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Hi there,

I recently emailed you about my theme options not working. I have uploaded the nc-options.php and wc-options.php. however it is still not working. I’ve emailed you my ftp detail. Thanks

We’ve responded to your email. But if you have not changed You can download the latest version

Hello, a few of the recommended plugin seem to be out-of-date, and the one is breaking my site. Do I need to purchase it for $25 in order to get the site working?

The one giving fatal error is Visual Composer for WordPress

Please download last version of theme. We’ve used the latest version available on May 30. But if there is any mistake, in the next release of them we will upload the latest version of Visual Composer

Hi, yes I have your latest version, but if you look at Visual Composer’s page, they’ve recently released a new version as of June 8th 2013. http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-for-wordpress/242431

Also, it now restricts us from updating it ourselves without having had bought it ourselves originally. It asks for purchase keys and whatnot before it will update itself. Thanks.

Hi – Love, love, love this theme so far! I need the settings you used for the LayerSlider for your demo (home page 1 + header 1) option. I am having difficulty making it be full width and responsive as well to resize with screen and I am assuming I have some simple settings incorrect in the global settings for the slider. Can you assist? Thanks!

Please find layer slider import file in xml folder (layerslider-import) and import this file. All settings will be applied

Hi for some reason when I add in the logos on the home page the logos display only on every second position. What am I doing wrong? Cheers

Please email us Screenshot of issue

I solved the problem thanks. I was adding a media image but should have just included the url.

I have problem with Theme Options: Can you help me?

my be there is a conflict with other plug-in, Please email me URL and admin user/pass. we will check it

Thanks. What’s your email?

Please email me through my Profile page . Scroll down the page (bottom right) and you’ll see the contact form in there

We are having an issue with creating content outside of the Visual Composer. So we do not have the Visual Composer on on the page and we use the standard Visual editor for Wordpress and Add Media does not work (you can ONLY use the add image button on the editor that requires a url and not select from the media library). Also you cannot just type as you normally would in the visual editor and have your paragraphs created, etc, you must actually use the paragraph shortcode [p] and [/p] or all of your text is ran together as one big paragraph. Any thoughts? These two items are major efficiency drains when creating sites with tons of pages, images, etc. Visual composer is cool, but it doesn’t work well when needing to clone content from site to site, etc and we actually like the shortcodes in the visual editor with this theme better than those offered in the visual composer tool. Thanks!

in the next release of theme we will upload the latest version of Visual Composer

One more thing – links -

Any time I create link within a page, whether it is an image or text, email address or click through, the theme turns it into a tiny left aligned image and puts a gray line above it. Any thoughts?

!!!Please email us Screenshot of issue

hello .. like I can change the language to Spanish theme?

thanks … I’ve read the documentation, I found the folder languages ??four files (defaul.po and defaul.mo) (es_ES.po and es_ES.mo) that came with the package. What I want is to switch to Spanish but es_ES.po files are already translated and the template is in English. I’m wrong somewhere or I can do? This is the file that is in the folder languages https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-Dj3UZpe3VAk/UbmxoC9iT2I/AAAAAAAAAGU/43pr-lu3RvI/w170-h120-no/Capture.PNG

es_ES.po and es_ES.mo are sample files and You must translate this theme yourself. for this purpose you need to have theme default file. Please send us an email and in response we will send default file

Hi, absolutely loving your theme. I’m running into a couple buggy issues.

First though, I can’t seem to find the ReadMe file. The one in the root folder references another file, yet I can’t locate it. Any ideas?

Also, I am attempting to use the accordion element on this page: http://clients.directplacement.co/dp2013/services/google-search-engine-marketing/

The first item is not displaying properly, and then when clicking on a subsequent item, will no longer re-open at all. I have scoured the shortcode to ensure there aren’t open brackets, etc. Any suggestions?

Please send me an email for detail response

I have a question, I imported the .xml file but the demo data did not import every page that you have on the demo site.

If you go to http://ap.accesstestsites.com/ which is the website I am installing it on, and under the Home menu “Home 2 + Header 2” goes to your demo site http://webnus2.net/quentin-wp/?page_id=339&header_type=3&notopbar. I looked under my page lists and those pages were not imported.

Can you please provide the .XML with all of the pages that’s exactly like the demo site? Thank you :)

Please send me an email

Hey, love the template, one slight issue and it could be my setup.

Image below, it seems to have shifted the items down the page after the first one – i have tried all of the home page types and it happens with all of the items.


thanks will do now. appreciate the reply

All fixed – cheers.


where is LayerSlider “Purchase code”


Please read themeforest Licenses rule

Everything is just fine! Thank you for your great work.

Hi! I set the slide but it does not appear on this homepage when I click publish. what should I do?. Please help me



Please drag slider widget and drop to HomeSlider sidebar

How can i change site language? Thank you.

Please send me an email and read “How to Translate” section in documentation

Hi There, Unfortunately the default.po is empty. Can you provide us a corrected one?

Thanks, T.

Please send me an email and read “How to Translate” section in documentation

Thanks, we know how to translate themes. Unfortunately this Theme has many parts that are not included in .po.

I need your email address. i want to send you po file. Please send me an email!!!!!!

Hi There, Has this Theme be tested in a multi site environment? No CSS changes take effect. Neither with the Themes Menu (they a appear on top of the header, nor within child theme.

Any idea, what we can do?

Thanks, T.

We tried , there is no problem. Please email me screenshot of issue

Well, we couldn’t install the theme in a subdirectory and we’ve had to add some code to child functions.php to make cild css work.

I have tried this theme in all browsers thinking there may have been a browser issue. I am still having issues with the following:

1) Icon Box 1 – Where in the world do you enter the link for the Learn More button? I even looked through tht edemo code, but the icon boxes there do not link to anything so a bad example.

2) Paragraphs not working within shortcodes. Must use [p] shortcode in visual editor for any paragraphs to take and cannot use

in Text editor at all. Inside shortcodes (for instance Icon Box) shortcodes don’t work, ie [p] to create paragraphs and must use

code – HOWEVER, when you reload and make a change to that page if you do not do it in the TEXT editor you lose any

formatting and your text turns into one big blob upon updating page.

3) When trying to use Visual Composer, if I add a Text box for instance and try to utilize some of the theme shortcodes within the text box, many of the “shortcode” set up boxes load BEHIND visual composer and cannot b used.

4) Theme is running extraordinarily slow between changes (new pages, posts, etc) from the dashboard. All of our other themes and sites are okay. This slow down only began after loading this theme. Have you heard of anyone else having this issue, are there any known scripts trying to run that may be bad, etc causing the slow down? I love this theme, but goodness took me like two hours to build out one very simple page.

Any thoughts/advise on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

1- [iconbox1-item title=”Box 1 Item Title” img=”http://link-to-image” link_text=”Text” link=”http://example.com”]

2- This feature is intended for the convenience of using short codes. You can delete this feature

3- Please email me screenshot of issue

4- So far this problem has not been reported

In your reply on #2 – you stated we can delete the feature that requires us to use the paragraph shortcode to create paragraphs rather than just having paragraphs naturally recognized in the WYSIWYG editor. How do we go about removing this feature so paragraphs work normally and won’t require a shortcode?

Please remove below line from function.php

remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop');

One more question in regard to the icon box – I found an earlier comment with the same question about the “learn more” link and tried to add the code as listed. However, no matter what I do it is # . For instance, here is the code I used:


Save and reload the page and It is http://my-website.com/# on mouse over. What am I missing/doing wrong?

[iconbox1-item title=”Box 1 Item Title” img=”http://link-to-image” link_text=”Text” link=”http://example.com”]

Is there a way to get rid of the blank area above the [navtab] – See screenshot below:

You should change the css file. Please send your request via email.