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Hi,with Wordpress 3.9 i can try but the tinymce of the theme do not work.

Hello, graficcom88! Our specialists already preparing to release update. You can ask about any subject on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/

Fast customer support (24/7) only via the forum. http://gogetthemes.com/forums

BR, Serzh

Hi, Google map Do not work any more with version 4.0 Wordpress, This theme is great but them is never up to date, version 3.7/3.8 while we are in 4.0

Hello, graficcom88!

I’ve installed version 4.0 of Wordpress and Google map works on my demo site. Please describe your problem in details on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/forum/que. Our Support team works 24/7.


I have set up the home page as “intro page”. So I can see the arrows of the slider but it doesn’t appear the top menu with all the pages. The menu appear only if I set up the home page as default page. How can I have the menu navigator on top on intro page? thank you!

hello okay?

I bought this thinking it had template link to vimeo, but do not own. My client wanted it to vimeo link to the portfolio. Would not upgrade it?

And another thing: the social networks footer I can insert the link to vimeo, but I can not embed the vimeo link as social network of company employees, how do this?

Hey i really like your theme and i am interested in using it as video portfolio. Does it support Vimeo embeded videos?

Hi, I am looking at purchasing this theme and wanted to know if it works correctly with the SEO plugin Yoast?

Regards, Richard.

hello, you go there to have version 3.9?


It seems the Support Forum is not letting me register. I did not receive the confirmation email and have not received a lost password email after requesting it twice. Please advise.

Serzh… it won’t let me re-register, my purchase code has been used in my first attempt.

I can not re-register. I can not retrieve lost password. I can not get any support. I need support ASAP.

Hello, dwesch!

Perhaps the letter came in spam, please check, another way you should to retry registration.

I’ve noticed the Video Background (rollover) for the portfolio pieces, doesn’t play in Firefox, yet FF is listed as a supported browser. What’s the fix?

Hello, dwesch!

Please, describe problem in more detail and take a screenshot. All the questions we ask in our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums. Our support team works 24/7.


Just a word to warn you that the demo isn’t working, I have a DNS error.

Hello, ADGWS!

It’s already fixed, try again, please.


Where are the .po and .mo files to translate the theme ? I tried with WPML but it is too heavy, tried also a translation plugin that didn’t work…

Do you have any help to give me about it ?

Hello, ADGWS!

We do not have the .po or .mo files. This theme adapted for WPML plugin. If you have any problems with the plugin, please contact support this plugin.

So you’re telling me I have to buy another plugin to be able to translate your theme ?

Hello, ADGWS!

The theme has been tested with the plugin WPML and you can use it. You should to manually translate all the pages, and about difficulties by the translation refer to WPML Support team. We support our product, ie theme, not WPML plugin.

Is this theme WP 4 compatible? And in the portfolio section, when I click on the image can PrettyPhoto be used instead? similar to this website http://beam.zackarias.com/#!/index

Hello, estulin!

Yes, theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0. PrettyPhoto not implemented in theme but you can use a popup show type for images.

Hi, i would like to purchase the theme. i just can’t login to see the demo. is there any way to see it? another question, won’t there be any more updates?

I cant seem to bring the home page portfolio slider? Could you please help me with this? I tried Page Attributes > Template > Portfolio Slider but it doesn’t work.

Even If i try customising from the your live customiser, it doesn’t let me

Hello, farabih!

You are on the right way. Also you should add your portfolio projects and define speed of slider http://prntscr.com/68b37h. Images for slider are featured images from portfolio projects http://prntscr.com/68b3u6. Did you add them? Feel free to contact us on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/ for quick response.

Hello wanted me could provide help to correctly place the widget instagram I have done all the steps in the documentation but I get this phrase “INSTAGRAM The user currently does not have any images…”

Hello, henrydlc!

Instagram widget setting To install your Instagram widget please follow http://www.pinceladasdaweb.com.br/instagram/access-token/ Copy User Id and accessToken. Insert it’s value to url and copy too. Next go to instagram.com/developer and here need register new client, using saved date. In result you’ll have Client ID and Client Secret. This value need use in widges settings. In the widget area paste your access Client ID and Client Secret. Select number of images from dropdown list in the widget area. Feel free to contact us on our forum http://gogetthemes.com/forums/ for quick response.

KInd regards


I just purchased the theme, and when I try to activate it, I have the error : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/tommasof/www/new/wp-content/themes/que/includes/shortcodes.php on line 1

Can you help? Thanks Julie.

Hello, Julie!

If you get this message, you need to select “binary” transfer mode in your FTP client settings and upload theme again. http://prntscr.com/6fojvj

Please feel free to contact us in case of any problems!

Worked! Thanks a lot for the fast answer. Julie.

Julie, you are welcome!

Thank you for using our product. I have a favour to ask of you. Please, rate our theme. It is important for us :)


Did you fix the question of using embed videos? I bought the theme for a video portfolio and it seems it’s not slowing down when adding more self-hosted videos…

Thanks in advance, Julie.

Hello, Julie!

Sorry, but as for now the only one video type available in theme is Selfhosted. Maybe we’ll implement other types in future but when exactly I can’t say. Please follow us on themeforest.

I advise you to contact with hosting provider for increasing memory limit for faster work of your website.


Live preview not working

Please check again! I tested it. Everything works fine. Maybe you need to change DNS settings.