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Twitter feed widget stopped working on site. Has this got anything to do with the new twitter API 1.1 update?

The new API will be update very soon

Another question for you. Upon setting up the blog page and choosing the “Timeline” layout (which I love by the way), I can navigate and view that page fine and it loads. It takes forever to load, however because it is loading every blog post we have ever made. If I go to Settings and under Reading set the blog to my created blog page – it strips the css (title bar color, title text) and the layout.

Have you had anyone else experience this and is there a fix?

Ok! You need to change php files manually. Please email me screenshot of your desired state then we will send you edited files.

I am confused as to what you want me to email you a screen shot of – could you clarify? Basically we just want to use the Timeline blog layout, but need to be able to select the blog page in Settings—Reading so we can control the number of posts it initially tries to load to like 10 at a time (per page) rather than it trying to load all of them at once to one page. I’d be happy to send a screenshot, just not sure of what….


Please copy content of blog-timeline.php to index.php

You can use this code to make latest tweets work without OUATH libs:


That code only needs widget id from twitter user account.

Regards, Yandalf.

Thank you :)

Hi, need a little help. I encountered the following problem: adding a menu item on the 6th – found a bug (see screenshot – http://clip2net.com/s/5govhP ). This menu item when you change the screen resolution behaves very unpredictable – in some browsers simply disappears, and in some – moves down. Help solve this problem please.

Smaller font does not help….

Distinguished author, in this case, please HIGHLIGHT in the advertising banner of his theme – the menu includes not more than 5, each consisting of not more than 6 characters

My dear friend you have many choices for menu, for example you can use “Menu Layout 4” or “Menu Layout 5” in Theme option>Header option for the large number of menus. Also, remember a part of the menu space is occupied by your wide logo; Otherwise you could have at least six items in your menu with Menu Layout 2

Good luck


Your website suspended!

In connection with this my customer website in wp-admin dashboard image.

Thank you for your notification

Issue fixed and now template preview is available

What about my question?

Your question has been answered

When will you have the template preview back online?

I like to view the template for reference


Issue fixed and now template preview is available

live preview is not working

Thanks for your notification, Reported Issue fixed and live preview is available

Great Job, I like your theme! Just help me with something, in our clients how can I put them all together?, I have just 5 and they’re separate so you have to slide, thanks, http://sagagolfmallorca.com

Please delete anchor tag in ourclient list

HI, thanks for a great template.

I am however getting an error, when trying to view the single post portfolio pages. All i get is a 404 error. I have changed the slug for portfolios in the theme options, and afterwards i started getting the 404 error. Any help possible on this issue?

Thanks again.

Please email me URL

For some reason, the mobile menu does not appear on single.php pages for me.


Please email me URL and Admin user/pass

when i go to one of my pages, i want to insert the pricing table but I do not want the per month text after the price. I also do not see a pricing table 1 or a featured pricing table.

There are several examples in the demo xml. You can also use the sample short code in pricing page

please find line 189 in style.css then change
ul#main-ibox li.active9 { width:40%; 
ul#main-ibox li.active9 { width:36%; 

Thanks WEBNUS.

Hello Guys!

Everytime I try to activate WPBakery Visual Composer Plugin it returns Fatal Error, how can I activate the plugin?

I’m using the last version of the theme, so I think the plugin is the last version as well…



The new version will be available early next week

i am unable to import demo content its showing Failed to import

Do help :(

Please read “Setting Up as Demo Site >Install Issue” in documentation

Is any there to help, i am trying to import demo content but its saying failed to import

Please read “Setting Up as Demo Site >Install Issue” in documentation


Please see my blog page http://alpha1.com.au/how_business_owners_can_buy_theirpremises_using_their_super_part1/

You will notice that the css for the ul check is different line spacing, font colour, size etc than the [p]. Where do I go into shortcodes to change the css?

Cheers Nichola

Please find “base.css” in “css” folder

thank you.

Hello. Is there a way to use the ‘Portfolio’ template, but display only 1 category? A php solution works too.

Liking this theme so far. Thank you.

Plaese disable isotope filtering in theme options

Hi How do I make the google map on the contact page responsive?

Cheers Nichola

Set <iframe width=”100%”

DO NOT BUY THIS THEME , IT’s CRAP. Nothing works as it should. CSS is very poor !

how did you come to this conclusion? We’ve never received any email or comment from you.

What is your Problem ??!!!!!!!

ok, my apologies, i’ve might have jumped into conclusion. it’s just that in the beginning everything jumped from here to there. But now it does seem more steady. thanks for the theme !

Thanks for your professional behavior