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how do I find out what other icons I can use? like the icon-guage?

Open the documentation folder and you’ll see a file called icons on which you can see those classes. Cheers!

ah. i swear I looked there. thanks~!

Hi Pirenko

i am planning on buying the Quest theme i want to make sure a few thing. Its my first time using wordpress quite confuss with a few things.

The following questiones are based on quest-corporate-corporate+blog

How much control do ii have over the effects? is it possible to make some box ( from the latest from our blog ) to not have the colour effect on top of the image when the cursor is on the image.

Would it be possible to have a area i can add recent projects which is the same style as the latest from our blog?

Lastly on the contact page is it possible to have 3 google map instead of one?

This question is based on quest-portfolio (dark)

Is it possbile to add a tilte under the images? and when click on it will guide us to a page where the image and more detailed information would show up

Thank you Calvin

Here are my comments:
1 – You can control the opacity of the rollover effets on the theme options;
2 – You can do that recent projects thing, but there’s no shortcode for that. You’ll have to use plain HTML;
3 – the maps can’t be all full width on top of each other, but probably this isn’t what you have in mind;
4 – Isn’t this what you are asking? http://www.munto.net/quest/titled-portfolio/

Hi Pirenko,

How can I make a specific page on my site non-responsive?

Thanks, Darren

By email field, I mean my email address to the right of the contact form, not the email field in the form.


That can’t be done with CSS. You need to edit the page-contact.php file. Send me a private message if you need help with this. Cheers!

OK, thanks for the quick reply as usual!


I have purchased the theme. I love it but I have a problem. Whenever I changed the Page Template, the slider can’t be loaded. I don’t know how to set the slider.

Can you please help?



Please send me a private message with a link for me to see what’s going on. Thanks!

Sorry to bother again, I’m finally ready to take my site live and have one last issue. My portfolio slug structure is as follows: www.sitename.ca/portfolio

When I visit a portfolio post, the slug shows up as: www.sitename.ca/portfolios/postname

My question is, how do I stop the “s” from showing up on the word portfolio? I’m replacing an existing site and I need all the slugs to remain the same.

Thanks again, Darren

I see you already figured this out. Cheers!

Please disregard my last question. I found the solution in the Quest Options Advanced section.

Thanks anyway!

Hi again Pirenko, I’m having a little problem with my blogs, they display fine on http://australianhiking.com.au/page/blog, but when i click on read more, i get a 404 error. Could you point me in the right direction please :)

Do you have any active plugins? If so please turn them off. If this still does not work can you send me a private message with your WP login details?

it was a plugin after all thanks!

Just wondering…would it be hard to add a column/section underneath the image/video on the single-post-half layout? I often receive testimonials from clients and I think that would be the perfect spot to display them.

I absolutely love this theme, by the way. My site is ready to go live. I’m just finalizing the SEO and a few minor aesthetic things. I sincerely appreciate the great support from you as I’ve gone through this build.

PM was sent :)

Just wondering if you had time to look into this? I never got a reply from my private message. Thanks!

I replied…. I just forwarded that reply email.

Hi Pirenko, How can I increase the portfolio page thumbnails to about four times their standard area. The reason for this is that I want to make a kind of landing page composed of three very large thumbs in portrait orientation and each of these would then link to a further portfolio grid page. I could insert three side be side images on a new page and link from them but I would not have the mouse-over zooming effect that portfolio thumbnails have. also, how can I centre the three thumbs on the page. Many thanks TWC

I was hoping for a resizing script, but will try another approach before attempting any manual editing. Thanks for your quick response.

I was hoping for a resizing script, but will try another approach before attempting any manual editing. Thanks for your quick response.

Ok. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko, I am having a problem with the Quest Options admin panel. If I make a change in any of the fields eg. ‘Default Skins’ or ‘Maximum content width’, everything resets to the default the moment I click the ‘Save Options’ button.

Also, the Quest Theme Admin Panel vertical menu buttons seem greyed out and do not respond to clicking. I have reinstalled the theme but it makes no difference. I’m using version 2.3.

Thanks for your help

Do you have any active plugins? If so please turn them off for a moment and try again. If this does not work please send me a private message with your WP login details if possible.

I didn’t think of that.

As soon as I deactivated the plugin “Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page”, everything worked correctly in the Quest Theme Admin Panel. Thanks again for creating such “revolution” in portfolio theme design.

Ok… If it was a “popular” plugin generating the conflict let me know which on it is so that I can see why is it happening. Cheers!

Hey, is there a setting that stops vimeo videos auto playing in a post?

We have one setup on a slider and it auto plays as soon as the page loads. We don’t want it to do that.

Nevermind – I found autoplay written in the iframe and removed it.

Ok… Cheers!

Hi Pirenko!!! Sorry but try to put anothers fonts in the web page, but i don’t know how can i put this fonts in the template options. Can you help me?


Send me a private message and let me know what fonts you would like to add. Cheers!

So, I added the team member shortcode to my about page. Is there anyway to disable the action that happens on hover that zooms in the image and puts the plus over it? Where in the code do I need to look for that?

Do you want to disable the link, the rollover effect or both?
Thank you for purchasing :grin:

Both would be great. Thanks!

Send me a private message and I’ll send you a tweaked file. Cheers!

Hiya, I really like the icons idea for services, but want to add my own images instead of the fontello ones. How do I insert my own images from the media folder into your shortcode??

You’ll need to copy/page the HTML code generated by the theme and replace it accordingly with your own images. Send me a pricate message if you need help with this. Cheers!

thanks i’ll give it a go…

Hi Pirenko, sorry to bother again but I have no Page Custom Options at all except Sidebar display on any of my pages. I have re-installed the theme and it still isn’t showing anything else. What can I do? Thanks….

If you those options select the Page – classic layout template.

ahhhhhh sorry. I misread what you wrote about the default template… and I looked back through these comments and found the bit about using the classic template now… thanks for your help!

Great :nerdy:

Hi! We bought Quest 1.2 back in 2010 but I only finally installed it now, I am so excited to make my website look great but I’m running into a few problems, like not being able to upload my logo, or having the word “work” as a default title for my menus, are there any updates that I could download to make it run better? Thanks a lot!

The theme was released in 2013… Anyway all enquiries should be placed with the purchasers account. Cheers!

ok, I was confused, the Quest theme we bought was by a user called Phi-Andreas Whithil.. not u!

Ok. Cheers!

Hello Pirenko, another question… : )

I would like to use the portfolio section as a product section, which would work perfectly except for the fact that I have about 300 products from several suppliers, and they need to be in sections or categories. So essentially I need an overall Product page > Product Category 1/2/3 etc > Product Subcategory 1/2/3 etc > Product detail page as the hierarchy, instead of just Product Page > Product detail page.

Is there a way of doing this easily or would it involve a lot of customisation? I could do all of it as custom pages but I need to make it as simple as possible for the client to add to when they have new categories and new products, and I like the layouts you have and the way they function already…

What do you recommend? This is my second wp site so I’m not massively confident with php but my css/html is ok. Thanks in advance….

The portfolio skills are hierarchical so you can divide the portfolio posts in categories and sub-categories. Then you can add them to the menu if you need to. Cheers!

Hello thanks for the reply. I think I didn’t explain properly what I want to do. I like the tiled portfolio gallery, and would need that to link to another tiled gallery with several categories, which in turn would link to a further tiled gallery with another set of subcategories, this would then have the individual products inside…. so i only need the individual products themselves to be posts…. Hope this makes sense!

I think that may be possible. Send me a private message with your hierarchical structure and we’ll analyze it. Cheers!

Hi Pirenko!!! I have a question… I need remove the button link of the prices table. How can i do?


Try adding this code under Quest Options>Custom Scripts tab>Custom CSS:
.prk_price_button {display:none;}
Cheers :nerdy:

Oh perfect!!!! Thank you very much!!!!

The Quest “Recent Tweets” widget is asking for a consumer key & secret and an access token & secret. It’s returning an error without it.

Where is this information located? Thanks!

Twitter has made some changes in June and all the widgets have to be re-coded. Please follow the instructions shown here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/recent-tweets-widget/installation/

Fixed. Thank you!

Where can I slow down the slider?

I don’t see that option. I created the slide under the create slides. It shows me options for text, color, link, etc. but I don’t see a timing option. Thank you for your support.

That’s a single slide… You can only set a specific delay for a slider not for each single slide. So, only when you add the slider you have the delay option. Cheers!

I’m sending you a DM to resolve. Thanks!