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Amazing, good luck with sales

Thank you :D

Cleannnnn Cong!

Thanks :nerdy:

$AYYY WHAAAA One of my FAV WP True Artists on TF ROCKS IT AMAZING again… and Next Level Pirenko Style I came across THIS http://www.munto.net/quest/page-with-sections/ (BIG fan of parallax/fixed background layers and site dimensional ‘depth’)YES!!$ Truly all of your Work throughout just has incredibly fluid and #TopNotch Style!! Will absolutely keep the demo link to show any and all new web clients for an asap purchase!

Thank you as always :grin:

Hi Guys,

do you provide demo content and documentation with the theme? Thanks

Thanks ;)
Please send me a private message through my profile page – http://themeforest.net/user/Pirenko – and I’ll send you that file. Let me know if you need any hep with it. Cheers!

Pirenko, where can i find the list of icon names??

There’s a file called icons.png inside the documentation folder. Cheers!


I just bought the theme. only a question….where are the HTML Files? I have a hosting yet, i don’t want use wordpress. I want modify the archive myself. please, can you help me? Thank u so much!

ahh Okei :( in the description say html files. and another question, do you need to be a premiun user on wordpress for upload the theme?

You need to be able to upload your own themes so I think a “regular” Wordpress account is not enough. What you can do also is create a local server (with PHP and a database), install wordpress and then create your content. With some coding knowledge you can then grab on the local HTML pages that are generated on the browser and transfer them into a server.

Thank u very much for the help! cheers

Awesome work mister Pirenko!

Boas sorte aí nas vendas ;)

Obrigado :nerdy:

Purchased and setting up. Seems the Portfolio page options aren’t working/showing. Says “Twisted Portfolio Template Custom Settings” but nothing shows up as an option.

No “Single Portfolio Custom Options” show either on actual Portfolio edit.

That’s weird… Do you have any active plugins? If so try turning them off. Also try downloading and uploading the theme again.
If you still have trouble please send me a private message and give me access to your WP Dashboard if possible.

I have two plugins, tried deactivating but problem still occurs. I’ve PM’d you access. Thanks.

Everything is solved out now. I just emailed you :grin:

Another excellent theme by an excellent developer. Thank you!

Thanks :nerdy:

Finally! My quest to find the perfect theme for my site is over!

Great :grin:

Quick question: How do I setup multiple portfolios? It says on your documentation that I need to use “Quest Portfolio Template Custom Options” but this option does not show up? Please help! Thanks!

Are you using a child theme? If so there’s an update that will be released today that fixes that. In the mean time you can use the main theme without any trouble. Cheers!

Excellent theme! amazing choice of different layouts!

Thanks :nerdy:


great theme – love the look. Some pres-sales questions:

Is it possible to create a page in wide screen like in the “home/features video” or only in the “home” section – can I do this on every page?

Is the theme ready for revolution-slider or Layer-slider plugIn ?

Tanks in advance


The answer is yes to both (I just haven’t tested the Layer-slider, but it should be ok with a shortcode on any page or section).

Is your theme compatible with woo commerce ?

Are you talking only about when you scroll down on any page or also for smaller screens (responsive mode)?

Yes, both !

For the scroll down it’s just a matter of commenting a couple of lines of code. Anyway on the next update I’ll add this option.
As for the mobile it’s harder to implement and allow me to disagree :) because in my opinion on small screens the menu should be as small as possible.

Continued scrolling of posts does not work on my site, can you take a look? http://jeradhill.com It just stops at the bottom and does not load more or give me the option to click to view more posts.


It seems to be something related with facebook. Can you turn off the facebook share button for a moment?

Ok, I have it working. there was an old meta call from Facebook for Insights which I guess Facebook changed. Once I removed that, it works. Thanks!

Ok… Great ;)

Hi, the theme looks really great! A few Q’s… Q Do you provide a support forum? And how often do you update your themes? Q Is it possible to substitute the homepage slider for a 3rd party plugin? (I’m probably going to purchase the Royal Slider). Q I haven’t used the latest version of buddypress yet (which can supposedly fit into any theme) – are there any issues that you know of that I may encounter if using Quest with buddypress? Sorry for all the Q’s! Thanks, Antony

Thank you for your kind comments!
I don’t have any support forum and everything is answered here or by email.You can check my other themes and the updates depend if there are bugs detected or new features to be added. There are a lot of updates in the first 2 or 3 months and then only when bugs appear. I’m currently adding woocommerce support that will be available by Monday or Tuesday :)
You can use any slider as long as it can be added via shortcode. To create that layout you can add a sectioned page, select the option to hide the title and add to the first page section the slider shortcode.
There are no known issues with Buddypress ;)

Just to let you know that in chrome the lightbox portfolio demo gives an error when you click on a post – it says “image cannot be loaded, ensure correct path…”.

Thank you for letting me know. I just fixed this. If you refresh that page it should be fine now. Cheers!

Love the theme Pirenko – A great combo of all your best work and so much more…

Just to let you know, the menu sorter on the portfolio is stacked vertically even though I assume its supposed to go horizontally. Dunno if this is intended but im guessing not. Its happening in Chrome & Safari on my MAC


Thank you for letting me know that. I installed a bad plugin this morning and it messed up taht. I just removed the plugin and it’s fine now.
Thank you for your kind comments ;)

Hi Great looking theme!

One question, is it possible to have it multilingual? I use WPML.


Thank you for purchasing! You can use qTranslate for that. Let me know if you have any trouble, because I might think of adding .mo and .po translations.

Great theme, loving working with it so far, but I have one question – is it possible for the image on the portfolio item pages to link to the larger version of the image?

Please send me a private message and I’ll help you with this. Cheers!

Just a quick note to say thank you for your quick response to my question and for helping me out!

Thanks :nerdy:

Hi Pirenko

What size has to be the logo image? The one I uploaded was too big

If you want to use your own icons you’ll have to place the links to the images manually or if they are font icons add the necessary classes to the HTML elements. Cheers!

Sorry, but I´m not sure what you mean. I have png files. Where should I put those files and how to link to them? It may be a dumb question, but I´m still a bit lost here

You should upload those files into your Media Library from the Wordpress Dashboard and then link to them using the img tag. You seem to be a bit lost so send me a private message and I’ll try to help you. Thanks!