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I installed the theme – but it looks nothing like the screenshot here and I can’t make it happen.

The pics on the slider are not even there? What did I spend the money on? Something must be setup wrong



Hi, please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/


Is this template no compatible with WordPress 3.5.1?

I can not upload images to WordPress 3.5.1

I’m looking to buy this template, but was wondering if it was possible to make the slider visible on ALL pages. If so, how is this accomplished? Is it a line of code that needs to be changed or what?

Hi, quick question.

I’ve purchased the Quickhost theme and it’s working really really well! Few minor hints please.. Is there a way to have the HomeSlider and/or the HomeBanners displayed on more than one page? Especially because these ‘plug-ins’ change the size of the sidebar. It would be really handy to have some shortcode and/or template specifically for the home-style page(s)

Thanks a million!

Best regards, Twan

Hi,Great Theme!

A little Question before I purchase.. I would like to insert a small contact form beside the slider,is it possible to narrow the width of the slider on home page and place the contact form just beside?



I am also interested in the theme, there is also a WooCommerce support with domain query? Or how could it open up a shop hosting?

Thank you for your feedback.

Regards A. Fritz

Hi – I’m currently working on this theme for a client. I’m having issues changing the header colour. I’m new to CSS so would you mind telling me how I can go about changing the colour from the bg-gray (I’m assuming that’s the referenced colour) – many thanks

We bought your Quick Host theme from themeforest. Why does it not look like what we bought? I’ve installed the xml you provided in the download.

Please give us what we purchased or give a refund.

Thanks for responding back, got it to work.

I meet troubles with seo… Unusable.

A Friend of me has bought your Theme. But he has a Problem with the Slider. It shows only the loading bar. We using Wordpress 3.8

I just purchased the theme and I am having trouble with the [toggle] shortcode. I am attempting to make a FAQ page for my site.

The [toggle] does not collapse the entry.. Is this supposed to happen? It has a + and everything making you think you can, but it doesn’t actually happen. Any help would be great.

Otherwise it is an amazing theme.


Just wondering what happened to the email text field ? http://demowordpress.templatesquare.com/quickhost/contacts/

Theme Update:

  • Version 2.0
  • New Framework use Klasik Framework
  • Responsive
  • Compatible with WordPress latest version
  • This theme does not use portfolio and any post type anymore, after update you must re-setup the content

Hi, please…. i need this verry nice theme for joomla CMS. Please help-- I will buy this….. /NO NO NO…sold out/ ;)

I bought it. I’m not a fan. Sorry.

I purchased this theme over a year ago and would like to update my site to the new 2.0 version. However, I am concerned about how much work will be needed to make the update work. You state that the content must be re-setup. What exactly does that entail? By the way, I am using a child theme. Will I need to re-create my child theme as well?

Also, I recently have needed to add woocommerce to my site. Is the new version Woocommerce ready?

Thanks, DebsWebs

I installed this on a new linux server, with the latest Wordpress, and freshly downloaded theme files. I don’t buy the elite author stuff unless the guy goes back an fixes his work. The theme modification screens are missing. The content import is broken. This theme should really be pulled off the site. It can’t be worked. It’s a waste of time and money.

Good Morning,

I really like this wordpress theme but it doesn’t look like it is capable with 4.1. So before I purchase it will it work with 4.1?