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Thank you so much GrafAS :)


Very Nice work! I have a just a problem with the contact page. The map appears small on the top left.

When I reduce the window and re expanded … it works! How can you help me?

Did you made some changes to the custom.js file ?

Yes, but just these lines:

$map.gMap({ address: 'New York, NY 10002', zoom: 16, markers: [ { 'address' : 'New York, NY 10002' }

please, what is the right way to customize it?

I hope it is explained, this is all you have to do.

Does “contact form” works properly? Do anyone can to sent email by “contact form”? Or like blogs comment (static html)?

I have problem with it. http://czarnobialykadr.pl/contact.html I’m photograph, not webmaster… romeck

<sorry>my english</sorry>

ps. I love START page, so it is my (will be) photographic site :) “czarnobia?y kadr” means “black and white frame”

Hello there , Sorry for delay, Contact form works in my case. Did you follow documentation?

Hello. Vimeo video opens in your demo page. But do not open the site that I bought. Can you please help? Thank you.

So thank you. No problem. I uploaded the videos to YouTube :)

Ok i am glad to hear that :)