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Awesome work! Keep it up ;)

Thank you Tran very much ;)

This is the most beautiful template on ThemeForest, unique and professional! Congrats and GLWS

Thanks a lot, appreciate that :)

Thank you very much drupalet!

Clean design, smooth navigation! :)

Thanks a lot :)

Great work! Congrats! :)

Thank you AirTheme so much :)

Inspiration on index page, even index page is different, other styles and design was crafted originally on paper & photoshop and after that is codded, and i am proud of that.

Congrats and GLWS. :)

Thanks :)

Your design is Clean and Unique on themeforest… Good luck with sale :)

Thanks a lot :)

It included instructions on how you can easily edit? The contact map, contact email, etc?

You can easily edit everything. If you want to edit contact map go to js/custom.js find function ” activateMap() ” and just change address and markers location. If you want to change contact email just go to php/email.php and put your email in ” $to ” and that is all. It is also explained in the documentation how to change that. But if you got any questions how to customize the template just let me know i will help you.

Claclap perfect ,)

Thanks a lot Reims ;)

Excellent job! :)

Thanks a lot ThemeRox ;)

I really love your design. I purchased one, but I don’t know how to install it. I cannot find that “zip file”. could you help me ?

Hello Yiki. Thank you for your kind words. This is not WordPress Theme, this is HTML5 template and it can not be installed as WordPress theme.

oops?too excited to check it?thanks

I want to purchase this theme, but will it work for Wix? Wix.com since we have HTML5? Please let me know ASAP this theme is amazing! Thanks bro

Yes it is easy you just need some basic text editor i am using sublime ( http://www.sublimetext.com/ ), or you can use notepad++ . You need to open those files in one of these editors and edit as you wish. After you finished you need to upload those files on server ( as you did before ) and that is all. And please if you like the template , don’t forget to rate! Thanks

Great! This is one of the best templates I’ve ever seen online bro seriously I had to get out of Wix lol

Thank you very much for that, i really appreciate that :)

Hi, I used bluehost, I was trying to host it, but it didn’t work. Could suggest some host web that support this Theme? Thanks a lot..

Here is the small tutorial that i found for you, how to upload HTML template using BlueHost!

If you are still confused or don’t know how to upload template, you can hire someone to do that for you.

Hi, dear author, thanks for your patient. I appreciate. I will learn, and still really like your template.

Thank you so much :)


May I know if PHP files are provided for the Blog Posts examples.



Hello jenny, This is HTML template so HTML files are provided not PHP! Thanks

Hey, I purchased you theme. Must say i do love it. I have a question about how make the blog comments work. If someone wants to leave a comment on a blog what do I need to do to make it work. Right now nothing happens.

This is not a WordPress theme and even if you install WordPress in your hosting you can not make blog to work ( posting, comments etc.. ) .

This is HTML template which means this is static page and it can be only modified manually by opening each HTML file.

But when talking about blog, HTML templates in most cases have a blog, but that blog is non-working, which means it is done only “design” part of the blog and NOT “functionality” part.

Ok, so I need to write some php so that when someone wants to comment it will send me an email and then i can post the comment?

You will be able to post a comment if you convert this template into a WordPress theme.

How is a contact form that can somehow add to select the department to which you want to send a message?

Well as you sadid that is the problem and nobody can guarantee that, and the best way is to hire someone that you know personally.

Where can I change the font color? For example, with maroon to green?

Go to css/base.css, then find body and change the color value from #6b6b6b to green. In the base.css you can change general settings, but if you want to change specific page element go to css/master.css and find that element and change the css as you wish.

Great Theme, fine work. Use it on my domain and i like it very much. Will you convert it to any CMS? Wordpress, Concrete5 or other.

Thank you so much for kind words, i really don’t know and i can’t promise that, currently i am working on another HTML template, but if i decide to make a WordPress theme i will let you know or you can subscribe to follow the next themes and updates.

Thanks so much grandt :)

HELP! http://i60.tinypic.com/qy70pf.png... I’ve tried everything I could to line them up next to each other I literally took the whole day trying to figure it out trying to line it up with the navigation menu.. Any advice?

As i said you need to know css coding. Please send me email and screenshot of what you want.


I figured it out bro! I’ve been learning a lot lately, what I’m trying to figure out now is how to resize the slider. Can you give me a quick tutorial :) Thanks!

If you want to resize revolution slider ( Main Home Slider ) you need to go to js/custom.js and find function initRevSlider() and you can customize attributes “startwidth” and “startheight”. Also it would be nice if you read slider documentation that comes with the template.

If you want to customize slider on “single-project” page just navigate to css/master.css and find “PROJECT SINGLE PAGE” section and change height or width of “p-item-holder ” class.

Hey, thanks for the great template!

Of course, I’m here for a reason. :) Trying to set top-menu-nav to center just isn’t working right. Best I can get by tweaking 227-239 of master.css is for the items to stack vertically in the center of the menu, and I feel I’m just missing something obvious. (if it matters, I’m using

  • for the individual menu items, see next part as to why)

    Sorta related, I’d like to tell the menu to not change to a dropdown menu when at small screen sizes (read: phone), but to stay as is (including the hover/touch-to-display-menu action). I’m using an iconned menu instead of text, so I’ve got the room all the items

  • Erm, that is, “I’m using <li class="back-to-default" /> for the individual menu items”.

    Hello there,

    1). If you want to center the top menu you need to modify your code to looks like this:

    2.) If you want to “disable” drop down menu and back to normal menu please follow these steps:

    Please if you like the template don’t forget to rate!