Discussion on Queen - Responsive E-Commerce Template v 1.4

Discussion on Queen - Responsive E-Commerce Template v 1.4

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hi, would you please provide us with the exact design like: http://mosaicthemes.net/queen/index.html ?

Exactly what you need () ?


thats my purchaser code

Hi. and thanks for purchase this item. “my language is different”—It is not reson to refund. All demos is an English and demo too.

1This is not wordpress theme this is html template. May be you use wordpress with other language

hi my name is mendy I’ve bayed that template, I can see now that the template is not for my’ because my language is different from that one I want to ask you for a refund’ for the item Thanks

Hi. and thanks for purchase this item. “my language is different”—It is not reson to refund. All demos is an English and demo too.

NO WAY, I’ve buoyed the theme in a mistake’ i’m asking you again for a refund

I do not have access to refund

the style.css missing

why 1 stars pls delete this star. 1. It is not wordpress theme it is HTML Template 2. Do you know difference between theme and template. 3. Written E-Commerce Template v 1.4 not wordpress theme 4. It’s not true 1 stars.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-S5qd6qN7-queen-responsive-ecommerce-template-v-14.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

It is not wordpress theme it is HTML Template

I bought the template and I tried it in my place, but the slider does not look or behave like the original page, How can I set the height of the slider?

open main.js file and find slider function and set height. Or send me screenshot

While I edit index.html file using Dreamweaver, once I hit save button then following Error message pup out. “While executing onLoad in Date_beforeSave.htm, the following JavaScrip error(s) occured: In file “Date_beforeSave” beforeSave is not defined.”

Purchase Code:74e9a4bf-2e8b-4fa4-8332-13ba960dd766 EMail-pj8168@yahoo.com

Hello, I am interested in a template you have created and I’m wondering if I buy it, where will it be hosted.

Thanks Gifty


Great theme , i use it with powerboutique, back office

i ned just one help to change main image stop moving



hi have you need stop moving slider image?

Buenos dias, estoy interesado, en la plantilla Queen con un precio de B/. 18.00 para la licencia regular, mi pregunta es si esa plantilla la puedo modificar para agregar una galeria y subirla como un producto final para mi empresa.



Regarding the template, is it base on HTML, bootstrap, js only? so I can use it with asp.net core mvc etc. ?

Is there any limitation if I use it only for one site which I give it to them for free? Habib

hello sir….

i am looking for queen wordpress theme…

how can i get this…

thanks in advance

hi anywhere


i need to use a backoffice who is called “powerboutique” who need to use html and css, can i buy it and use it for ? thanks

hi I never use powerboutique. But you can use it for back office of Queen. if like it for you. Thanks


In Header Menu, you user yamm-fw for second option. Can we set min-height of column for col-md-3 div? without min-height it doesn’t look proper. and with min-height it takes much space in mobile browser…

Hi you can set what you want it is you choice. Thanks


I cant find any css or designing for displaying message to user. It should contain error message, information message and success message css

hi Are you want contact message or popup message, notification message

for example “username or password is wrong” type of error message. “Order successfully placed” type of notification. it should be in page not popup

Hi, Live preview is not working… Can you fix it. I would like to see it once again before buying. Thanks.

Hi MosaicDesign,

Which file is controlling the time the dropdown-submenu is open once I hover over the navigation? I like to delay the closing of the submenu once you move the mouse away because in certain screen sizes the navigation extends to 2 rows before collapsing into the mobil nav menu. In those 2 rows the upper row opens the submenu not directly underneath the main navigation leading the submenu to close before you can move the mouse down.

Thanks for your help.


Fantastic. That works very well. Thank you so much – I really appreciate your patience and help.

Hi MosaicDesign,

Sorry – I have a follow-up question and hope you don’t mind.

On the Product Detail Page = is there an option that would allow clicking on the large image which would open another enlargement in a separate window?

Thanks a lot. AJ

What a awesome template! I’m only missing the PSD-file. Is it possible to send me the file?

hi pls send me your email

Hi, I just made the purchase online, seems it’s not the same version as the sample shown at: http://mosaicthemes.net/queen/index.html

The slider is not responsive on the version I downloaded. Can you please send me the most updated version? Or the version that’s the same as your example at: http://mosaicthemes.net/queen/index.html ?

hi its right pls open main.js file and find


and change value

fullWidth: “off”, fullScreen: “off”,

only this or change it you have need Thanks

It works, thanks!

Hello! I can’t find visual shortcode for latest post look like home page. How can I do it?

<div class="row">
                                        <div class="col-md-4">

                                            <a href="#">
                                                <img class="img-responsive" src="img/preview/post-image-1.jpg" alt="image" />

                                        <div class="col-md-8">
                                            <h4>Qui dolorem est</h4>
                                            <p>Ut pretium, sapien blandi vulputate mattis.</p>

Thank you! But it’s no loop, it’s just html?

are you using wordpress or any other CMS


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