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hola..tengo un problemma con los tag y categorías no funcionan, si hago clic sobre una categoría o tag, va a la pagina, según la url que corresponde a esa categoría, pero los contenidos son los mismos de la url principal, no cambia nada..sera que me pueden ayudar :(

Issue fixed

Thanks webnus :grin:


Great job with the theme.

I am trying to create sections of the a page with different background colours. You do this effectively on some pages but the ones I have checked are just standard styles as part of the shortcodes (e.g. the Home page has the section Recent Works with a different background from the one before and after).

What is the best way to create this effect? I suspect I should be able to do this in Visual Composer rows by editing a row and adding an extra class name.

Is this the best way to do it? If it is, how should I alter/add the theme classes so that it doesn’t get written over with theme updates?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi, Please use [bloxdark] and [bloxgray] shortcodes. these two shorcodes create a parallex section and each of them can have its own background. [bloxdark] with white writing and [bloxgray] with dark writing

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hello Webnus,

I use the “Home 1 demo code” from your decoumentation and I want to change the link “Learn more” on my homepage, on the “iconbox1-item” part, but I can’t find the place to change it.

This is your code : [iconbox1-item title="Article Marketing" img="http://webnus2.net/quentin/images/s-c-ico2.png"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit mobile devices. [/iconbox1-item]

Where to change the link on “Learn more” please ? Thanks you and have a nice day.

[iconbox1-item title="Box 1 Item Title" img="http://link-to-image" link="#" link_text="Learn More"]

It’s working, thanks you Webnus !

From an SEO perspective I want the body content to start with my pages content and not navigation or social media or call us today etc. I noticed you use the <header> tag. I googled it but could not find any SEO info on whether data inside the <header> tags is ignored by the search engines?

If it is ignored then this would be good as the all the menu’s text would not be considered as the content of the page for SEO.

But then is there a way to easily do the same for the top call us and social media icons?

The last thing is my twitter recent posts is not showing I have everything configured correct and tried a few times any suggestions?

Hi, 1>Everything has been considered about SEO, Please email me screenshot of issue 2> download latest version and read documentation for fix twitter issue

Hello, i’m ussing your theme in a client website, In documentation do mention a quentin.po and quentin.mo that I can’t find to translate this theme to spanish language, I only find a default.po and default.mo but only have strings for backend admin interface, please I need to solve this

I know how translate a wordpress, my question is about files that you mention in you documentation and doesn’t appear inside the package, named quentin.po and quentin.mo

I only found default.po and deafault.mo and do not correspond to the front web translation, only the admin side

You can open default.po in poedit and after translte save as es_ES for Spanish

Other thing is about Child Theme, when I install Child Theme does’nt work anymore, how I fix that. Portfolio, widgets and other options desapears

Please email me detail your problem ans also admin url and user/pass

Hello Webnus. I almost finished my website and I am looking for the code to create a table like on your exemple on the page “Elements”. Unfortunatly, I can’t find it on the documentation and the extension “Visual Composer” is not working on my website. Can you just give me the code for a table please ? Thanks you very much and have a nice day !

<table class="table table-bordered table-striped" />

Ok, just a CSS class ! Thanks !

When I add a link element & an image to the ‘OurClients’ shortcode, I get 2 list html items. Wordpress Code

[ourclients title="Associate Members"]
<a href="http://www.myasd.com/" target="_blank"><img alt="ASD Logo" src="../wp-content/uploads/2013/07/ASDLogo.jpg" /></a>

I get the following HTML generated:

<li class="jcarousel-item jcarousel-item-horizontal jcarousel-item-1 jcarousel-item-1-horizontal" style="float: left; list-style: none outside none;" jcarouselindex="1">
<a target="_blank" href="http://www.myasd.com/"></a>

<li class="jcarousel-item jcarousel-item-horizontal jcarousel-item-2 jcarousel-item-2-horizontal" style="float: left; list-style: none outside none;" jcarouselindex="2">
<a target="_blank" href="http://www.myasd.com/">
<img src="../wp-content/uploads/2013/07/ASDLogo.jpg" alt="ASD Logo" />

How can can I get a link associated with the image for the ‘OurClients’ shortcode?


tag and link added by WordPress (inset media) and you can edit or remove it

Hi Webnus…

I tried that and I am getting multiple LI items which results in blank items in the scroller. See attached screenshot

Here is the link to bigger image


Please email me admin user/pass

How to use custom css? It’s not working.

We would like to change background color and border colors for the header top menu and we used the code below in custom css section:

.top-bar { background: linear-gradient(#F0F1F3, #E3E4E7) repeat scroll 0 0 #FCFCFC; border-bottom: 1px solid #D2D5D9; }

Can you help asap please?

Please help here… custom css?

<style>.top-bar { background: linear-gradient(#F0F1F3, #E3E4E7) repeat scroll 0 0 #FCFCFC; border-bottom: 1px solid #D2D5D9; }

Have you really integrated CUSTOM CSS functionality with your theme?


Custum.ss Works properly. You seem to have forgotten that use <style></style> tag before and after css codes

We really need custom css to be functional with your theme if NOT than its all SCRAP!!!

Its really hard to open files one by one and locate the specific code and then change it.

Can you please respond us as we’re having hard time to CUSTOM CSS, it’s not working here?


Thanks for your help!


In the theme options I can’t get the linkedin icon to appear in the top right header even though I have included the url in the social network section of the theme options.

I’ve got the google + and facebook links working but none of the other links are appearing.

Please help. cheers

Oh by the way the website is http://alpha1.com.au if you need to check out the code


Please navigate to “Theme options>Header options” and select “Show” LinkedIn Icon in “TopBar social Icons” section


Do you have on your theme a Container Background Color Opacity Function ?


Unfortunately no

The slider is not displaying in fullwidth please help

Sorry, its working now we’ve turned off the fullwidth option


With wordpress 3.6 the layer slider errors out, had to revert to last version until fix is complete.

This issue is a result of worpdress’ 3.6 release which includes jQuery 1.10. Layer Slider dev guys need to update their plugin and fix their jquery compatibility check to account for 1.10. (mabe remove all decimals, then check version with greaterthan-equalto). F’ed up the devs arent’ replying. Can’t seem to find this jquery check in the code to fix.

Need to update the plug-in on theme. We can not update this manually becasue it comes with your theme and we have no purchase code for it.

Please correct soon, so we can update to 3.6


This problem is related to the layer slider.It will fix in next update

What update? When. We all have sites that need to updated to 3.6 and this in turn busts the Layer Slider. What do you suggest we do with your theme until then?

Hi, Now you can download new vrsion

For the testimonial short code. What if you do not want a picture? I removed the code but now I get a stretched border that looks terrible. How do you make it without an image in the testimonial short code?

Hi, Please find testimonial code in shortcode.php in classes folder (line 190-210). You can edit these lines

hello webnus… I have problems with spam on my website there is any way to put frmularios recapchas in contact and blog comments?? thank you very much!

recapchas succeed in bringing the forms of blogs with a pluguin, my problem is http://www.paraguayenlaweb.com/informacion-de-contactos contact page, I can help, I need to put recapacha but does not work for any plugin contact page ..

Hi, You must use plug-in for recapchas

thanks for the reply .. I have tried some pluguis and works only on the blog … on the contact page does not work :(

Hello ia have the message with page “blog2” Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /homez.722/wbmxeuue/www_comunico/wp-content/themes/quentin/blog2.php on line 1

thank for help me

Hi, Please email me site URL and admin user/pass


I have just purchased this theme and have some questions on getting the home page setup to be similar to the preview.

1. Where can I add the links on the top bar, such as: Services | Contact | Pricing | Help

2. Are there any background images that come with the theme? If not, where can I find some compatible background images based on categories.

3. In the preview, the three options under the slider feature, which show Article Marketing, SEO Service and Social Marketing. How do I add that?

4. Could you lead me in the right direction in regards to all home page options that are displayed in the preview?

Sorry for the basic questions – I am fairly new at this.

Thanks! Joe

Hi, Please import slider widget in Home slider sidebar

Ok, that worked great. Didn’t realize the slider options were in there.

Using the Revolution Slider, what is the best way to get pictures to look right based on size? I imported one picture and it cuts about half of it off when viewing my home page.

Thanks again!

Hi, Please email me URL and screenshot of your desired state

Hallo! first of all great theme but now, like my question Visual Composer memory working not properly Unfortunately I have only Visual Composer 3.6.6 currently is 3.6.10 could you help me please

Hi, The current version of visual composer is fully compatible with the theme but it will update in the next version of theme