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I really like your theme, but I’ve got one question: - Since it is a one page theme, is it possible to make more pages? Which are not on the frontpage? Kind of the one page and multiple page theme combined?

Thank you in advance!

With kind regards, Jay

Yes, it is possible to have unlimited separated pages. Instructions are provided in the documentation.

It would be really great if you could make having multiple portfolio pages an option. I read the support forum but unfortunately I’m not a php/coding whiz and only know basics and can’t follow the vague instructions. I’m not impressed and wishing I chose a different template that allows the logical option of giving you a page which is an exact copy of another page the template already has.

If you are really interested in adding a feature, you should request it on the support forum. Posting issues here are much less likely to make it into future updates.

What is it that you’re not impressed with? Not being able to have 2 different portfolios on one page? I don’t believe this is a standard feature in most templates.

Simple and very nice theme :)

Thanks for the kind words!


Can you add video to the portfolio? I only see it on the Blog portion. Great theme btw.

Thanks – Alvaro

Thanks, Alvaro.

Yes you can add videos to portfolio items. If you click a portfolio item title, I believe one or two of them have videos in the demo.

Hi – love the theme :)

Is there a method for background images not to display when viewed on iphone/ipad?

I have background images as covers on a onepage site but i dont want them display on mobile devices, just a static colour?


If you open a ticket on the support forum, I’ll see if I can help you out with this modification –

Hello ThemeLuxe, where do I find the purchase code? I have purchased the template but do not see any “license certificate” . My question is concerning the columns – I am attempting to utilize [three_fourth] tag and then the use the [three_fourth_last] , but the second column is not properly displaying the content:

[three_fourth_last] <’h3’>Dates<’/h3’> [button size=”medium”] August 25 – Rush Week button

  • - I put ’ on purpose to show the code, so ignore ‘

Dates appear in the second column but the button remains in the first column, could you please advice me how to fix the issue?

The website is

Thank you in advance.

Hello! I’d like to buy your theme and I have one question, I guess, the answer is “yes”, but I want to check to feel safe. Is it possible to make the slider “clickable”? I’d like to place there the slides with the info about my partners and every slide should work as a link to a website. Thanx in advance for your reply!

Yes, this is possible. We have more answers and solutions regarding the slider on the forum as well.

Hi. Is it possible to place the navigation below the header via the theme options, or will it have to be done by modifying template files only?

Here’s an example: ::: The feature slider is above the navigation menu, and the main content is then below that. I want the slider above the menu, and as you scroll down the page it is still “sticky” like you have it in your demo.

Actually I did write a piece on the forum explaining how to do this. It does require you to modify the template a bit, but all the code that you need should be available on the forum.

Let me know if you have any questions and if you do decide to purchase, feel free to open or comment on the ticket for support.

Awesome, I’m highly considering buying this theme now because of that, and your excellent service. Thank you again.

Hi. Is it possible to create more than one portfolio? For example, one for photography and a separate one for design.

Unfortunately only one is included out of the box, but we have a couple solutions for sub filters and multiple portfolios offered on the support forum if you’re comfortable modifying the theme.

Hi !

I’d like to know if your theme is compatible with wordpress built-in Templates, and especially with the Advanced custom fields plugins.

I’m hesitating to purchase but i’d like to know if i can safely make a child theme & use my own templates ?


Hi again !

I can’t find the support post you talked about in the forum. Could you post here an URI ?


There’s a lot of them, but here’s one that has it in pretty good detail:

If you have further questions, open a ticket and we’ll get you helped out.

Thanks :)


I’m building a portfolio website with your theme, I love it! Is it possible to resize the portfolio thumbnails so instead of 3, I can use 4 or even 6 images in one line?

So can I adjust height and width?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, the theme includes 3, 4, and 5 column templates. If you need different sizes there’s a thread on the forum that discusses size changes.

You can also open a new support ticket if you need additional help.

Hi, I’m building a the wordpress template and the purchase landingpage says html files are included. By downloading are not included. ¿? Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response. In my download does not show html files, I just need the site in html landingpage. I have to work from wordpress. thanks

HTML files are included with this theme, but it is not an HTML template. There isn’t one available. If you need it in HTML, however, you can get the HTML code from your WordPress front-end by importing the demo content.

ok, thanks

Hi! before buying the theme i would like to know if there any way to insert a video like a video reel in the top page?

the pages could have custom backgrounds?

sorry for my english


Yes, you can add videos to any page. I’m not sure what you mean by a reel, but video embeds can all easily be placed.

And yes, every page can have a unique background.

what am trying to say if a video can be placed in front page like in these theme thnks

Yes, you can put videos on the front page, but there is no video in the link you posted. The first page of that link is a slider. You can also use sliders for the front page of this theme, but keep in mind that the slider styling is a bit different.

Is there a way to replace the social icons with my own since it uses @fontface to display social icons?

Yes, but please use our forum for support questions –

Hi there, love the theme!

Hoping to use it for a film production company based in China however we have a problem: Vimeo is blocked out here, rendering the portfolio section useless.

Is it possible to use a HTML5 plugin player such as videoJS in the portfolio section and retain the dynamic movement when clicking different categories?

Sure, you can use any video code you like here. This area allows you to paste HTML/embeds directly.

If you’re going to use one like the above just keep in mind that they require you to host the video on your own server so you would have to upload your video to your site.

Thanks for your quick reply. Just to double confirm – if I was to install the VideoJS wordpress plugin then insert this shortcode: [videojs mp4=””] into the area the vimeo link would go. The video would play off our server?

I can’t speak to whether or not this plugin specifically works, but as long as the plugin is error free then yes it should. You’ll just need to make sure that the video is uploaded somewhere on your server.

Hi, ThemeLuxe!

1. Is this theme compatable with WPML multi language CMS? Nice design and seems that works perfect, but I need a bilingual site.

2. Is it possible, that the main menu could be static standing at the top of the page?


Hi there!

1. Yes, many users have successfully used this plugin with this theme. If you run into any issues, feel free to use our forum after purchase –

2. Yes, this (along with several other menu variations) is an option in the Theme Options panel.


Love your theme Quickstep. I just have a couple of quick questions. First, how do we created multiple columns to put copy in on a single page.

Second, How do we put the map that is in the demo into the “contact” section?


Hi desavesworld,

The documentation covers how to do these two things. You may also want to try importing the demo content to get started.

If you have any more questions, please use our support forum –

Thank you!

QuickStep Theme:


Can one embed a search field in the navigation bar (the one that stays on top when browsing through the website)?

Thank you, in advance, for your attention and reply.

Yes, this is possible but would require a small amount of editing. I’ll be glad to help you out with this if in the support forum if you decide to purchase.

Hi, my developer has said that your Theme is not compatible with this plugin, or the plugin is not compatible with your Theme. I am trying to use plugin within one of the ‘opened’ portfolio items, within the Project Slider Custom Project Code. Apparently there is a conflict with the scroll as both theme & plugin use it.

Can u confirm incompatibility? If so, is there a solution?

Please use our support forum for support questions –

thanks, where will I find “Purchase Code” to sign up

Hi, very nice looking theme,

I read the comment above, but I wanted to double check that you could have the menu appear up top when the site loads and stay at the top for the entire parallax theme, and if it was possible to decrease the height of the slider on the homepage to have room for services etc. above the fold.


Yes, you can set the menu type in the Theme Options panel.

And the slider can be any height. It can be automatically detected by image height or set to a fixed height.