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Hi, congratulations for your design.

How many menu items can I add to this template? Is it possible to have more than 5 you show on your demo?


Yes, that can be achieved without my intervention! If you require help, I can assist you! :)

This theme is really friendly. Good luck with sales.

P.S. Frumos ca intotdeauna. :)

Thank you very much for your kind words Smartik, apreciez cuvintele calduroase! :)

Congrats Enabled , wish you good luck with sales :)

Great works man. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you erkangiris! Much appreciated! :)

Does it work on other smart phones and on the ipad?

It’s a mobile template, so I guess that answers your first question. Works on the iPad as well. It’s designed for mobiles so it will look a little weird on the iPad! :)

Is it for iPhone web app or iPhone app? Would I be able to mix your layout with other design layout as long it is same jQuery? What version is jQuery, I assume it is jQuery 1.7? Of couse I’ll be buying both. ;-)

iPhone apps can only be used on the AppStore, so it is a WebApp, as the title says :) ... It is powered jQuery v1.7.2!

It sound like you have yet to try Phonegap / xcode with HTML5 ? It is HTML5 code and it can be modified and create an app as iPhone app via Phonegap / xcode using HTML5 . Then AppStore with a completed app. I’ve tested some design using HTML5 and jQuery. It works so anything is possible. If you say its web app so it must work on iPhone app via Phonegap / xcode with some code adjustment.

Have you tried to create app through Phonegap / xcode?

Nope, haven’t tried coding it. I have a previous customer who did modify one of my webapps into an app, but he purchased an extended license. I believe that is mandatory both for the Envato Marketplaces and the AppStore! :)

What does it mean, “extended license” for the same web code and perhaps exactly the same layout etc, instead of web app, it is iPhone app with code adjustment to make it work. Even that mean I’ve to find a solution to make it work for “extended license” without a support from the author or is it “regular license”, please advise?

Please read here , an extended license will allow you to use this as an application for the AppStore if you wish to add it there! Even if you PhoneGap it yourself, the substrate is still the template here. An extended license grants the permissions listed in the above link! :)

That is fine. I’ll think about it and plan the wireframe to fit the layout. Once it is solid according to the subject and I’ll purchase the template. Thank you for taking your time to respond to my questions.

Just another question. If I purchase the regular license to try it out and if its works and finalized the design, do I pay the balance for extended license?

No worries, ask away, I’ll be going offline soon, but I will reply later if there is anything else you need to know! I don’t mind answering questions! ;)

If you purchase a regular license, let’s pretend it costs $1 , and the extended license, let’s pretend it costs $10, if you want to purchase an extended license afterwards you will pay $10 not $10 – $1 ( original purchase ). So the full cost of the extended license.