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Hi- I love the look of your theme.

I was just curious before I buy if you can remove the light box on the portfolio- so it always just slides open above the portfolio with the details for that specific portfolio piece?


Yes, this is an option in the Theme Options panel. Just un-check the portfolio lightbox option and you’re set.

is it possible to set up a fullwide video header ?

It is possible to create a full width video. If you want it to touch the edge of the screen, there are some threads that discuss how to do this in the forum.

I know it may seem like a silly question but does this support e-commerce, such as woocommerce?

Many Thanks

No, sorry this is not an e-commerce theme.

Hey there,

I’m having trouble getting VideoJS to play when I click on one of my portfolio options.

I think the problem is that I can’t find Post Formats in the portfolio section so can’t select ‘video’ and it’s therefore ignoring the Video JS shortcode in the Custom Project Code

It’s not allowing me to register – keeps crashing everytime I press submit.

I just registered a test account without any issues. If you’re experiencing actual crashing then you should try switching computers or browsers as this doesn’t seem to be related to the site.

If you’re having trouble locating your purchase code then check out this link –

Thanks – worked out the problem. I was using the purchase code included in the ‘all files’ download.


We are seriously considering to buy your theme and would have one more question. We could not take the time to browse through all the comments and your respective replies (a keyword search bar in the comment section would be nice but that is up to Themeforest to implement); so, if our question has been asked previously, feel free to point us towards the relevant comments. We would just like to know whether QuickStep supports multiple language versions for any given website – for example English and French. It could be through a choice on the welcome screen or better yet through a menu on the navigation bar that could be actionned anytime during browsing and switch between versions.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention and reply.

Yes, there are multiple plugins that users have used with our theme. WPML is one of them.

If you have any issues with a plugin that may be related to our theme, feel free to check out or post on our forum if you can’t find the answer.

Excellent, thanks again.

Hi, I really like this theme. I’ve got a question: Is it possible to import Quickstep configuration file after installing on Wordpress. If yes, how?

I would like to use your demo content as a starting point for site. This will be very usufel for me.

Regards Lucas

Hi, its me again. Its really tough to find any information and upload .xml demo content file. Where I can find it this .xml file? I was searching in QuickStep Catalog and couldnt find it. Could you help me. It’s my first time with Wordpress. Thank You.

In the zip file you download from Theme Forest, the xml content is included. The documentation also in this zip file covers how to upload. If you have any more questions, please use our support forum –

Hi – If i purchase this theme, would I be integrate a “store” into one of the ‘pages’? If so What plugins could I use?

We haven’t tested any e-commerce plugins with this theme so honestly I can’t say for sure.

In theory they should work fine on an individual store page, but you may need a couple lines of javascript to disable some of the theme’s default settings (which we can provide you with on the forum).

the theme has been Amazing!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the comments!

Hi! I’m in love with your design. I am really thinking of purchasing it but will it support e-commerce? Great work very excited to begin with this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, this theme doesn’t support e-commerce out of the box. While it may be possible to use plugins or add this in yourself, we haven’t tested these yet.

I’m considering a purchase. The theme looks great, and it looks like it would be a great fit for my business. But one question regarding subpages. I read elsewhere in this forum that sub-pages can be created using some edits to the javascript. 1) Can you provide those script edits? 2) Is that a site-wide edit to the script or will I need to change the script every time I create a new subpage? 3) Can the subpages appear in the menu (for instance if I don’t want my pricing to appear on the frontpage, but I do want people to be able to navigate to the page directly)? 4) Similarly, if I don’t want a subpage to appear in the menu (for instance if I create a photo gallery for a specific client), is that possible as well? 5) Can I choose whether or not a portfolio item appears on the frontpage?


1&2) Subpages can easily be added and no extra scripting is necessary.

3) You can add pages in the menu that scroll to a page on your one-page site or you can have them to pages off your one page site.

4) Yes

5) It’s possible to hide a portfolio item, but if you’re hiding it then the real question is why you’re creating it in the first place. If you don’t display it on your one-page site, then where would you prefer to display it instead?

Thanks for your fast reply. So far, your theme is the nicest one-pager I’ve seen. But obviously, I don’t want a completely one-page website, so it’s nice to know that it’s flexible.
The reason I want hidden portfolio items (or perhaps it’s better to call them simply photo galleries), is that I’m a photographer and I often post galleries that are for the client’s use, but shouldn’t be displayed to the public. So, obviously, I don’t want those to appear on the portfolio page.


Hopefully, last question before I purchase. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I’d like to know: can the slider at the top of the “minimal-dark” demo page be made to span the full page responsively? Or, asked another way, can the photo on the “dark” demo page be made to slide?

Yes, there’s a solution we’ve posted on the forum to create a full width slider.

Hi there. Just purchased this theme and I can’t seem to make it show up on my godaddy wordpress situation. It’s uploaded into the wordpress site as a theme and I’ve been editing it but is there somewhere where you guys have a step by step guide for this? I’m not that much of a newbie but I am no expert.

Hello- instructions for installation are included in the documentation that you download in the zip from Theme Forest. If you have further questions, you can use our support forum –

Turns out the main issue was with godaddy. I had to uninstall their wordpress app and reinstall it to get everything to work. Things are coming together quite nicely now tho thank you!

Hi, is this theme suitable for multilingual sites? I am planning to use Polylang plugin with it.

Yes, a number of people have used the WPML plugin with success.

Hello! Great theme. However we have this problem that it in 9 of 10 cases presents the last slide instead of the first one in the order. Is that a known bug?



No, this is not a known bug. Please use our forum for support –


Nice theme! I have a problem with the map. When I add a link to a Youtube video I get the map instead of the video? I use the map in the contact section. The map appears wherever I add a embed link, shortcode or iframe. Can you help me?

Best regards!

Hi lipstick,

Please use our forum for support questions –


I would like to know if the parallax option is available? As well if we can add a full length slider.

Thank you

Hi JC30,

There isn’t a true parallax option in this theme. There is a similar effect for the backgrounds, but not for individual elements.

We created a custom attachment for this theme to do this. If you’re interested you can send us an email.

I want to add a blog to the page, but I do not want it part of the one page flow. I would like for it to open in a new page when a user clicks on it. I have tried checking the box in the page options saying “remove from one-page” but it isn’t working…

How do I accomplish this?

Thanks guys!


This is covered in our support forum. Please take a look –

Please be more specific, I still am unable to find the instructions on how to do this. Maybe provide a specific link to the post? thanks

There is a search box in the upper right hand corner of the site that can help you with future questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can open a ticket.

Where can I find the Google fonts? In the Body > Main Font, I can only find the usual Arial, Verdana, Georgia etc

This is covered in our support forum. Please take a look –

I have a pre-purchase question, and a it might be a dumb question, sorry! But I’m not a blogger. Is the Blog page something that can be removed?


Yes you can remove and add as many pages of any type as you like. There are no fixed pages.

Thank you so much! will be purchasing this theme in just a few days, yay!

I just purchased this theme, it’s amazing. Full of features, very flexible, easy to use and customize!

Impressive documentation, and all the functionality you’ll ever need. Best theme I’ve ever bought. Well done!

Thanks for the positive comments!