Discussion on Quartz - Coming Soon Html5 Template

Discussion on Quartz - Coming Soon Html5 Template

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9_until Purchased

I recently purchased your template and I’m having an issue. When I visit the site from my cell phone the webpage does automatically resize or center. Is there a fix so that the page detects and adjust size and position for mobile devices?

The Layout is Fixed as shown in the product description

this version is not for wordpress, ask for a refound please

hello, I bought this plugin but it doesn’t work. how can I do?

Hi SpiralPixelDesign,

I purchased this theme in Dec 2012, so support is expired however, I would like to ask if you could write a snippet of code to add to enable “redirect to a separate url” once they’ve hit the submit button?

Also, I may not have the updated version.

I will gladly renew support or pay you somehow?

This is an awesome yet simple theme! Very well done.

Please advice. Thank you, BuenaVidaPros


How do I go about increasing the amount of images in the slideshow and also the amount of text appearing (not the amount of text content – the amount of appearances of the text.

Many than in advance

Thanx for the prompt reply – is there a way of stopping the slideshow from looping?

Yes – you can add -

to the slider settings.

Wish I checked on mobile before buying. Text appears over top the logo.

It’s a fixed template and not responsive…

Really enjoying the template but I would like to control the opacity on the final slide so that the image becomes darker when the final text appears. How can I find the exact controls for the radial gradient so I can adjust opacity at the moment I desire?

The opacity is set via css and applies to all slides as it covers the background image not slide per slide as there aren’t any slides just css transitions.

internet explorer 10 is can not see the text in fade , how can I fix it?

I checked on Browserstack and the text is fading?

I also checked on Browserstack and the screenshot shows the text, but these are not seen on the browser, even to other users (windows 7 IE 10)

I haven’t got IE10 to test but I thought Browserstack gives an accurate display of rendering. The fade effect didn’t work on older versions of IE due to it not being able to handle the CSS transitions. If you cant see them then this must still be the case. It will only show the last line.

Hi, I got the Quartz theme recently and uploaded it into my themes folder. I’m a bit new to WordPress and I see under the appearances tab that “Template is missing” Here’s what I’ve uploaded into the themes folder: http://bit.ly/1iHWT9X—I’m running the latest version of WordPress version 3.9. Please help. Thanks, Martin.

Yes you have downloaded an illegal copy, plus it’s for html not wordpress.

Sorry. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll follow up later.

Please support the authors and don’t download illegally.

Hi, would I please be able to get the background of the man walking the road with two dogs?

Thank you

Hi, the link is in the documentation.

how can we add ‘message’ included with the email form?

Jo is away until March 1st at the earliest, due to emergency family issues. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, I would like to know that possibility exists to include a contact form more complete because only one box apararece sign the mail. Any way to do this or advice? .... On the other hand, to make you get the “email” to email subscription through the email does not appear the customer who wants to contact me, only text appears like this:


without more information about the client that is giving me your email to contact you.

Then the second question is, how to make the user to fill these data gaps that come to my email?

Greetings and I hope your answer

I’m still not understanding you sorry…

some mail contact

I dont really understand your English, I do apologize. If you want to use a proper form maybe you can find one on CodeCanyon?

Hi Jo, First of all I would like to thank you for the great work! It\’s one of the best coming soon themes ever! But in the end I have some questions:

1) Is it possible to change the fonts as well? If so, where I need to change it?

2) Is it possible to change the fontcolor of the maintext (big letters)? If so, where I need to change it?

3) I do have problems with the email submit form. I already complete my mailadress into the send.php but I does not work. I am not sure if I need to change something else to make it work. Thank you very much for your answer in advance and kind regards, Vivien

1) Quartz uses font-face, you can select them from:www.fontsquirrel.com add them to the fonts file and add the relevant codes to style.css.
2 ) style.css > 5: Keyframes
3 ) The form is working and that is all you need to do. Does your server have php5?

Hi Josweb!

It appears twitter may have changed their API. What can I do to revive the twitter feed?

Thank you

I have had to remove it due to the new API as it didn’t fit the theme. however you can add it yourself through Twitter > settings > apps

I just checked (again) the evolution of this nice “coming soon” template.

Just a remark: The previous “Page loading animation” was much slicker, the one that’s now be using – sorry for saying: it’s ugly!

Another question: Will this template will ever be made responsive? (then i certainly will buy it!)

It’s a fix for IE10 compatibility. If you don’t like the preloader it’s easily changed.

Would be interested in the IE10 update too :)

I’m trying my best, there’s only me here and I’m flat out at the moment. I haven’t forgotten and I apologize for the inconvenience. Too much to do, too few hours! :)

Nice template but…

When testing look and feel of the preview at: http://themes.spiralpixelthemes.co.uk/?theme=Quartz with Internet Explorer 10 the browser crashes! no matter which version i choose.

Yes i now, we all hate IE (me included) but that’s regardless of the visitor. It should always work on Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE!

Kind regards

The theme has been tested up to IE9. I haven’t been able to test on IE10 yet, it is the next thing to do on my list. It may simply be the preloader. Fingers crossed it is. An update will be made as soon as it is fully tested.

I have changed the send.php $email_to to my email and I don’t get any emails when I test the form!! Any advice?

Oh ok! I only ask as this is usually the issue. Otherwise, I’m not sure as the form works…

What can the reason be. I am running other PHP application on the same server without any issue, here is a link where you can check the live site http://digitup.se

I’m really not sure. Please contact me though my profile page so I can try to help.

Hi, very nice work!! I’ve installed succesfully the template in my site; with Firefox and Chrome it’s okay, but with IE10 on Win8 it doesn’t work, the browser can’t load the page and goes on error. Can anyone help me? Thanks!!

Ok without the preloader in my pc with IE10 it doesn’t work, in other pcs with IE10 it works. I hate Internet Explorer! :D Is it possible to put in the code an IF condition in which if the template recognize IE10 it skips the preloader? Thank you for being so helpful!

This is the problem…for some unknown reason IE10 has got rid of conditional comments. IE is a pain indeed! I am going to try and look into it but if you can keep in touch through my contact form on my profile page it will be easier rather than on here. Then you can do some testing for me. I haven’t marked this template to work in IE10 so it will be something that I will address when making an update.

Hi again, could you contact me through my profile page please as I have a demo for you to test. Thank you! :)

cool ! Very easy and friendly to install. How it looks on my page: http://d-d-d.spb.ru

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