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Excellent theme! Welcome to TF mate! :)

Thanks =)

aweseome template, one feature would make it perfect – is it possible to integrate a landing page, or a loading animation? like in this template?

maybe you would make a customization?


It looks like that link is down right now, but I’ll check it out once it’s back up.

To answer your question, I would definitely consider adding an animation loader to the next update. I’ll see if there’s a good way to integrate it into the page once that link is working again.

the template is called inspira html5 responsive from designova. you’ll see the logo of “inspira” as an animation, something like that would fit just awesome to your theme. but your template looks great – would like to buy the theme, hope you will add it soon ..

Awesome! Good luck with your first item buddy :)


Really like the look of this theme and just wondering something before purchasing. With the portfolio section would it be possible for the thumbnails to open into a separate gallery or collection of images? Im a photographer and have around 50 images in my portfolio but dont really want 50 thumbnails filling up half the page. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Owen. And excellent work by the way :)

Thank you!

Great question. It is possible to have them open in a new tab if you link to your portfolio page. Filtering has not been added to this area yet, but we could add this in the first update if it’s a feature you’re interested in.

Also, the portfolio has 3, 4, and 5 column layout options. Although, 50 photos may still be a lot for any one of those.

Really loving the look of this theme, I have a few quick questions about adjustments etc. 1. Would it be possible to implement something like this on the portfolio section – Once you click on a portfolio item you can see it open a new drop down section on the page. 2. On the default header that you have in place can the image be a slideshow. Currently yours is 1 image just wondering if you can have more and have it auto rotate. 3. Again on the default header is it possible to have a menu sit a the bottom of the slider so clients can see a navigation when they come onto the site.

If possible could you quote me on how much these simple changes would cost to implement if possible

Many Thanks Hope to get this bought at the end of the week =]


Thanks, Allan!

I just sent you a message regarding your questions.

Hmm is it just me or does the theme seem to have a lot of bugs when trying to view it on IOS /android devices? Trying to view it on my HTC One x and I can’t even get the menu system to function. Is this a known problem?

Hi schebellavisuals,

This was primarily tested on apple devices and does work as expected.

As for android, it was tested using an emulator and did run fine. I’ll be happy to double check this as soon as I get my hands on an android.

You may want to double check and make sure you don’t have Javascript disabled (since the menu uses it).

Thanks for responding. Are you able to double check this as I’ve tested this on an Ipad 2 and works fairly well yet on a current flagship model HTC it hardly works at all. Menu system doesnt work, image lightboxes dont open and blog pages dont load when selecting the read more or title of the blog. Java script is enabled and have tried several different browser apps. Many thanks.

I definitely will. Will have some fixes out for these devices in the next update.

just tested the theme on ipad 3 .. in landscapemode it doesnt show the image just a grey background. image work just in portrait mode..did you know it?

i removed the bar, but still no picture. just when i turn into portait mode:/ do you cheked the logo animation on inspira theme?

What version iOS are you using? The background is showing up correctly on my iPad and iPhone. I’ll keep testing to see if I can replicate your issue though.

I can’t see the Inspira theme because for some reason my computer can’t reach their server. Does the loading animation use a loader like this with their logo – ?

i have send you a pm

Wow, this is great work – nicely done ThemeLuxe.

Just a heads up, its a bit buggy for me on ipad (iOS6). Also, had a look at it at work and the theme just didn’t work well at all. Portfolio and blg items didnt open and the nav links didn’t hit the right sections (contact linked to a point midway through the blog section. Think this is prob just a js problem with the bobbins machines at our office – they’re running IE8 on XP. Not sure if that’s the issue but I’d need as many folk as poss to be able to access my portfolio easily, including businesses that are slow to update their kit.

Still great work, just thought you might wanna know bout the above issues :)

Hi Ei8ght,

I really appreciate the heads up.

The IE8 issues I experienced before, but managed to fix. I’m surprised it’s still happening in some browsers, but I’m glad you brought it to my attention. Should be a quick fix and I’ll have an update shortly.

What kind of bugs were you experiencing on iOS6. I would definitely like to look into these and get them resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks again :)

I just purchased the theme and can’t get the shortcodes in the footer to work – even the stock/demo ones. Any tricks to this?

That was an error on my part during a final update.

I’ve already submitted a newer version that has fixed this. Will be ready as soon as Theme Forest approves the update.

I’ll also send out an update notification to your WordPress dashboard :)

Hi, I just installed your theme and when I went to the Theme Options page, I switched from light to dark, but everything is white still, and only a few of the color options seem to change colors. Is there anything I might be missing? I’ve tried reinstalling the theme a few times.

Also, I installed the latest update of the theme, but Wordpress still thinks I have an old version.

Hi aaronverber,

Head over to the support forum at and I’ll get you sorted out right away.

You’ll need your Theme Forest purchase code. Shoot me a message if you have any trouble signing up.

So clean! Great template!

Thanks! :)

Hi, Excuse me for my english :S I bought your template today. It is beautiful I discovered a bug in portfolio : If you enter a title with spaces in filters. The portfolio does not work properly and the filter does not work anymore. This is blocking :( Do you have any information to fix this problem? Thanks

When I try to register, after validation of the form I get the error: “To use reCAPTCHA you must get API key from year"

Please send me a private message with your purchase code and email and I’ll get you signed up.


Thank you, I sent you a message.

Great theme. Does it work properly on an iPad now? I saw a comment about that above. Also could I make the image and arrows go out to the edge of the screen easily?

Hi bgildea,

It does work on my iPad and emulators for various iPad versions. I’m still testing to see if I can find the above glitch referred to and will have it fixed in the next update if I do find it.

It is possible to make the arrows go to the side with several lines of code. If you do purchase, head over to the support forum and I’ll be glad to help you out with this.

Great stuff. Clicks buy button! :)


Ok I don’t know if this is super obvious or not, but the only page showing up on my website is the home page. I can preview the other pages, but they’re not on my website.

Could you point me in the right direction. I feel like I’ve tried everything!

Thanks, Meka

That link takes me to an error page.

Sorry, it was autolinked by the editor. Take off the period at the end:

Alright thanks! I filed a request!

wow… very very intriguing!!! i like it a lot! so close to perfect, but not quite there… i see where you’re going but it just doesn’t quite totally work for me. i think making this a “one page” theme was a mistake. i think this would work better if it wasn’t, and i would love it if the portfolio items opened up w/ full details rather than a lightbox pop-up. (look at Yin-Yang theme for comparison)...

again, this is a really intriguing theme. and i honor your work. it’s well done… if there were some modifications to this, or if it wasn’t a one page theme i would be really really excited about it.

Hi wahkeenasitka,

Thanks for the feedback!

The portfolio items actually do open with details if you click on the title of the portfolio item.

As for the one page design, we were looking to create a feel that hadn’t been done before. That being said, all the links are regular links and this page can be converted to a regular site quite easily.

Thanks again for your comments!

Hello, ThemeLuxe. Loved this theme. I think it will be perfect to what i’ve been planning to make. I have only two questions:

Is there a way to make the team information clickable? I would like to give additional information on the team members.

Also, the header slideshow could be made of only (html formatted) text, and no images or video?

Thanks a lot!

Hi aleixo,

Thanks for the props!

The team information isn’t currently clickable, but you could have a developer add this in (needs a template page for single members and a link added to the team page). Shouldn’t be more than a couple hours of customization.

The slider does need an image for every slide, but you could add in a blank image with your caption on top which would work equally as well.

Hey, i have one question. It´s possible to get a embed vimeo video code instead of the thumbnail in the detail portfolio site? Thanks!

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to do that in this theme.

You can embed videos anywhere in the theme and use prettyPhoto to access them as well, but the portfolio filtered page is only pictures at the moment.

Great one pager theme, a few questions about the demo.

1. Are there # links for each section so if I want to send someone directly to a certain section of the page i it will load there?

2. Can the navigation items have an “on state” when clicked or turn on as you scroll down the page into the particular section?

Hi mconnolly,

The sections are well ID’ed and it’s fairly simple to send users to a certain point in the page. In the docs, it talks about how you can use a button to target and scroll to a div of your choice.

I did create a script for an ‘active’ state to highlight the navigation when scrolling over a section. If you’re interested in this, you can create a ticket in the support forum and I can add it as an option in the next theme or send the function to you directly :)

Thanks for your quick response greatly appreciated.


I am very interested about your theme but I asked a question. I would like to delete the part of Blog or just not to use it. It’s possible to delete certain pages and to place them in the deliberate order? An other question, in the portfolio, when we click on the title of project, the page displays at the bottom of the site. Is it possible that this one just opens below the portfolio?

Thank you in advance, and i’m sorry for my english.