purchased this theme, apparently I am not having much success when setting the Navigation. Using Wordpress 3.6, have; Tiled the menu, created 3 main pages and 1 sub page. Added a title tag to each, saved the menu, and checked both boxes, bellow under menu settings: Auto add pages (automatically add new top-level pages to this menu, and Theme locations, Main Menu.) again Saved the menu. When I preview my page there is no Navigation bar? My website is:


thanks for purhcasing.

As i see to your website the navigation is there and working.

There is no need for automatically add new top-level pages to this menu but it is necessary to set the Theme location.

But as i understand you did it :-)

Thank you for replying to my message yes I was able to find the wrong if i may ask you one more question. I am having a problem with the CSS. I am trying to change the Link color on the page a grey link I just do not find appealing. I have went into all four CSS Sheets, I have changed every a: tag I could find I have added color attributes every place I could find any resemblance of an anchor tag, and there is no change, it makes no sense to me, not in the hover, not in the focus, nothing. I would assume a { color: #3333ff; text-decoration: none; line-height: inherit; } would be the code for the anchor color in the layout sheet, i also changed it in the foundation sheet, is there other places it needs to be changed?


Do you mean the color of links in the post content?

Could you please send me a link or a screenshot of the url that you want to change the link color? Send this to hello [at]

Hello, I just purchased and installed this theme and am having a few problems. For some reason, my site is not being aligned properly on mobile devices. Everything is align to the left. How do I fix this or correct this problem to make my site mobile friendly? I want it to look it exactly as it does on a laptop.

<div style="width: 600px; margin: 0 auto;" />

this is the div thath breaks the responsiveness. My previous comment does not take the code.

Ok great. I am not a computer savy person so how do I do that. Do I go to Appearance- editor and then find it. What should I do? Or can you tell me the steps I need to take to remove the divs


in 99% the code is in this specific post. Jsut open this post, go to Text Mode find this line and remove it.

Hi, what version of foundation is this built on?


Hi, in version 3.

hello, I bought this theme that I find very good. I made some changes but I can not changed the menu colors. I can not find the css menu, what should I do?

Hi, please connect with the account that you purchased theme and send the support request via the contact form in my profile.



I’ve been using this theme for my client for a while now and get so many fab comments :)

The only problem is now that with the Twitter api update, the widget doesn’t work. I don’t really want to use an external plugin as I like the look of the built in one. Is there anywhere I can add in the consumer key and secret?

Thank you :)


thanks for the kind comments :-)

i’ll take a look and i come back with a solution.

Please send me an e-mail to hello[at] to reply to you when i’ll be ready.


I recently purchased this theme and would love to customize it as I like. I have looked around at the coding and would like some direction on how to use an image for my blog title instead of the simple text. Can you give me some specifics of where to input an image in replace of the blog title with text?

Thank you!


thanks for purchasing. Form wp-admin > appearance > theme customizer click on Logo section and there upload your graphic logo.

Thank you.

Hi audemedia! Before i purchase your really beautiful theme, i just wanted to ask you: is it possible to have the gray menu bar in colors? Like, a diferent background color for each menu item? Cause that’ss something i really need.Thanks a lot!


thanks for interest.

It is not a built in feature, but easily can be done via css. Of course i can support you on this.


after a couple of tweaks to my current site, they are two things that I can’t seem to get my head around:

1. Is it possible to display a “picture title” just below the picture? I would love to have a statement below each picture that says something like “Picture by XXXXXX”.

2. I would like to only display a part/fragment of an entire post on the blog section of the site. If the reader wants to know more, he should be able to click on a button that says something like “See More—>”. What about that?

Kind regards and as usual, many thanks for the great support!

In style.css, find .row.sidebar and reduce the margin-bottom value.

Thanks a bunch. You rock!

Kind regards

Thank you too :-)


I purchased this theme and it such a beautiful theme. How I could using the theme template with WordPress? Any steps? Am I firstly downloading template?

Thank you very much.


thanks for purchasing and the kind words :-)

yes you must downloading the theme. I recommend to click the “All files and documentation” option when you click the download button to have the documentation.

But firstly, you need a self-hosted WordPress installation (all ThemeForest WordPress themes are for self-hosted WordPress).

After WordPress installation, you can upload the theme and start publishing posts.

Please, take a look to the documentation for help, and of course i’m here to help you further.

Thanks again.


my apologies in advance for coming back at you after only one day. I was wondering if

1.) it was possible to remove the following mentionning below the comment box of a post:

“You may use these HTML tags and attributes: <abbr title=””> <acronym title=””>

<del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> " </strong></i></em></del>

Very well, I will look into it=) Thanks again!

Sorry, i missed the first comment about html tags and attributes.

Here is the answer :

Thanks a lot for coming back at me on this one. Worked perfectly=) Many thanks and kind regards!