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I purchased this theme template and it such a beautiful design. I am trying update my thing for my blog and would you please tell me where I can update the content of the menu bar? I already put some headers for my menu. But how I can change content for my each headers, like content of “About”, “Contact”?

Thank you very much.


you must firstly setup pages and posts. There you can add the content.

From your pages and posts, categories you can built your menu. (When you go to wp-admin > appearance > menus you’ll see your pages, posts and categories to the left side. So choose somje of them and assign them to your menu.

I think that you must watch some video tutorials about WordPress. They help you a lot ->



I purchased this theme a few weeks ago and am absolutely loving it – so first thank you very much!

One question for you – I want to set it up so that my search results page shows excerpts, and not the full post. Is there a way to do this, and if so, how?

Thank you very much!


thanks for purchasingand for the kind comments.

I suppose that you want everywhere to display the content except from the search page that you want to display the excerpt?

If yes, open search.php, go to line 63 and replace this

<?php $content_or_excerpt = get_theme_mod( 'content_or_excerpt' ); if ($content_or_excerpt=='content') { the_content(); } else { the_excerpt(); ?>

with this

<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

Perfect! That’s exactly what I wanted to do – Thanks so much!

I have been using this theme for about 5 months now, but all of a sudden I am having issues with redirecting to different pages. If I am on the homepage and click on the title of the post or the “read more” it was not redirecting me to the actual post, instead it either brought me back to the top of the page or did nothing (I tried it today and it sometimes works now, but am still having issues on other posts).

Then, when I click on the logo at the top of the page, it has always redirected me back to the homepage of my site, now it does nothing.

I have had others try it from their computers and they are running into the same issue on my site. Please let me know what I need to do to resolve this.

Thanks so much!


for sure it is not a theme issue. Try to deactivate some plugins, especially plugins that you installed when the problem started.


Loving this theme! Made almost every change I need to in the stylesheet but I can’t find how to change the dark gray on the hover color in the navigation and when a page is active to black.

If you want more just remove the padding/margin of logo.

Change this h1.logo { font-size: 64px; padding: 10px 0 3px; font-weight: 400; }

to this h1.logo { font-size: 64px; padding: 10px 0 0; font-weight: 400; margin-bottom:0}


Now it is PERFECT!! Thank you SO much! AMAZING support!

Thank you too!


Thank you very much for this great theme!

Sorry for my english… I want to modify the text of the comments from “leave a reply” to “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” (to translate these words in my langage) but I don’t find where it are. Could you tell me where this information is encoded please? Thanks.


thanks for purchasing and the kind comments :-)

The comment form (that includes the “leave a reply” and “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” ) is the default WordPress comment form. That means that the theme does not contain any text about the comment form. It simply calls the comment_form() function from WordPress core.

To translate this, you can load the specific language to WordPress and you’ll see the comment form in this language automatically.

Take a look to this url about supported languages and how to install them.

It’s pretty easy, but if you’ll need any help send an e-mail to support [at]

Thanks again!

Hi just wanted to let you know I am loving your theme! I had one problem though, when I include images in posts, they don’t seem to resize when viewed on a mobile device, which puts the whole site out of whack. You can view it here I look forward to hearing from you.


thanks for purchasing and the kind comments.

In your first post (The Round Up: Vintage Oil Paintings from Etsy) i check the code and i see that, just above of the images the post has a div with width 600px.

It is necessary to remove this because it breaks the responsiveness in mobile devices (that their screens usually has 320px width or 480px width in landscape mode).

For example, in the second post, that this declaration does not exist the image resizes to the width of the screen. Take a look here ->

Thanks again!

Thanks for the lightning fast reply! Feel a little stupid, that I overlooked such a simple thing, thanks so much for your help.


I am having a lot of fun using/configuring your theme, and after my questions from last week (thanks again for your lightspeed answers) I still have a couple more:

1.) I installed the multi-language plugin WPML but for some reason, if I configure it so that the language selector is displayed in the menu bar, it stays in the widget area. I have no clue why. Any idea? (I will send you the link to the blog per mail).

2.) How can I remove the comment counter?

3.) Is it possible to highlight Post Titles when hovering above them on the main page? Basically, the same highlighting as the one that appears when hovering over the “Click to read More” would be great.

4.) Is it possible to insert a background image?

If you find the time, I would be very happy for you support. Keep up the great work!

Kind regards


my apologies for asking you questions that go beyond the scope of your service and many thanks for still providing me with some guidance.

I recently noticed something strange:

1. Once I click on “Click to Read More” (Excerpt is activated) on a post, I get into the related article in its full length, but the “Click to Read More”-button is still there. That doesn’t seem to make any sense.

2. I also can’t get my head around the set-up of the Archives page the way you have it in your preview (with the subsections “Latest Posts”, “Daily Archives”, “Monthly Archives” and so on). Would love to know how you did that, but then again, I realize that is a “How to”-question=)

Many thanks again and Kind regards


about 1) it is something that not happenning to my theme demo when i choose the excerpt.

Could you please send me again your url to take a look?

2) To have the archives page as it is in the demo, just create a page and assign it to Archives Page template (choose it in page editor to the tright side in Page Attributes).


Yes sure, I will send you the url right away per mail.

Thank you!

Where do I replace the navigation background image and how do I change the gray line on either side of it to white?



the gray line is the navigation background, you can find it in /images/backgrounds/navigation-bg.png. Open it with an image editor and change the gray color to white.

For other changes to navigation menu styling, open /stylesheets/superfish.css

Hi audemedia. I reaaly want to buy the theme, but first i want to know if you would be available to customize it for me. It wouldn’t be a lot of changes, just a few things in the design. i can send you a jpg as example. Do you do this kind of work? If so, could we talk through email? Thank you a lot.


thanks for interest.

Unfortunately, we don’t do customizations to our themes.


I purchased this beautiful template and now I am learning how to set up my blog. I have a question about Pages.

Could I put the title of Pages in the middle of pages. Because now title on the left hand side of pages. Thank you very much.

ok got it :-)

to not write here a tutorial, just see this video with step by step guide to link your e-mail in the post editor.

The youtube video is perfect, thanks. Would you please tell me where I can find .post_title span in style.css and ion this class replace the display? thank you very much.

just go to wp-admin > appearance > editor. Click the style.css form the right, press Ctrl + F to your keyboard and search for .post_title span

Sorry, i can’t help you more on this. I’m not here to teach you html/css. I hope that you understand it.



The template such a beautiful design and now i am setting my blog about Instagram. I want to show my updated Instagram’s picture on my blog Which widget is the most common and user friendly. Thank you.

Sorry, i don’t know, i never used any of them. Just google for instagram widget and test some of them.

Hello Audemedia,

I am wondering if there have any analytics of my blog and social channels impact in my purchased template?

Thank you very much.


Sorry, no any analytics/stats software with the theme. Technically it is impossible.

You can install a related plugin

or setup a Google Analytics account


I have a question about using Plugins with JQuery. I have had issues using the Lightbox feature on three different Picasa plugins (Picasa/Google Plus Express, Alpine PhotoTile and Shashin). Instead of opening a popup gallery as it should, it opens the picture in a separate page. I am thinking there is something incompatible with the coding, but I am not sure whether it specifically has to do with the JQuery part of it.

Please advise!

Thanks so much :)


the theme has bult in support for fancybox, that is jquery based and working without issues.

Please, send your url via our profile page contact form in ThemeForest, and i’ll investigate this further.


Just one pre-sales Q:

Is it possible to remove the sidebar completely from the design or hide it on specific sites?

I’d like to use the theme to show big picture posts ;-)

I really like the theme – clean and minimalistic as it should be!



unfortunately it is not included as a built-in feature, it needs changes to the code.

Of course i can help.

Thanks for interest.

Hi. I was wondering if there is a way to change the colors pertaining to the “site title” in that if I had two words in the title, is there a way to change the two words into separate colors?

Thank you!!


thanks for purchasing.

Yes it is possible via css, or you can create a graphic with the colors that you want and upload it as logo.

Perfect. Thank you!


I purchased this theme and it such a good design and stylish. I have a question here, Can I disappered the “Written by audemedia, Posted in Internet” (I copied it from sample). If we cannot, would you please tell me where I could change the content? Thank you very much.

I answered in your previous comment (same question)

Hello, I meant “Written by audemedia, Posted in Internet” under the title of each post. Thank you so much.

You can make this change via code. The related files are :

index.php (line 47) archive.php (line 72) search.php (line 54) single.php (lie 47)

Just open these files via an editor, remove the line about author name and categories and save.

Hello, One more question is, I am wondering if I could change the fonts for posts? Thank you very much.


about this, instructions including in the documentation (section F)

I copy/paste from there :

Google Web Fonts

Quarter using Google Web Fonts for displaying text but it is not necessary if you like a traditional web font.

After theme installation you’ll see that the theme using the Vidaloka Google web font for headings (h1, h2,h3, h4, h5, h6) and quote text. Also using the Source Sans Pro google web font for all other text.

If you would like to change them with other google web fonts follow these instructions : - Go to Google Web Fonts and find the fonts that you like to use - When you find it copy the code that Google web fonts giving and paste it to header.php replacing the fonts that theme already using (lines 37,38). - Also, open /stylesheets/layout.css and change font-family declaration to body and headings (lines 3 and 5). Also, Quote post format using Vidaloka Google web font (the same as headings). To change it with your google web fonts, apply the change to font-family declaration of line 107

.quote p { line-height: 1.3; font-size: 32px; font-weight: normal; font-family: ‘Vidaloka’, Georgia, serif; color:#2f2f2f } If you would like to change them with traditional web safe fonts (for example Helvetica Nueue, Arial, etc,) follow these instructions : - Open header.php and remove the Google Web fonts to lines 37 and 38. - Also, open /stylesheets/layout.css and change font-family declaration from body and headings (lines 3,5). Also, Quote post format using Vidaloka Google web font (the same as headings). To change it with your google web fonts, apply the change to font-family declaration of line 107

.quote p { line-height: 1.3; font-size: 32px; font-weight: normal; font-family: ‘Vidaloka’, Georgia, serif; color:#2f2f2f }


Thank you for all reply and would you please tell me where I can updating the “audemedia” and “Internet” in “Written by audemedia, Posted in Internet” (I copied it from sample and it below the title of each page). Thank you very much.

In my previous answer i wrote the files and the line of code, that you must go and remove this.


Sorry for there have a misunderstanding here and I might not explain it clearly.

Not removing it.

I meant, could I dating it like “Written by (my name), Posted in (categories I set up)” instead of “Written by audemedia , Posted in Internet”.

Thank you very much.

The author name and categories changing when you post an article and there you’ll see your name (or the name of the author) of the post and the categories that you assigned.

Did you setup your blog? May i have the url?

I am working on my first post now and I saw “Written by admin, Posted in Uncategorized” on my preview. I am wondering where I can assign my author and categories. Thank you very much.

Please, go to this site and watch some WordPress videos for beginners.

The questions/requests that you send is out of the scope of support.