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Is there away to make the slide content in LayerSlider WP always align center regardless of screen size? I set it to 50% and it is still off the screen when I go to different screen monitor.

type your slider width into the Global Settings and turn on the Responsive option

Hi friends…great theme…congratulations. I have de same issue with the horizontal align…but, when I change the file functions.php, appears this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method webnus_options::webnus_portfolio_image_width() in /home/pacic534/public_html/www.paci.cl/wp-content/themes/quentin/functions.php on line 151” I don´t have any plugin installed.

Can you help me with that? Thanks

please download last version of theme

Thanks guys…it´s working now.

Hi, why is the live preview down?

There is no problem !!!!!


Can you tell me how to change/create the writing underneath header menu items? eg: Home (All Start Here)

its mentioned in documentation “Menu Setting” section

Thank you, my bad. Must have missed it somehow.

I keep having this problem with the slider on Quentin

LayerSlider: jQuery Transit issue It looks like one of your other plugins also uses jQuery Transit and loads an extra copy of this library which can cause issues. Please navigate on your WordPress admin area to edit this slider and enable the “Put JS includes to body” option in your Global Settings under the Troubleshooting section.

Where do i go to stop this?

Please contact with LayerSlider author

Hi, Is there a reason why there are references to classes such as reklam2, related_post_google_ad, rbFooterSponsors, etc on home page? These can be seen using google chrome inspect element tool? These classes have display:none property. I did a site wide saerch in dreamweaver but cannot locate the files or references. t is only visible when searched with inspect element tool.

Please email me screenshot

Hi guys. If you see (http://www.paci.cl/blog-3/) on the main Blog page, the header is purple with white letters. But. if you make click on the post, the header change to white (http://www.paci.cl/2013/05/31/probando-post/)

And the Sidebar dissapear (I´ve configurated with the same sidebar that the main blog page)

How can I fix that?


Please email a screenshot of issue

Ok but…how can I send you and email with images? On the email settings on Themeforest it´s not allowed attach images. Thanks

our email address is webnus.net@gmail.com

I have pre-purchase question: This theme looks awesome!!! Is there a limitation to the logo size. It looks like in header 3-6 that a banner header would fit. The logo for the site I am about to build is a 900px banner.

Thanks for your interest

There isn’t any limitation for the logo size.You can use logo in any size that you want.

I cant find the slider, or the documentation, menu setting. I checked the download, looking for the Plugins, so I an add a slider. Everything else looks great, the shortcodes are very nice.

Please advise, been searching around to find something to point me to these plugins.

You can find plug-ins in recommensedd_plugins folder with full documentation

Within the demo code, the learn more boxes, are not aligned, I was hoping to use the demo code for faster set up.

How can I align the boxes. Same with the circles just below the “How We Do” in demo code 1.

Please download last version

Hi, well I found the plugins in the documentation, but as I install them as a .zip, it says there is no file and the install fails.

I have used WP for years, not sure what I am doing wrong here. Please advise. Thanks.

Please follow me, install a plug-in process (for example Layer Slider)

Navigate to Recommended-Plugins folder and extract “layerslider-responsive-wordpress-slider-plugin.zip” file the on your machine and you can find ” layersliderwp-4.5.5.installable.zip” file and documentation of plug-in. Now you should install “layersliderwp-4.5.5.installable.zip” file

Ok, found it. After I clicked on the .zip plugin, a new installable .zip appeared, Its been a while I guess Thanks

Hello, we have the following problem: style.css in child theme does not work. Theme is installed correctly. *.php template files placed in child theme work fine… function.php also works correctly. The only problem is style.css – using Firebug I can see that connects style file from the parent theme. In what could be the problem?

Please send an email, We will send you a modified file

Thank you for your prompt response, I decided to abandon the use of child theme :l

Anyway, we are ready to help you

I am having pretty much the same issue as vandikumar7 had on the previous page, except I purchased and downloaded the theme today and my elements do not align horizontally. Is there any thing available to fix this issue?

Please download last version

Uninstalled and re installed and everything seems to be working fine.

Hi, could you help me change the “learn more” links for the info boxes on the homepage, so they can link to different pages, not just one? Thanks

Glad your problem was solved

dw I’ve figured it out

What about my question?

Please send an email, We will send you a modified file

Hi Webnus!

I’ve got this template and I am having issues integrating it with woocommerce 2.0.10 – woocommerce simply doesn’t consider the Quentin template and works with a separate look and feel.

How can we make the template to work with Woocommerce ? ... any ideas will be highly appreciated.



Please email us Screenshot of issue

hello there,,

i want to buy this themes.. but i want to know something.. can i have your email for my confidence? i’m first time use themforest.. you can email me at williamkarta89@yahoo.co.id



Please email me through my Profile page . Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there

hello there..

i try to pay with paypall but there is an error… here the error code…

Return to merchant and try a different payment method We are not able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please return to the merchant’s website and try using a different payment method (if available).

so any idea how to the bill?

Please contact Envato support


I really like the theme. It looks great. I am really interested in buying it but before I would like to get some more details please.

1. Does blog has social buttons like Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin? 2. Is it possible to change the style of icons as I would like to use that theme for a yoga teacher website? Is it difficult to do? 3. Would this theme be compatible with other plugins? I would be particularly interested in applying Schedule Plugin ex. http://www.birchpress.com/products/scheduler-pro

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards Shamack

Thanks for your interest 1) Yes, it is possible 2) Yes, easily 3) This theme is compatible with all plugins