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Seeing CSS issues. I cannot use the custom CSS section because the code shows at the top. Same as other user mentioned.

Still doesn’t work. This was CSS I pasted into the Custom CSS field…

.top-bar {background: #3f454a};

It just shows this text above the top section.

I also tried…

.top-bar {background: #3f454a;}

Still no luck.

Please try below 2 lines instead of above line

<style type=”text/css”>

.top-bar {background: #3f454a};

Hi. Is there dark theme option?

Unfortunately, No

Found an issue. Possibly two, both with IE 10. On the home page the 3 blocks below the main large picture (Article Marketing, SEO Services, and Social Marketing) have issues. Specifically, if you roll your mouse over the Social Marketing box the blue does not immediately show up. It seems to get stuck.

The other issue is with the text that slides in on the middle slide. The text is showing dots across the screen.

Please email screenshot of issues

What email should I use? I cannot find yours.

Please email me through my Profile page . Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there

Do you have any idea why these elements are not align horizontal equally?

Please email me screenshot

I can’t get the slider to work! Why does this theme don’t have stand alone or independent slider??? :(

Please read documentation in documentation folder

Hi there – Great looking theme and amazing design skills!!

I need help to change the link value of the “Learn More >” buttons on the home page for the [iconbox1] shortcodes? I would like each one to link to a different page of my website. Thanks in advance.

Please try below line

[iconbox1 link=”http://link” link_text=”Continue reading”]


My download doesn’t appear to include any of the following:

1. Includes Amazing Revolution Slider Plugin – $15 Value! 2. The Awesome Awesome Parallax Layer Slider Plugin – $15 Value! 3. The Awesome Visual Composer for WordPress Plugin – $25 Value! 4. Icon Set: Powered by kh2838 SEO Services Icons http://graphicriver.net/item/seo-services-icons/3337523

Can you advise on how to get them?


Please read documentation in documentation folder ,you can find your answer

How can i put the revolution slider to 100% width??

select “Full Width” in Slider Type

I am having difficulty changing the background of the pages. If I select a ‘custom color’ from the Theme Options -> Background page, that does show up.. however, any selection of an existing background image, or upload of a new one does not appear.

I have grabbed the latest functions.zip listed in some of the previous comments, and that DID fix the alignment issues others are asking about, but did not seem to help with this problem.

Thank you so much!

Please email me screenshot of issues

I Bought this theme today, First of all the theme is Great, I Installed it on a my site, I pasted Home 1 demo code, every thing was working fine bust Nav Tabs are not Working.Please Help!!!

Link to My Site http://www.icityhyderabad.com Please check here Nav Tabs(Section-2) In Home demo 1, NOT WORKING


The Above ScreenShot Was in INTERNET EXPLORER, The tiles was Visible.

Now Below Was In Google Chrome, Titles Was not Visible.



Solve this Please!!!

That Problem Was Solved, Very Very Sorry About the above Post, I installed Adblocker for Chrome So i couldn’t See The titles in Chrome, When I pause It am able to See them. Even though has a doubt Why is adblocker Blocking Those Big titles…..

I’m glad your problem was solved.

Two questions: 1) Why does the demo content look so different on live site than it does on the themeforest demo example. Spacing is all screwed up, nothing aligns. 2) Where do I find the cool icons you use throughout the demo site on theme forest. I’ve been searching through the download files and can’t seem to find them.

Thanks for your assistance.

1) For fix Spacing issue, Please download last version

2) find icons in images folder

How do I remove the “Learn More” completely from [iconbox1]?

Please find shortcodes.php in classes folder and go to line 398 and remove this line
<a href="'. $link .'" class="magicmore">'. $link_text .'</a>

hi I am trying to activate the theme and I see this error

Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /usr/share/wordpress/wp-content/themes/quentin/nc-options/nc-options.php on line 1594

Please help.

Thanks. upgrading to 3.5 did solve the problem.

I got the error fixed . However using the demo page, I am having alignment issues… I will send email

ok, after I loaded this functions.php My site just went down and I see this error in log WordPress database error Table ‘enotificationsweb.wp_shortcodes’ doesn’t exist for query SELECT * FROM wp_shortcodes ORDER BY ID made by require_once(‘wp-admin/admin.php’), require_once(‘wp-load.php’), require_once(‘wp-config.php’), require_once(‘wp-settings.php’), include_once(’/plugins/shortcode-generator/shortcode-generator.php’), shortcodeGenerator->shortcodeGenerator, shortcodeGenerator->get_shortcodes

I created the table using the short code generator documentation . but still gettign the error PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method webnus_options::webnus_portfolio_image_width() in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/quentin/functions.php on line 151

1> Please download last version for fix line-up issue

2>theme has no problem and this error related to conflict with a plug-in that you have installed

Hi, Can You Tell Me how to add extra “Phone Number” Column In Contact Form. —-Thanx :)

Please check your email

Thanx Man!!! You are Awesome!!!


The spacing issue does not appear to have been fixed with last download, this is on latest version of chrome and I.E 9 too, have you any ideas of an ETA for fix please?

Okay, thanks for the prompt reply. We saw a few other problems, but we will install the updated functions file and see if it helps.

please email me detail of problems

For fix Spacing issue, Please download last version

Thanks for the nice theme. Question: I need to have a more traditional banner across the top of each page rather than the default smallish logo. What could I do to accomplish this? (Note: I am fine with editing PHP and CSS). Thanks in advance.

Ok, please send me your request in detail via email

Hi, This theme looks great! I have a simple question.. How much of the colors and backgrounds are customizable in the admin panel? Is most everything customizable, or would I have to dig through the CSS? Thanks!

backgrounds are fully customizable also you can set your custom color skin for this theme through theme options

In the WEBNUS Theme Options panel, there are a LOT of different choices for fonts utilizing google’s webfonts, however selecting a new one does not actually load/use the font.

Is there a step I am missing (like manually loading fonts), or should this control panel be updating the CSS to automatically load from google’s cdn?

Again – fantastic theme! And amazing support from the author who is very on top of responding to all of our questions and requests.

Thank you for your attention.

Google font issue fixed and we are waiting for approve new version If you are in hurry, please send an email and we will send required files and instruction

Hi i have an issue, none of the images are lining up.

Probably you’ve downloaded theme a few days ago. you have two choice for fix issue

1> download last version of theme

2> download functions.php file by below link and and replace existing file

http://webnus2.net/quentin-wp-fxd/functions.zip New version will be uploaded

Thanks, i redownloaded it and its working. However my webnus theme options is blank.

theme has no problem and this error related to conflict with a plug-in that you have installed - Please email me Admin user/pass. Maybe we can help you