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Hey guys, just curious where I change the slider images on my home page? thanks!


Easy :) For example in 02fullslider.html file those are lines 47-48 :)

Cheers, themewoodmen

Hey this doesnt seem to go to it’s fullest width in Internet Explorer 8

Hi thanks for the info! We’re checking it right now and fix if anything’s wrong!

Excellent template! Noticed a few things so far:

1. Home > stayTunedRow > Post number one > p.summary is missing a closing p tag

2. Styling for a.twitterBtn:active needs padding value of padding:0 0 0 48px; as when you click on button the text jumps to left of button.

Both of these things are in your live demo too @

THanks for sharing this great template, Paul.

When you publish updates, is there a change log? I’m integrating this theme with Croogo ( and in doing so have made various changes so would have to manually port in any useful updates you add to the theme.

Yes, please watch our Item page (this one: we’ll update changelog section once update is released.

We plan to update Quartum by the end of this week, so stay tuned :)

cheers, ThemeWoodmen

Hi there, thanks for releasing the recent update … any chance of updating the change log so we know what was included?

Hi, Congrats for this great job. Does the template works fine with actual Bootstrap 2.3.1 or only with version 2.1.0 ? Best regards. Frederic

It will work fine with version 2.3.1 too :)

Thanks! ThemeWoodmen

How can I change the favicon?

Hi willburnette, Thanks for purchasing our template. I’ve created a short HOWTO for you on our support forum:

cheers, ThemeWoodmen


I like this template so much, but there would be any possibility of having a slider in the single portfolio section?? For my purposes is something necessary


Well, i asked that because last update were about 8 months ago, so no new updates should be coming soon, and i dont think this should be so difficult because playing with flex slider from home i almost got it

Please if you can tell me when will be the next update or an answer to my previous response it would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much


We’ve just uploaded a new version for you :) which supports multiple images in portfolio (flex slider). You should be notified via email when it will be accepted by TF (checkout your email settings in your Downloads section).

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Thanks very much!! i will check my email settings now!

Hi :)

You can provide me more social media icons please, like youtube icon for example


Sure, I will ask our graphic designer to prepare some more icons.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

HI. Great theme. I have a problem: My 404 pages and search widget shows two search bars?

EDIT: wrong template


Please excuse me for the stupid question, but I am an absolute beginner. So please tell what kind of CMS can manage and integrate this site? Which CMS works best?

Hi dara123,

Please don’t apologize, we are here to help. This template consists of static HTML files and they can be only edited via any text editor. What it means is that you will not have any CMS system behind it and every change will require you to dig into code.

If you are interested in using CMS system, I would recommend to use Wordpress (it’s a free, very popular CMS system). This template is also available as a Wordpress Theme, which will allow you to edit it’s content from backend without any technical knowledge.

Quartum Wordpress Theme can be found here:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Thanks for the quick response and help!


Is it possible to change the colors?

Hi marius7,

It is possible but some CSS code is required and also few images require substitution (PSD files are included). It actually depends how much you would like to modify it, but it’s possible;)

If you have any problems, just contact our support team – they can guide you what should be changed etc.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

Hello guys this theme its so cool. I purchase under bundle.

I’m a newbie and i would like to know how to install this theme

It can be use for wordpress or could plz show me how i can install?

Thnak so much.

Hi doha21,

Glad you like it. Bundled Quartum is a HTML template which means you just have to unpack it and open index.html – that’s it:) To edit it’s content you can use any text editor like notepad. It is not a Wordpress Theme.

Quartum is also available as a WP theme which you can view here:

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen


Just wondering, demo content included?


Images are not included in final package.

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen

I could be be happier with Themewoodsman, awesome template, but more importantly for me, AMAZING support. I had troubles configuring the contact form, just migraine inducing troubles, and their support team was so courteous and helpful to me and my problem. I couldn’t be more pleased, I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer. Thanks again for all the help Themewoodsman, truly.

Which bundle was this in?


If you are asking about the current template version – it’s 1.2

Thanks, ThemeWoodmen