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Hi I love the look of this theme and the ajax gallery, my client would like to have multiple galleries, where the featured item on the central ajax gallery page links to another page with a themed gallery of images. Is this possible with Quest? I know it’s possible with some plugins (portfolio slideshow pro) but don’t know how compatible it would be with the ajax gallery. Thanks for any info, we love this theme and would love to work with it. Kat

Let me see if I understood you: you want these page thumbs http://www.munto.net/quest/with-ajax-gallery/ link to pages that are similar to this (it’s possible). Then those pages will behave exactly like this http://www.munto.net/quest/with-ajax-gallery/ (thumbs work as Ajax gallery).
This is possible with the theme in it’s original state, no plugins needed.
Thank you for your kind comments :)

Yes – that is exactly what we need! A Gallery page to another gallery page then to the individual portfolio items.

Fab n thanks for the quick response. I’ll get back to my client tomorrow, we had narrowed it to 2 designs, and I know which one I’ll be recommending!


Ok. Cheers ;)

nice theme. couple questions:

1. do you use shortcodes in your pages to get the grid layout?

2. are you using something like bootstrap to make the site responsive?

3. are you using retina.js for retina images?

4. does your theme use a page builder like Visual Composer?

Thank you.

Here are my comments:
1 – Yes;
2 – Zurb fundation;
3 – No. On retina devices the themes loads larger images in size and scales them into a smaller size;
4 – No. You can check the page creation process here: http://www.screenr.com/DHy7

Hi Pirenko,

today I `ve tried to install the beautiful theme. At the beginning I have the following problem: I cant´t upload the zip.file. I got the error message: “Are you sure, that you want to do that?” I have made a short screen movie.

http://www.screenr.com/U01H please go to 2.55 min and then displays the error message.

You can see after the uploading process I got the error message. I unzipped the themeforrest-folder and I saw there are two files. One is called “Quest.zip” (11MB) and the other one is called “Quest-Child.zip” – I picked “Quest.zip” for the uploading process.

I tried many times on 2 different domains and Ihad always the same result.

Furthermore I can´t find a “dummy content” (XML file) in the folder.

Do you have any idea, where is my mistake? It would be great, if you can help me. Thanks!

best greetings from Berlin


Themes whose folder has more than 5MB must be uploaded using FTP. Please take a quick look at the documentation file or here’s a screencast to guide you: http://www.screenr.com/OJu7
Also when you activate the theme you’ll have the option to install dummy content (this does not use any XML file).

First, thanks for your quick answer. Sorry but I have no experience with FTP. Other themes I have uploaded only with the wordpress installation function. I use a prepared wordpress installation by my hoster. So I have to say, I have never seen any server folder. How can I do this? Probably I need a step-by-step instruction.

Thanks for your help!

Send me a private message and I’ll help you with this. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko,

thanks for your friendly support. I´ve solved the problem and learnt something about FTP :-)

have a nice week


Have a question about the footer functioning in Firefox.

For some reason, it is working perfectly in Chrome but breaks in Firefox. I put a temporary fix but it is not ideal. PM-ing you the link.


Thank you for purchasing! I just replied to your email.
Cheers ;)

Perfect. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko!!! I`m sorry it’s me again. I have a problem with the carousel. When i put some images, the image cut below. If you want to see, this is the link: http://www.kinokistudio.com/servicios/productos/ Thanks!!! Ezequiel

That’s weird… Please send me a private message so that I can see the code you are using on that page. Thanks!

Do you have plans to enable a “Like” system on images/galleries?

If like = to a heart icon like on my Pixia theme I can do that if you decide to buy the theme. Let me know if you buy it. Thanks!


We’ve got the theme up and running on a custom install. It’s works perfectly on all browsers, iPads, and Macs and iMacs.

It won’t however load on any iPhone we’ve tested AND Is there any reason why it won’t load at all on a retina display macbook pro?

thanks in advance.

OK – I will give that a shot and see what it does. I’ll PM you.

LOVE your stuff by the way!!

FYI – my iphone5 is running beta iOS7 – that could be the issue it’s having.

Ok… I’ll wait for your email. Thanks!

Hi there Pirenko

I use foobox as light box plugin and would like to hide the scrollbar when the lightbox is open. the css overwrite to hide the scrollbar (overflow:hidden) does not work (there is an option in foobox too but doesn’t work either). The only way i made it work is with Js (in foobox custom field) but it mess up the admin as well : (

Any tips? Cheers

Send me a private message with a link please. Cheers!

vertical spaces between shortcode items Hey how you doing Pirenko, sorry for the dumb question but I am rather inexperienced with wp. How do I create spaces between items as per examples on: http://www.munto.net/quest/shortcodes/ Thx W

thanks man. I am working on local host so can’t send link. I think I found the problem but still working it out. I copied and pasted shortcodes within the visual editor instead of cloning them when adding the shortcode. When I switched from ‘visual’ to ‘text’ editing mode I saw some random ‘ ’ entities, and they appear to be screwing things up for me. That said, I think I am good. Appreciate your fast turnaround to answer my question. W

it was the & n b s p ; entity causing the problem. I assumed it was cool to put carriage returns between shortcodes so as not to get confused and as it happens, 1 return is fine but 2 removes a heap of horizontal space from the layout and makes items bunch up. Sorted now and sorry to trouble you. Cheers! W

Ok. Thanks!

Can you give us a step-by-step on how to upgrade to the newer versions of the theme without screwing up the customization of our websites using the older versions? Thank you! Love the theme.

Updating the theme wont make you lose your theme options. If you have manually changed some files you’ll need to re-aply those changes to the new files. I’m happy if you are enjoying the theme :)

Blurry Images with Woo Commerce/Quest workaround Hows things? Just wondering. I see in the shop area of your live demo that all your images look sharp. Mine start off looking awesome and now look really rough. Do you have a suggested workaround? Cheers! W

You’re a legend. Thanks man that worked a treat. One more question re wooShopping goodness. You had a layout with no side bar that I quite like. When I check “no sidebar” on Edit Page/Shop nothing happens and the sidebar remains. THAnks again. W

Please send me a private message with a link. It should be working fine…

Still working on local host friend but I found where to make the setting. Under Quest Options/woocommerce. Making that change under edit Pages/Shop does nothing. So, till the next question.. Peace !

Hi Pirenko,

How do I center or right justify a button?

Thanks? Darren

Send me a link to a preview page where you see this. Thanks!

It’s all good. I found a work-around. Thanks!

Also, is there shortcode to add a simple divider line?


Yes… It’s [prk_line]

Awesome, thanks!

Hi, Just purchased this theme, loving it!! Is there a way of uploading the demo (live preview) so i can change the content??


Please send me a message through my profile page and I’ll send you the XML file. Cheers!

menu vertical displacement value

I have a question re Logos under the branding section of the supplied help document where you say:

a) Logo Images – Not much to say here… Just upload your own images and they will be used across all the theme pages. You may also upload special images for high resolution screens. Depending on your logo configuration you might want to adjust the menu vertical placement and you can do this by adjusting the menu vertical displacement value;

Where do I find the menu vertical displacement value. It’s probably in the only place I haven’t looked.

Thanks! W

It’s located under Quest Options>Branding tab after the favion field. Thank you for purchasing!

thanks dude.. too easy. <3

Hi again Pirenko. I have a question regarding Pirenko Block Quotes: I am trying to use block quote content that is a little longer than a paragraph. Seemed kind of a cool way to deal with happy customer testimonials. Anyway.. I am finding that as soon as I put a return into the block of text to give some paragraph spacing (within the visual editor tab) the first paragraph looks as you’d expect but the following ones are smaller in size. Is there any simple way to fix this? Thanks-thanks, W

That should not be happening. Please send me a private message with a link so that I can investigate this.
Thank you for purchasing!

Whenever I activate the Time.ly Calendar for as a plug in to use on the site, I loose all icons and the menu goes crazy. Any thoughts?

Please send me a message through my profile page with a link please. Cheers!

I want to use the child theme’s stylesheet to add custom styles. for instance I want to overwrite #top_area but nothing works in the child theme stylesheet, even with !important. What can I do?

If you are going to make minor changes to the code I suggest you use the custom CSS textfield under Quest Options>Custom Scripts tab. You dont’t loose any settings when you update the theme… Anyway you can send me a private message with a link and I’ll analyse this. Cheers!

I notice that in Quest Options>Branding, each of the social link fields (Link1, Link2, etc) can only accept 50 characters. Can I get fix for this ASAP?

Send me a private message and I’ll send you a tweaked file. Cheers!