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Thank you for your great support and fast response to my emails.

I love your theme :)

I am trying to upload the zip files for the plugins and its telling that there is files to upload …

Plug-in installation for example visual composer

Please navigate to Recommended-Plugins folder and extract “visual-composer-for-wordpress.zip” file on your machine and you can find ”js_composer.zip” file and documentation of plug-in. Now you should install “js_composer.zip” file

Can you please back to me i have this problems The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Theme Install

For install the theme , unzip the file that you downloaded from themeforest (QUENTIN-WP.zip) and there you would find theme (quentin.zip) file and upload it via wordpress installer. for more information read documentation.

Plug-in installation for example visual composer

Please navigate to Recommended-Plugins folder and extract “visual-composer-for-wordpress.zip” file on your machine and you can find ”js_composer.zip” file and documentation of plug-in. Now you should install “js_composer.zip” file

Thanks I did that already and the plugins were upload it , but it seems like this template is more complicate that I tho , there is any tutorial or any guide to fallow about how to install it properly … this them needs lots programming skills which we dont have … no really easy

You don’t need programming skills, you jest need wordpress skill. Please read documentation in documentation folder and follow instruction

Having a problem with the author box not showing up? the option is highlighted yes, is there a author box styled for this theme?

Which template you’ve used for your blog, please email me URL and tell me more detail about your problem

How much you will charge me install the template and look like the original ? and then after that I can change colors, fonts, pictures and content I am having a hard time installing this template. I don;t how to install the front page that is what I need. Also the sliders

Please read documentation in documentation folder and follow instruction

I’ve sent this author a lot of emails to help me because I prefer not having my requests published here but didn’t respond to any. I’m very very very disappointed.

Hi, katedrb

Till now, we have answered all of your questions. Questions that have been answered (May 23 up to may 27 with 7 emails). Text of questions and answers are available. At the end we are ready to answer your questions willingly


when i set the slider to full width ( appearance -> skin -> fullwidth dark ) it doesn’t go full width.

thanks for helping !

Please set Sliderwidth=100% in “Global Settings” and turn off Full-width in slider option

ok, thank you, this helped !


I’m trying to embed google map on the default template ( as we have multiple addresses. )

But they don’t seem to show up ? i only get the link “view larger” .

Thank you for the fast support !

for show google map on contact page please copy/pase full embed code of google map in “Google Map Embed Source” in “General” section of Theme Options.

but if you want to use full width map in other pages pase it on bloxgray shrotcode

Hi webnus (sorry for bothering you this much :) ), i tried to do this, but no succes. it’s not working as on the contact page. have a look: http://www.aexistest.be/TOP/contact-2/

my settings are like this ( same as documentation ): src=”https://maps.google.be/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=208614392240799902171.0004e0b16a93e49855c60&hl=nl&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=51.055207,4.361572&spn=0.604249,1.757813&z=9&output=embed” height=”490” width=”100%” frameborder=”0” marginwidth=”0” marginheight=”0” scrolling=”no”></iframe> [/bloxdark]

Hi yannickpeeters Please email me Admin user/pass

Hi There,

the image alignment doesn’t work. Within the editor everything is fine but not at the front end. What can I do?

Thanks, T.

I need an email address. Via PM I can’t send attachments.

It would be nice, if you could help me. It is kind of urgent. If that problem is not solvable I might need to change theme. Thanks.

We send email address

Hi, Is there any option to use icon box by shortcode? I want icon boxes without links!

Hi, saranprabu

You can find shortcode button in editor

For remove iconbox, you should edit shortcode.php

Hi There,

The page options don’t work in Child Theme. At least not in our multisite environment. Problem, we need it as we need to translate some parts manually due to missing .po entries etc.

Any idea to solve the problem?


Hi, elbnetz

Basically theme options does not work in the child theme. for use po file please download latest version of theme (1.0.5). if you have any other question about translate, please send me an email.


Is there a way to add a custom field to the Portfolio item? I need to add a URL field for external web address, then when the portfolio item thumbnail is clicked, it goes to the URL site.

Hi, evantell This feature does not exist in the theme options and you should change php code

I can change the php code, but I am having hard time locating the php file. Could you tell me which php file that responsible for portfolio?

Ok! Please email me screenshot of your desired state then we will send you edited files.

Hello .. I set up the theme but honestly the documentation that your provide its very simple I am need more …. I few question. Why my tweets does not appear in the theme. How do we set up the clients logo or picture Gallery. 3 How do we add an extra contact info on the top of the left menu.

Hi, Wappinme

1> Please download latest version and read documentation about Twitter 2> Use ourclients short code for clients logo 3> For add an extra contact info you need to change php code

Thanks WEBNUS by the way How do i change “learn more” I want it to be in spanish so can you help with that? And where do I download the doc?

Please download latest version (1.0.5) and read “How to Translate” section in documentation

Hey Webnus, couple of questions for you.

I have your theme and love it, just having a couple of issues with formatting.

I don’t seem to be able to move the blog sidebar to the left, its breaking the page formatting (also loose footer). http://tinypic.com/r/rhk7tj/5

I have tried the single post option to move in the Theme options and the edit page options.

I have just installed the latest theme version above – still not working.


(ps – i have tried deactivating every plugin as well)


Hi, coreaspect

Thanks for your kind comment.For fix this issue, Please open sidebar.php and remove last line.
<div class="vertical-space1" />

twitter on footer dont work! any solution?

Please download latest version and read documentation

Hello Webnus, thanks for your great template. Unfortunatly, I met 2 problems : - the horizontal gray bar doen’t appar when you watch a post, so we can’t “modify the post” by this way. I use Chrome and Firefox and the bug appear on the boath (screenshot here : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/708/sdjp.jpg/) - i need to display the sidebar on every post, on the right. It is working on the list on posts, but not on a post (display of one post). Where to fix it please (I didnt find it on the documentation and if i try to do it manuelaly on each post, it is also not working) Thanks and have a nice day.

Hi, Thanks for your purchase

1>I didn’t understand what you mean about “horizontal gray bar”, please email me screenshot .

2>To select sidebar for posts, please refer to Blog section in theme option

Thanks for your anwer by email and your update !

Now how do we update the visual composer file? And what documentation you are telling us to download? please Webnus ..can you be specific ? in the documentation does not tell us how ti do it …. sorry to bother you , but this should be easy for us to do it and not to bother you , so we would like you to put more instructions on the doc easy to fallow. Thanks

Probably you have selected “Installable Wordpess file only” instead of “All files & documentation” in Downloads page. Downloaded file size should be approximately 19 MB

No sir , remember once we download here we only have one option which is download file again … So I am reviewing that once again and I can’t get that file, I tried to upload a sip file “js_composer.zip” via wordpress and and give an error … now in the visual composer folder there is 2 files one u says not use it so the other say nothing this is all i got.

Please email me admin user/pass

All my sentences are running together. How do I fix this problem, it only happens with this theme. I have updated to the newest version of the theme.

Please email screenshot

Visual Composer has a support forum ticket with this issue but I have to be logged in to view it. Since I don’t have a license I cant log in.


I have version 3.6.6, even if I disable it your theme still disregards my line breaks in the wordpress visual composer.

Default theme works fine and adds line breaks, such as when you hit return or enter in the visual editor.

Please email me Admin user/pass