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wooow its sooo amazing!!! thank you very much!! pro gloria et patria from good old germania

Hi love this theme and was wondering in the Pricing Table layout is there a way to make the ‘Plan Specifications’ column and bit more advance, what i was thinking is having a basic title eg ‘SEO’ but have the text clickable which then opens a drop down (expands below the title) and explains what the title means?

I know this might be a bit advance but would love this feature.

Is this template compatible with Wordpress 3.5?

How and where do I put the 3 boxes? Is that a widget?

disregard my first comment, I want to ask if I could do 6 banners instead of 3?

i accidentally deleted the pricing table template – how can i get it back, or what is the html?

it wont load missing style.css pls answer me on how to fix

Hi, please unzip the zip file that you downloaded then upload the theme file from ‘theme’ folder…. please also read documentation from ‘documentation’ folder… thanks

is It compatible with 3.5.1 of wordpress?

Yes… thanks


I have purchase QuickHosting and install it… But I have received this information message… How to fix that?

Broken Themes: The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name: themeforest-1598158-quick-host-business-and-hosting-wordpress-theme.

Description: Stylesheet is missing.

Unzip the file then upload the theme from theme folder… thanks

same problem here it is missing Stylesheet how do i get it

Unzip the file then upload the theme from theme folder… thanks

Can I see a sample of a client that used this?

It’s a responsive theme? thanks

It doesn’t extend the BG on load just shows the screen size.

Hi, I used the theme for over a year now. I’m very happy with it, but I would like to use also my own customized stylesheet. Where can I add the reference to an extra stylesheet?

hi, I want to change red colors of the menu to blue. I’m changed all colors in the file style.css file but got no success. can you help me?

HI, the theme injects an outdated jQuery version instead of using the one that comes with WP. This causes a number of problems with other plugins. How can I update the jQuery version in the QuickHost theme? Thank you. Best regards, Jurgen

hello! Could you tell me, how to make a link from any place of the site to the exact tab from this shortcode: tabs ....your text here…. /tab ....your text here…. /tab I tried to link it like this: http://site.com/page#tab1 but it doesn’t work, everytime opens the same first tab with #0.

How do I increase the size of the LOGO from it’s current 197×31 to 318×50?

Thank you!

Please, please, make this theme responsive.

For those of you out there, you can see how I use this theme here: http://mypcsolutions.biz

Please add all the shortcodes to the page editor toolbar, would make it much easier to edit my site.