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Very nice! Good luck with sales :)

Very good! Best admin panel theme!

Another color??? green?

I like its simplicity :)

Can you tell me what icon set you used? I need several more and would like them to match.


IE7 bug in dashboard (Panel-Charts) under SUPPORT REQUESTS .

The box dosent display. all other things its allright.

Can you tell me is it possible to use the html editor you have. If so is there any documentation?

Could it be used using green as dominant-color ? Or is there another color style like red, green, brown, etc ?


Gangsar Swa Purba

Dear webtunes, I’ve purchased Quick Admin Template. I think your template very cool! However, I found some minor bug on your template. Could you help me to fix my problem. You can check my problem in this link https://dl.dropbox.com/u/9884096/Quick%20admin_bug.docx Thanks for you help.

Regards, banktp106

First of all – very nice work ! I have one question : Is it possibile to use this font with cyrillic charachters and if yes how :)

Thanks and best regards, Rosen atanasovetr@gmail.com

Nice theme, I was able to use it for CMS I am building, but is there a way to add “Pager” plugin. I tried it by downloading and installing “Pager” plugin, but it seems to break the table. Please help!

When I try to view your “Live Preview,” I get a login screen that I can’t get past. Am I doing something wrong?

:stress: Please respond when you get a chance, Can a Responsive HTML5 version of your Quickadmin template with HTML5 elements such as article, aside, nav and section elements be purchased?

While your skin does appear to be very Responsive in design using 1140 Responsive Grid – used on CSS columns http://cssgrid.net/ ,Does your skin already support HTML5 or comparable similarities to HTML5 Boilerplate modernizer template at the following link: http://html5boilerplate.com/

Long story short, I need an example of this template using HTML5 elements that pass validation without having to hack up your QuickAdmin template or trying to re-invent the wheel by starting over.

Do you have a version of this, if “NO” how much would it cost to purchase a version updated and modified to HTML5 with elements and include usage of the http://html5boilerplate.com/ Responsive grid?

Again please respond or provide an email where I can respond privately. Thanks so much

Hi, to be sincere I don’t really get this… if we were launching a HTML 5 version of Quick Admin we wouldn’t advertise that?

I know, it’s not hard to ask and see … but it’s straight forward.

So, to be more explicit on this, we don’t have a HTML 5 version of Quick Admin and while you consider it’s just appearing to be responsive we think it really is :) ...

We didn’t took in consideration HTML 5 Boliderplate, I don’t consider is bad but there are a lot of frameworks around and possibilities each one with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

So we don’t have it but either way that’s not stopping you to hire a developer that could make Quick Admin to fit your needs in term of HTML standard and any other requirements that you may have.

Thank you for your interest and our product and sorry for the long delay in answering, html files in general don’t require too much support.

Live preview with trojan infect! My anti-virus {Karspersky) not allowed to see the example…

Hi man i will like to pay you to create a theme like this for me if you are interested email me at tarleegood@live.com